Here Are My Services That I Offer to You:

1. Creating A Servient Spirit For You.

I will create for you a Servient Spirit, that will see you as their Lord and stand by you at all times. You would give a befitting name yourself. These are not egregores, they are sublimely greater than Egregores. They are actual Spirit.

Cost: $2,999.

2. Obtaining A Familiar Spirit For You.

I will obtain a good familiar Spirit, not one who will feed on you and mock at your weaknesses but a potent one who will use all in their power and knowledge to serve you.

Cost: $3,999.

3. E-Occult Course: This is not a great deal or something but it’s bigger than what you can ever imagine! I didn’t want to include this but I keep getting requests. And my reason for not offering this service is because what I do, the occult I know is different from what’s popularly known. It’s different from what’s on the internet; talk of terms, practice, the arts and sciences themselves are totally different but a lot of people are filled with the modern occult and their terms so there will always be controversy, confusion. Some people have read lots of books and gained lots of knowledge lest do they know that they can’t get anything from reading different books. They will think they are actually learning but in reality they are not learning, for what they are learning is just something spiritual, not occultic. Thus a lot of people lose their life over practising “Black Magic”.

You can learn about TRUE occultism, be you a religious person or not.

I now offer this service for $15,000.

What will it contain? 

  • Introduction to Occultism.

  • Art of Invocation and How To Become a Master of Invocation.

  • Energy Work (include divination) and How to Master it.

  • Soul Traveling or Astral Traveling.

  • Opening of Your Senses and Hidden or Sleeping Faculties or Abilities. Help you achieve a great stand in Spirituality.

  • Palm Reading.

  • How To Wield Talismans and Special Characters (They say not all angels carry harps and sing, some choose war – You shall be taught the way of a warrior).

  • The Rules and Laws to fathom (many don’t know this and that’s why they end up with depression, some will invite parasitic beings into their life…and ended up saying occult or ‘magick’ ruined their life).

*** Keep in mind that your own practice and experience will help you develop, that’s why some Sages say true magic can’t be found in books.

4. Invocation And Oration.

I will Recommend to you a Potent and Powerful Oration or Invocation for a certain use.

Cost: $499.

5. Talismans and Seals. 

This will teach you about using any talismans/pentacles to your advantage. By tweaking it and making it into a seal. How to know the corresponding colors of thread to use. How to know the recipes or Bible verse to add. Even if you want it on a medal it can be tweaked.
You can’t use talismans or seals because you don’t like carrying things around? No problem, there is a secret behind that. You’ll have the seals, talismans all around you and it will be seen by no ones, because you won’t be carrying it around, yet you’re carrying it around.

Cost: $3,999.

6. For Thorough Divination.

This is to dig deep about you or whatever situation you present, to know deeply the root and source and probably a quick solution.

Cost: $1,999. 

7. A Means of Divination. 

Learn how to divine for yourself; there are different methods. We have that of Crystal ball, White Flat Plate, Water and Using a person’s photograph for Divination.

Keep in mind that the weak in Spirit can’t perform big operations like these, so if you don’t have your sight and senses developed, don’t think about this.

Cost : $3,999.

8. Pentacle/Seal Construction Upon Request:

I will create upon your request Pentacle or Seal for your intention or purpose.

Cost: $999.

9. Freedom From ‘reality’ life Trials and Challenges (Curse). 

This is not a kind of imaginary thing. This is about people facing generational curse or some tough life challenges.

Cost: $4,999.

10. Healing. 

Cost: – – –

11. To Be Granted A Potent, Powerful Spiritual Power (Requisite Energy): 

Many of us want to be able to do things spiritually and physically to some extent but we lack the power, the energy. Even if we are spiritually developed, if we lack the requisite Spiritual Body and the Body of light we will always have shortcomings and set backs in spirituality. But I have a great character (that’s how to simply put it) that can help you work on your Ascension faster than you can ever imagine! Even other Spirits will see you and tremble; whomever you bless will be blessed and whomever you curse will be cursed (that’s why I never talked about this things because I fear lots of people will abuse it but I came to realize that lots of people need such powerful stuff to survive on themselves in this cruel world).

The instant the power came upon you, you’ll feel strange for few days, every wrong in your body would be corrected. Every dirts or dark flame or anything strange that you might have taken in through dream or an evil attack or dark particles that’s in the body, slowly causing damage would be destroyed. When it’s done cleansing and purifying you, you’ll notice the difference too.

You’ll be able to heal others and yourself. Help someone who is possessed and many more…manipulate the life of others and yours.

There are people that have limits while astral traveling, they can’t enter some planes. Some of us can’t even withstand the presence of some high rank angels, they always avoid people like that or stay far away to communicate because they fear the danger that will befall you because of their high frequency and vibration. This powerful spiritual body I’m talking about will give you the potency to penetrate any of those high planes, and your astral journey would be without limit. And you will feel safe while doing any spiritual work because this magical spiritual body instantly bring you protection the instant it landed in you – you just have to be cautious of your mind and thinking. And watch over your tongue.

In short term, this is POWER!!! Once you get it, it can never be taken away from you.


12. Invocation Service: $2999

And many other domestic works like impotency or a man couldn’t perform well; love related matters, to possess some certain magical abilities or skills etc.


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