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The Principal Thing.

“For God is great and immutable, He hath been for ever, and He shall remain even unto the end of the ages.”

A lot of people have jumped deep hands into what they know not and many lived and die with it. Some later got conscious of it and decided to live the life aside but once you’re stained you will need soap and water to cleanse yourself first else you’ll live on with the stain till your last breath. And the stain will be a big draw back in their life.

Let me start with Occult. People don’t even know what Occult is, everything is termed magic.
I used to say I’m not a magician. No, I’m not. I’m spiritual, yes. What I do is similar to what people call magic, yes.

Occult is the TreeMagic, Sorcery, Enchantment, Spells work and many others are just branches on the tree of occult. Spirituality is the root.

Many people are spiritual but it doesn’t mean you’re an occultist or you practice magic. You may be spiritual and conscious of it, let it be. Don’t seek false knowledge with it. But many people have thought occult or magic is the next step to help boost their spiritual life. No!
They start looking for books, thus they ruined their spiritual life.

Many seek knowledge truly but they know not how to seek it, it is to this end we Sages give out an oration to aspirant, who truly seek…:

O Light of the World, Father of Immense Eternity, Giver of all Wisdom and Knowledge, and of all Spiritual Grace; most Holy and Inestimable Dispenser, knowing all things before they are made; Who make Light and Darkness: Stretch forth Your hand and touch my mouth, senses. Make me worthy of the knowledge which I seek. Prepare me for the way, O Lord. Make my tongue as a sharp sword….
By the Oath of Your Heart, by the Right Hand of Your Holy Knowledge, mercifully inspire Your Grace into me; teach and instruct me etc
(Not complete, it has some Divine names – we at times make it into a seal and use it all night before we sleep and true secret knowledge would be shown to us).

But this day people don’t follow procedure anymore. They just grab books, read and start practicing. Thus evil crawls in and dominate their life. Many are mentally down. Many have depression. I know a guy who is always sad yet he doesn’t have a reason to be sad, he is financially stable but his countenance is always fallen – when I checked I saw a dark figure there, and he said the guy invited him in with a strong oath, so they won’t ruin his life but always give him a sad heart…and one day he could end up commiting suicide. 

Why is it like this? They approached the Science wrongly. It is not human education, it is spiritual knowledge. That’s why it was kept secret because it is called Secret Knowledge. 

Ancient invocation or even those found in the books of Solomon have these phrases:
Come in a comely and calmly form.
Come greatly and terribly but in a form where I can speak and communicate with you, and with a voice intelligible to my understanding.
Gird yourself, descend from your throne of Glory, and come to me in a pleasant form.

I don’t think modern knowledge have all these. I even heard someone shouting: Come, Belial, come and possess me! Take over my body, the vessel is yours etc

In the first place Belial can’t come to such profaned operation. It is just some beings that likes dirts that will come and take over.
I got an incantation one time from someone who said they practice dark magic, said Belial gave incantation to call his armies. I made the incantation into a seal and the instant I wore it some Demonic beings appeared. I started questioning them and they made me understand that they are not under Belial nor have any connections with him. I called Belial there too and he said, “They are not under my command”.
Now whomever gave this person the incantation came under the name of Belial, it is not Belial.

What’s the point of these? I have heard people saying they call Angels and they appear in shapes. Ahh! Never!

I remember a lady who said she always call Metatron and he would appear as a shirtless guy. She said that’s how Metatron have always come to her.

I was sad because she have been dealing with a total strange spirit, it is not Metatron. No Angel will come to you under that form.

They will either appear wearing all white or dressed as a warrior. Never as a sexy guy. Never!

Someone was even lecturing me that Angels can take any form they are comfortable with. That the Angels he has communicate with come in shapes such as dog, scorpion etc ahhhhhh

Demons and many other spirits took those forms. Angels are the purest of all beings, they won’t take forms of beasts or animals. They carry His Light. The highest they can do is to take the form of a Dove, either color white or blue, depends on the mission of the Angel.
They are peace, nothing scary or self defeating about them. They won’t take the form of beasts, for if that is the way then definitely God Himself is not pure. Because they represent Him. So if they have a scary appearance or come as a beast, definitely God the Creator of everything is a monster. 

Those other creatures take those forms just to show how great and powerful they are. Some use those forms to terrify or scare people. Some use those forms to show their exact strength. Some use those form to show the kind of animals they best work with and can manipulate.
Even Demons that are higher in ranks won’t take shapes, they will come in a human form, they may be angry or have strange teeth or give animals sound if they are forced to come using sacred arts. But on a normal circumstances they come normal, no hideous form.
No wonder churches used to show Satan as a being with horns and tail.

If you have been facing all of that, if your Angels come in shapes, then they are not real Angels.

