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Introduction To Energy Work: Test Your Astral Senses.

Yeah, many have done a lot to develop their astral senses but nothing seems to be working. Now there is a secret they all don’t know…

People have done a lot to develop or enhance their sight (clairvoyance) but they will say it is not working or nothing has worked so far. But do you know how to test the sight after taking the step to develop it?

Did you make an attempt to exercise the sight you want to open or develop? No! You just keep trying different things and because you can’t see you believe nothing has work.

No! Everything you have ever tried can’t all be blunt, yea, it might not work well because you can’t see but at least you can exercise the senses using energy work, help the sight to develop. That’s the secret, the clavicle.

In my Sense Development PDF book I gave quite good methods there to test and check your senses, see how well you’re doing after trying many or different things to open or develop it.

I’m going to talk about the basics here though, and it’s for those who have really laboured to have their astral senses developed.

You have lived many years trying to open your sight or develop other senses but you are not getting any success, I want you to try out this exercise I’m about to give. It is good for every beginner. – It is not scary nor dangerous, it’s perfectly and totally safe.

During the exercise some beings or guardian that has been with us might even quickly communicate with us because they have been looking for ways to pass us message for long but didn’t see a way.

If you are with a force or spirit that is against you, they will disturb you and won’t let you succeed in the operation. Keep that in mind. Some might not even disturb you, they will instantly darken your sight the instant you want to try it.

Take note, I didn’t say all the methods you have tried worked or not, but still give this exercise a shot. Then you’ll know how well your senses are developed.

Some people sight will be very dark, that means your sight isn’t that good. You need to work on it more.

Even those who haven’t practised energy work can give it a shot, even if you have never make attempt to develop your senses before you can try it. Some people never tried to develop their senses but it’s intact alas they don’t know how to wield it because no one to show them the way.

The EXERCISE To Test Your Astral Senses.

Sit in a well comfortable position, clear your mind from any thoughts or stray thoughts. Find an object, be it a cup or can or anything. Focus on it well…

Then set your gaze on the object, make sure it’s really reflecting in your eyes or just skip the reflecting part so that you won’t confuse yourself.

Picture the object in your mind…then slowly close your eyes. Make sure you are still seeing the object with your eyes closed. Then use your mind to change the color of the object. Change it to at least three to four colors.

If you succeed with all that, good (senses good to some extent). Next stage is to focus on the object…use your mind to put water in the object, if it’s a cup you’re using or a container.

Yes, there is power in your mind, harness it. Access it. Wield this wonder, you’re a spiritual being, not just a being made of flesh and bones.

Focus on the cup, put water into it. Then bring the cup closer to you, stretch forth your astral hand and grab the cup. Confirm that the water is in it. Then lay your hand on the cup and say: On cooold tha waeter. – See what happens.

If nothing happens, then you don’t have enough power inside you to do wonders yet.

But if all worked out for you well, congratulations. Your sight is touched now and exercised. Keep practising, but this time around not only this basics, there are advanced energy work. That’s one of the key why people say, “Oh Fero, your method to develop senses work faster”.

Because many energy work to advance oneself is in my PDF of Sense Development. Advanced energy work. Scary advance energy work is there too. Yes, you need it else you’ll have limit. I won’t go further.

With these constant practice of energy work, especially the advanced energy work astral travel won’t be hard for you, it will be easily achieved.

* You will be able to visit other worlds.
* You will wield many wonders.
* You will be able to call and communicate with any Spirits you wish to speak with.
* You can do more than words can describe…in fact you can do good or bad to others, but I won’t reveal the secret behind that. You can easily manipulate the life of others, manipulate your own life too, and many more advantage. Nevertheless you’ll need a teacher.

The Astral is very dangerous, if you don’t have someone guarding you things could go downhill. You could kick rocks. That’s how dangerous it is. But if you stick to basics energy work, no problem. But you won’t advance or develop more than you already did.

That’s it, people. Give yourself the challenge. When you done, just put the cup or object aside and open your eyes.

So the scope in this isn’t only testing your sight alone, yea, it’s testing the energy in you too. Do you really posses some power or you have been lying to yourself? Energy work can help you get the answer.

Do you possess some powers but it is not enough, then you can take steps on how to develop yourself or achieve the requisite energy.

But the most important to go far in the practice, you need a teacher or guardian else you’ll struggle a lot and before you realise it those wanderers already present themselves before you to mislead you and make you go insane.

You don’t need any substance or drug to achieve any ability so ever you could desire or to see and communicate with Spirits. Nah! Energy work can help you know a lot about yourself.

The term is “Energy Work”. It’s a spiritual exercise. Some requires magical spells. Especially those who want the ability to read palms and know exactly what’s happening in a person’s life, to read palm physically, not closing eyes to read people’s palm. You’ll develop it through the spiritual exercise termed Energy Work.

But there is more to it. It’s easier said than done. A guardian who knows the way can show you because it’s not something that can be done alone.

But give the basics a trial and know where you are.

Questions are welcome.


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