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Thief’s Delight: Money Spell.

In my previous post I talked about Nithin, whom I raised in this path of Transcendental Science.

We were in the middle of an operation and he was directed to strike fear into those who rose against him. So I told him to use a certain character, stand on it and then hit it. It became a strong wave. He then asked me, “How do you know this things? How do you know what they can do?

He needs to ask because we’ve been using the character for something else entirely all this while. He doesn’t know that it can be used to strike fear into someone, even in the heart of wild animals.

That same character can be used to empower a person. If it’s done successfully, there would be some substance created in the person’s heart, they will always communicate with him. Instantly telling him or her who is lying and who is telling the truth. If it will rain or not. When and where accident will happen and what can cause it….and many more. They can hinder and manipulate people’s life in many ways, be it positively or negatively.

So the reply I gave him is this: When you understand the mystery of the character you’ll know what they can do.

I showed him one or two things when it comes to seeing and understanding the mystery of characters or talismans to know their virtues and excellence.

Then gave him a character to work on…this:

Add the above character too…to be burnt to ash.

He was given two secrets:

  1. Love Spell: To Attract A Certain Target.

  2. Money Spell.

When he received the secret, the first thing there is:

Let those who are worthy of it possess such knowledge.

Just like I always say I find it very hard to post anything relating to male-emale love (eros love). Because of the foolishness that abounds in the heart of some people.

Yea, there are those who need it truly. Who wants to use it in their legal marriage, who needs it to stabilise their home but there are those who will use it to foolish end. These are people that pissed me off, why I can’t post anything love related.

So we looked further into the secrets given to him. And came to find out that it will do great evil rather than good. But if only everyone will approach it with a pure heart then it will do great good, and less evil.

The Secret Of Wealth Received.

The character should be printed out. No respect of day or hour.

Add a bank note, new or clean currency.

Add Psalm 105:1-5.

Then fold the paper and wrap it with blue thread.

Bury the Seal or Burn it to ash and make into soap for daily bath.

Now to balance the work, he did some further findings on his own about this seal of wealth. He communicate with the seal and more secrets was revealed to him:

Question: For how long will you work?

Seal: As long as the wind touches me.

Question: How potent are you?

Seal: Greatly.

Question: Ok. What is the nature of your work? How do you fetch money in?

Seal: In any way possible. I can make people even gift the bearer of the seal money, whether they like it or not.

Question: Ok. Good. How about those who doesn’t have a job? Will they get money through you at all?

Seal: Yes. By hook or crook I will get them money.

Question: Ok. Good. And for people who have some trials or blockages, can money or any blessings still get to them through you?

Seal: Yes, I can move around it. I am capable of such things.

Question: Ok. Good. Thanks.

What shall we call you? What type of money seal would you say you are?

Seal: I can fetch money to people even by stealing. I am a robber’s favourite. A thief’s delight. (There comes the name given to the money spell Thief’s Delight).

Question: How will that be? Lead the person to stealing?

Seal: No, the other one won’t be in their right mind when gifting the money.

That’s all.

After getting it I thought the best way to have this operation well confirmed and the seal tested is to put it here where we can get feedbacks. It will be a boost for Nithin as well.

All questions are welcome. But I won’t speak much about the love spell. Oh yes, it’s incomplete, as usual. I only posted the first screenshot.



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  1. Peter Emeka

    Please must the seal be printed in colors as shown ?
    Again, what is the offering to the spirit for the work done?

    1. Lux Fero

      No, it is not a must it’s in colors. No offering. No problem at all.

    2. Olaniyi Olagbaju

      Greetings sir.Are we to burn the psalm 105:1-5

      1. Lux Fero

        Yes, you’re to burn it.

      2. Magus who like to gold

        Can i know you need to burn the bank notes?

      3. Magus who like to gold

        Can spiritual or magical name used as substitute for real name? Also where you put name on? In the back of the seal? Or burn it to ash.

          1. Magus who like to gold

            Oke thanks 🙏

          2. Saint Walker

            Do I include my name in the center of the seal or just wrote it at the back of the seal, thank you.

  2. Peter Emeka

    I will give it a try

  3. MagicalName

    Do I add the bank note and a new or clean currency or one of the three (bank note, clean currecy, new currency), do the value of the currency matters, like if I add a bigger note will it have more power, or if I add new coins as it is made of metals will it be more powerful then?
    And the psalm should it be made into ash or added on paper?
    If I cannot hang it since I live with others can i carry it around in my pocket?

    1. Lux Fero

      Yes, you may carry it around. Burn the psalm to ash. No, any currency but not a rough one; and price really doesn’t matter but don’t put lowest currency of your country.

      Also add the fourth Pentacle of Solomon. Write and burn it to ash. Add the ash.

      1. MPB

        Please do you mean we should add the fourth pentacle of Jupiter to the seal? Which fourth pentacle do you mean?

  4. MPB

    Thank you

  5. Nexus The Traveler

    I will update as things progress.

  6. Arasanlu Gbolahan Olagbaju

    Question: For how long will you work
    Seal:As long as the wind touches me.
    Sir, you said after preparations ,we should Bury the seal or make into soap for daily bathe .
    . Sir my question now is based on the question and athe answer by the seal, how can wind touches a buried seal or a seal made into soap? Or you are saying we can equally hang the seal

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