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Mystery To Clear Blockage: Road Opener.

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And here is a more potent method to clear blockages from your path: Road Opener.

Materials needed are:

Write your request clearly in the circle of the first talisman, well detailed request. And burn it to ash, with the Moon talisman\pentacle; both talisman should be burnt separately, then mixed together.

Get a powder soap or solid soap (ready made soap), pour the ash on it and mix them together. Break an egg on the soap, and mix them all together. And it’s ready.

It’s a daily bath. Bathe the soap for 7 days straight upon preparation and when you start seeing positive response, you may rest on the daily bath and bathe it once in a while.

I shall not talk about the mystery of this soap, especially the involvement of the egg but like I always say, nothing from me will put you in a tight space. It’s safe. You have no price to pay or anything to regret later on…the forces behind the soap or the operation would gladly do for you what you have requested and then walk away when the service is well rendered. No lingering around.

Questions are welcome.



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  1. Rae Young

    This is so amazing. Thank you, Master Lux!

  2. Nicholas

    Please is the egg to be mixed with the soup??

  3. Riaan

    Good day mr Lux Fero
    Can i print the moon pentacle and talisman..or has it to be hand drawn
    Thank you

    1. Lux Fero

      Yes, you can print them.

      1. Riaan

        Thank you

  4. Emeka

    Greetings Sir,
    when you said the egg should be broken into the soap, Do you mewn we shall use only the content and throw away the shell or we shall use both.
    2. should we write the same request on the back of moon seal.
    3. in your past Lesson you said we can blow it off. what if it is done here.

    1. Lux Fero

      1. Yes, only the content of the egg is needed.
      2. No. The request should only be in the center of the other seal.
      3. This one can’t be blown off, it should be mixed with soap.

  5. Innocent Darlintine Ashiabor

    Which day should it be prepared?

    1. Lux Fero

      It can be done any day, any time.

  6. Todd Dotson

    Can I use the talisman from the greater key of Solomon

  7. Todd Dotson

    And sixth and seventh Books of Moses to tweak them to

  8. Nicholas

    Please can we use liquid soap??

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