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The Second Pentacle Of Jupiter.

The Pentacle is said to be proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind…

But like I always say that these Pentacles are not meant for one operation. The one I brought today “serveth to attract opposite gender to you“.

Oh yea, it was given to me by Lunar Light, someone under my feathers (student). But he is growing fast too, and extending his wings. He learnt about tweaking of Talisman and all. He worked on this Second Pentacle and the higher being gave him two procedures to potently get the Service of the Pentacle. But the recipes given are rare but not hard to get. The second procedure given is a bit fair, though the being said “it won’t be as potent but it will suffice”.

And this isn’t the only secret he got, he has gotten many, that I myself have tested out and confirmed. He is doing well.

So I thought of giving out this particular talisman or Pentacle.

To Get The Service Of The Second Pentacle Of Jupiter: To Attract Opposite Gender.

The reason some people want this kind of talisman is so that they can make more friends and through that wealth will come in. And for some people it works differently, especially if you have no blockage in your path: it will attract females that have money, and they would be willing to spend on you.

It can also be used to attract a certain person to you, be it male or female.


* Draw or print out the Second Pentacle of Jupiter on a clean A4 paper.

* Get the right half of Solomon’s secret or mystical seal.

* Write your name on a small or tiny paper.

* A copper ring or any type of ring, a ring should be there.

* Any flower petals (don’t use black flower).

* Magnet.

* Thread Color: Pink and Black.

* Sweet odour perfume.

Usage: Burn the Solomon’s seal to ash and pour the ash on the pentacle drawn. Do the same with your name. Add the ring and the flower. Add a strong charged magnet too (small one).

Calmly fold the paper or first fold the paper and add the recipes through the opened space.

Seal and wrap the paper with color pink and black. Perfume the seal with sweet odouriferous fragrance. A long lasting perfume.

* Carry the seal around or bury it.

It can also be turned into soap or applied. But the seal method will suffice.

For those who are verse in energy work, you can do it too. In fact it will be easier for you. And more efficient because you will be able to direct the course of the seal as you wish.

Second Pentacle Of Jupiter
Half of Solomon’s secret seal

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