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Talisman To Clear Your Path From Blockages.

Recently I faced some little hardship caused by the nature of my work. I freed someone from a very terrible spirit, lest did I know that the spirit don’t work alone. He sent some strange beings my way, for revenge, to kill me. But when those ones got to me they met what they were not expecting and they ran off.

The Spirit himself came to me and said why did I collect his meat from his teeth. I apologized that I didn’t know he would take it that serious. His words:

“You! Lux Fero! I’ve heard a lot about you, I long to meet you but not like this, you’ve done me wrong and I will fight you.”

Long story short, he couldn’t kill me nor hurt me in anyway so he sent some strange beings to go spoil my business. Money shouldn’t come my way ever again. And things started happening.

The blog stats view got so low, no more clients, people don’t message me anymore, it was like everything was paused. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t angry but laughing.

It got to the extent that I couldn’t think straight anymore; my bank sent me a mail saying I won’t be able to use my bank for some time that they are doing some 犀利士
checking. It all happened within a week.

That was when I resulted to this talisman:


Originally, there is no word in the circle in the middle of this Talisman, it was my request, what I want that I wrote there.

When the Angel would appeared, he was like: “Why did you write so much? Few is okay”.

About The Talisman.

You can find a sample of this Talisman in the Greater Key of Solomon but not exactly like this.

The words around the circle I wrote in Hebrew because I can write Hebrew, it can be written in English or Latin.

In English the words are: “They pierced my hands and my feet, I may tell all my bones.”

In Latin: “Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos, dinumeraverunt omnia ossa mea.”

You’d noticed that at the end of the Hebrew word I wrote my name there. Same applies to it if you will use English or Latin words, put a colon and then write your name. Note that it can work without your name there but this also signifies that you can perform this operation for someone who is far away. So when their name is there, and you cast the talisman…the angel won’t work for you but for the name on the talisman.

Note: Hebrew is written from right to left. English/Latin is written from left to right. Don’t be confused that my name begin the words, nah. My name is at the end of the versicle.

The four Names in the Arms of the Cross are:- Seraph, Kerub, Ariel, and Tharsis; the four rulers of the Elements.

Seraph is below the hexagram. Kerub is on the left side. Ariel is below. Tharsis is on the right side.

The Usage.

You can write in the circle exactly what you want. See parts of my own point, “They pierced my hands and my feet, they ruined my path; I suffer hunger day by day…” I made it clear in my request that the talisman should do whatever it takes to give me freedom by using this word, “The Lord at my right hand shall wound even kings in the days of His wrath and bring my enemies down so they rise no more…

Word, they say is power. The words in the circle matters a lot here. If written wrongly then expect a wrong result.

When it’s well prepared, you shall burn this paper to ash. Thereafter, make the ash into powder, gather them together. Pour it on your left palm, and blow it in the air. All the ash at once.

In my own case, the Angel appeared to me before leaving to work, it might not be so for everyone. He might not even give you a sign. In that case, to confirm what you’ve done, do a quick scan. But if you don’t have doubt in your works and yourself, you don’t need any scan, just wait for result.

  • Three days after I carried out this operation, bank messaged me that they apologized for freezing my account. A friend of mine, Isaac, who heard about what happened to me said he would helped me break the curse by sending me money, that I will touch money again. And he did.

The fifth day this naughty Spirit came by, and kept staring at me. He said, “I thought you’ve gone to sleep and couldn’t do anything, so I thought I should take advantage of you. But it seems not…”

I replied him: “I went to sleep, not death.” I further said, “Come around when you’re bored, I’m always open.” He said, “I know, you don’t change. My allies said they apologized for trespassing and hope you won’t fight them when you wake up…”

  • The funniest part is that the person I freed from this Spirit doesn’t even know if anything is happening to me because of him.

He has bind himself to the Spirit, and the Spirit appeared all saint to him then. But now the Spirit is feeding on him, draining him and he couldn’t take it anymore, he already tried suicide twice but he was caught and taken to the hospital. He came across my blog…and the rest is history.

That’s all.

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  1. dijanawinman

    Are we meant to use top or bottom seal? At the top example latin words you used around the seal are not you said we should use. Are we to use “Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos, dinumeraverunt omnia ossa mea.”?Also, inside the seal, are we to write our request just in our words whatever the path or goal we want to be cleared from blockages? Sorry for so many question, I really want to do it right.

    1. louisikce

      Draw everything that is shown in the second diagram.

      Inside the circle, write your petition in clear statements.

      In fact write everything in the circle but substitute these words “I suffer hunger day by day” to something similar to your situation.

      Thank should be all then follow the instructions.

  2. abdallah

    Can I say: Eliminate all curses, evil eyes, and internal blockages, but without harming any human or animal

    1. LuxFero

      You can try but if you use the wrong words or terms then expect nothing. Even I myself don’t know what ‘internal blockage’ mean.

      You need to understand well what the talisman stands for.

    2. Daffa

      Thats terrible, did you get revenge to that spirits? My anger ass cant tolerate such a thing

  3. abdoatman

    internal blockages means: fear from results +disbelieve +Feeling of entitlement

  4. Olu El

    Great share

  5. Majestic Mikolun

    I love this seal! This seal saved me from blockages instantaneously. I have been following and practicing the works that Luxefero has graciously posted on his blog for a short while now. October 2020 to be exact. I stress short time, because I want you’ll to know how fast, and powerful these works are. If, you follow what Luxefero has instructed you will see results. So, onto my experience with this seal. As previous mentioned, in October of 2020 I started doing some major work on cleaning up my life. While doing these works on this blog, I also gained guidance from Luxefero. After completing part of the work on myself, once freed I immediately decided that I would help my family. So I started working on them as well. I clicked on another exercise to that I wanted use but my finger accidentally or not so accidentally clicked this link instead. I immediately knew I needed to perform this one as well. Good thing I followed my intuition and executed it as divinely guided to. The spirits that I was freeing my family from tried to block me from sending funds to Luxfero to complete my own work. However, because I did this blockage remover work I was able to work through the obstacles thrown at me seamlessly and get the money sent. I highly recommend this seal, it definitely produces fast results. Thank you for another magnificent one Luxefero!

    1. abdallah

      please How I change ash to powder without stick in plate or fall on land ?

  6. Abdulsalam

    This post rightly describe my present predicament. A stubborn spirit that steadily collapse my business, block all sources of income and plunge me into debt. I’ll want to give it a try, but before that I need to contact Lux Fero first, he gat to free me too.

  7. Ori

    Hi LF, I know what the Yod He Vau He means, what does Ani mean?
    Meaning of Ani?
    I learn every time I visit your site, thank you.

    1. Lux Fero

      “Ani Yod Hé Vau Hé” is “I am Yod Hé Vau Hé”.

  8. Ori

    I am, thank you LF!
    So much respect for you out of Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Peace Power Love Gratitude & Honor

  9. Ms MPC

    Am I to say that this is the 6th pentacle of Jupiter that has been modified?
    I used this method and it really helped me, it started to remove financial blockages that I had.

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