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My Book: Two Edge Sword.

There is a book titled Two Edge Sword written in Yoruba language by a man, Olohundare. It isn’t the same with mine at all. I do have the Olohundare book, and wanted to translate it to English and let it out but I sensed that people here in Nigeria would see me as a bad seed, who let out secrets they treasure so much.

Also, the talismans, charms, stuff written in the books have herbs attached to it which I don’t know the names in English. Even Google couldn’t help. So I say let me put this aside and release what I have with me given to me by the Angels.

This book of mine isn’t a long list or many pages book, there is no unnecessary testimonies that will make the book full, or unnecessary words or explanation. It’s straight to the point. It’s a book about magical operation (rituals), charms, spells, and tweaking of Solomon’s pentacles. I don’t include making of seal or seal related work in this volume. It’s based on working spells that I’ve tested and confirmed. I shared few on my blog and I get positive replies from people.
I should have put this book on Lulu but I couldn’t because I’m having issues with PayPal.

It’s priced $25. Those interested should mail me. The book is in PDF, I would mail it to you the instant I confirm your payment.

Here are few pages from the book:


I also wish to write about stopping and causing rain at wish in my next book but I need peoples comment, is it right to let out such Knowledge or it’s just a waste of time? Like, it’s not necessary who want to stop rain or cause rain.

And for those who have their senses developed, I want to add a reliable source of divination to the next book. It’s not tarot or pendulum (I don’t trust any of these) but an actual method where a Spirit will speak with you through a mirror or crystal or whichever you choose to use.

For example: If you will divine about something, be it future, past or present or to dig into something hidden. You will take the white cloth off the mirror or crystal ball and say the ‘word of opening’, the Spirit will instantly reply you with his words. And then you shall speak, ask whatever you wish to know. And he will speak with you, at the same time show you vision through the mirror or crystal ball.

I’m open to hear what people want me to write about in my next book. I want topics and I shall fetch the Answers from the Angels and Spirits who teach me.

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  1. Bloodwarriorgaming

    stopping and starting rain should not be to bad unless people abuse it.

    1. Jimmy

      i would definently buy the book if method of divination through crystal ball or mirror also i think its a good idea to for the rain spell please lux fero i want that book to be available ASAP i would pay any amount it costs. even if a million.

  2. louisikce

    Instant manifestation of objects in the physical.
    This to me seems like something interesting.

    1. LuxFero

      That’s an Art.

      People don’t practice art this days, because everyone is about learning and mastering evocation. They thought that is the highest; to freely communicate with Spirits. Lest do they know that “the rich also cry.”
      I mean those who are perfect in summoning Spirits are still looking for something bigger than evocation.

  3. Victory

    How about the attainment of the universal mind or the activation of the Crown of knowledge to gain omniscience, instant access to any and all knowledge that you may desire.

  4. Victory

    How about adding a formular for creating your own powerful servitor (artificial spirit ) to do your bidding in the world. So you don’t have to often summon or petition other spiritual entities to get stuff done for you.

  5. Bruce

    How about a book specifically to control and manipulate others?

  6. Bruce

    Or one to read Minds?

  7. Raza

    The best book to make in my opinion is one on the science of seals and talismans. How to properly make them, modify ones found to work correctly, alternate ways to make them, making custom seals/talismans from incantations and /or mantras.

  8. Raymond

    Hi Lux, where can we find your email? I’d like to purchase the book. Thanks

  9. George Ola

    Where could i get the yoruba book from?
    (Ida Oloju Meji)

    1. LuxFero

      I have the hard copy…

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