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The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Venus – Love Spell

I don’t plan to say much about this Talisman…

The Fifth Pentacle of Venus – Love Spell

Excerpt from the book says: When it is only showed unto any person soever, it inciteth and exciteth wonderfully unto Love.
Editor’s Note.– Around the central Square are the Names Elohim, El Gebil, and two other Names which I cannot decipher, and have, therefore, given them as they stand. The characters are those of the “Passing of the River.

This is a very powerful love spell.
This love spell can be used to attract a woman into your life. She would be filled with love. If a married man use it, his wife will love him more, their bond will be stronger.

This pentacle is so powerful that it can be used in diverse ways. If written on a clean A4 paper, with red pen, with the hair of the woman and the complete recipes, wrapped and sealed with the proper color. If the seal is buried in the center of the house or room, the woman whose hair is in the seal will never pack out of the house and she won’t ever leave the man. Even if the man maltreat her, cheat on her, beat her to pulp, all she will do is cry and cry and make mouth! She won’t be able to pack out of that house, she will always stay with the man.
I will never reveal such thing like this to the public.

Pentacle of Venus

Another thing that can be done with this pentacle is the opposite of what the books says it does, “…when it is only showed unto any person soever, it inciteth and exciteth wonderfully unto Love“. This talisman can also be used to break marriage, cause separation of two lovers. How? It’s in the recipes used.

To avail yourself of the service of this Talisman as the book described, there are recipes needed to add to this talisman before making it into a seal. So to use this power to break a loving relationship, you use the opposite of the recipes to build a relationship. The two lovers won’t understand themselves anymore, they will start hating each other. Fight every day, this seal won’t stop working until both lovers are fully separated and are enemies.

The versicle used is from Genesis ii. 23, 24:– “This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh.

Around the talisman, I wrote,
This is ……(name of your lover)…… bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh.”

I don’t feel very comfortable putting out love spell or charm, especially when it’s against women.

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  1. 44butterflyz

    Hey Mentor🙋🏽‍♀️,
    Just checking in with you. Did you post that Venus Love spell for me to do?
    Stay safe and wear your 😷mask okay.
    Thanx 44🦋

    1. LuxFero

      It’s not a complete post because of abusers.

      1. Pranjal Das

        Please complete it
        she promised me she would never leave me but she did
        many false promises
        Please I want her back even if it requires force let her feel what I felt

        1. LuxFero

          I’m sorry, this is not one of what to put complete online.

  2. Leo

    Please complete it and promise that I will only use it for good.

  3. Anita

    Can it be used by women to make their men love them more?

    1. 44butterflyz

      Anita, have you used it?

  4. 44butterflyz

    Are you saying this is not a complete ritual? Can this be used on men or just woman?

    1. LuxFero

      It is not a ritual, it’s a talismanic work. And, yes, it is not complete.

      Yes, it can be used by women to attract the love of their man. And vice versa.

      1. 44butterflyz

        ummm, would you be so kind as to complete the talismanic work formality so we can get results?

        1. LuxFero

          No, I can’t complete it. It would be greatly misused.

          1. 44butterflyz

            🤦🏽‍♀️, well can you give us something else to use, that’s just as effective?

          2. LuxFero

            I can’t release love related stuff. Lots of abusers here and there. Especially some youth who are controlled by lust; they will use it upon anyone that interest them.

          3. 44butterflyz

            Coach Lux, after talking to a few of your followers, it would be nice if we could view you with your work in action. {stream yard, YouTube, etc.}

      2. 44butterflyz

        Also, is it mandatory to use A4 paper?

        1. LuxFero

          Not a mandatory; if parchment is what you have, it’s good.

  5. mahoganypinx

    Can this be used in its incomplete form? Also, after drawing the talisman seal on A4 paper, do you pray over it and light a candle?

    1. LuxFero

      Seems you’re new to my things. If there is no instruction of praying over the candle, then there is no need doing it. ‘cuz if you do, you’re not performing the operation I posted anymore.

      If it’s incomplete then it’s incomplete.


      1. mahoganypinx

        Please forgive my ignorance. Yes , I am new and Intrigued by your work. Would you please give me step-by-step instructions on how to use the talisman. Thank you sir.

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