There are even some spirits, if they realised that you have the knowledge to differentiate, they will appear as an Angel but bring out the holy seal before them and tell them to lay hand on it and swear by the name of God that they are whom they said they are and they will refuse. Those who practice this Art similar to that of Trithemus would understand this.

You’ll call Michael or Anael and a being would enter the crystal, telling you he is Anael. Ask of Anael character and he will show you. Ask him of many things Angelic and he will answer you. But tell him to swear and he will vanish!

To avoid all of these illusions and false knowledge is the reason the Sages created Keys.
They said:

1. To become fit should be the sole effort of him who seek wisdom; if you don’t have a strong foundation whereon will you stand to direct the forces of Nature?
People this days just crave for power, they don’t know about getting a good foundation. They just rush into books and start calling forces they know nothing about.

2. No disguise is needed, neither hypocrisy nor dissimulation; all illusion is gone and things will appear in their true form.
Lots of people are in this bondage, they would be telling themselves they are king, they are queen, they are gods. Yet you know nothing. You can’t even tell the blood of a fresh wound to seize from coming out of the body! You can’t tell the Sun to rise from where it set and it should yield. You can’t stop rain nor cause one, or heal slight headache, you instantly call for medical check up. Tell me, what are you god of? God of your fantasy? God of whatever you imagined to be right or whatever you read that is right? Face the true reality! Then you’ll know if you are already a god or still crawling.

3. You who desire spiritual gifts and knowledge, be sure that your soul is firm and steadfast; for it is by flattering your weaknesses that the Weak Ones will gain power over you.
I see many people in this ocean. They don’t have a path nor do they know if there are path. They jump around, find whatever works. You want A but if you see someone praise C, you’ll forsake A and start chasing C. Of course, you’re inviting strange forces (the weak ones) into your life.
C have nothing you need but because the testimony you read sound very interesting, you jumped into it. Surely you will end up anyway, not your way.

4. Keep in mind that as man is born into this world amidst the Darkness of Matter, and the strife of contending forces, so must his endeavor be to seek the Light through their reconciliation.
The “Light” there isn’t referring to the path of Light but “Knowledge”. Knowledge is the true light. Many walked the path of light but they are in blindness because they tread the path without the requisite knowledge.
You want to be a healer? You’ve been searching and you have done lots of things and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting close at all and you think the next step is to forsake the path or jump to another course, you won’t reach success on anything. Because indeed you might done many things and searched a lot but have you done the right thing among the many things you did? Did you search the right places among many places you have searched?
One thing is to possess an ability, another thing is to possess the necessary ability: You want to be a doctor but you are only very good in drawing, of course you’ve been searching amiss.
So it is through that darkness that you will see the light…the path you really desire, don’t just jump at everything that comes your way.

5. The life of man is a day in Eternity and a drop in an ocean of time.
How could you believe that you are king of hell just because some spirit said so? These words will lead you astray. It will start giving you some foolish pride. Even if you are called son of wisdom, don’t mind them. Just be yourself, because in the end you’re just a man.
I’ve been given many titles by Angels and many beings: son of Jacob, cousin of wisdom, child of Light, then Light Himself, destroyer of gods, evil slayer, son of Judah etc many but I don’t care, I remain me. That is why I’m not living in any illusion or fantasy because from these things come many weaknesses. Some spirits will come to start fooling your mind believing you’re a Lord on earth but you are just a man whose years is like a drop in an ocean of time.

6. Worship and neglect not the physical body, while nurturing the spiritual body.
This one is ruining a lot of people, especially those who claimed their path is all Angelic, and those who say they are Right Hand Practitioners. How could you weaken the physical body day by day and expect to grow the spiritual body?
You only satiate and enrich the physical body, you don’t do the same with the spiritual body. They think the height of Angelic path or White Magic is speaking with only Angels. No! In fact total false!
You can speak with angels all of your life and still be dead as hell. Because you’re not telling the Angel to make you more awakened and help your spiritual life nor about ascension and it means, you just call them to make request for your physical need.

And some people only focused on the spiritual body, forsaking the physical body. Less do they know that they set out a weakness for themselves by living that way. Especially those who are overly righteous.
When you forsake the spiritual body, the physical body will be used against you, it will weigh you down.
When you forsake the physical body, spirituality will weigh you down. You’ll be called weird, a psycho.

To this the Sages said: Achieve balance! Keep your words and thoughts in good order.

I didn’t mention those who claimed they walk Dark path or LHP or Dark Magic path because I’ve heard many of them said, “There are no rules or laws.”

Nevertheless, have the greatest self-respect for yourself. Knowingly and willingly rejecting the Truth kills faster than death.
So shall you gradually develop yourself and fit your self for the path which you seek, and rise above matter (that which the Sages called evil).



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  1. Elo

    What is the holy seal and how can one obtain one? What is that I need, to be able to see/hear spirits in crystal balls? Not in mirrors, not in my physical presence before my actual eyes. Just in crystal balls.

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