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Sustenance Of Man: Money Spell.

I thought I should give out something totally different from the usual today.

Here in Nigeria we have our tradition, customs and all and when it comes to charms or spells, you’d need to purchase the materials, even some can be very scarce and expensive and some not expensive at all but scarce to acquire. At times in the dry season some leaves are hard to acquire, the herbs practitioners will have to wait till it starts raining etc.

Well, in my field there are lots of things hidden and some not hidden but best not to use it until tough times really arise.
If I would use such spell of my native land with the knowledge I possess, I don’t buy any recipes or materials given in the operation to use. I just go straight into tweaking it.  And that is exactly what I will be giving out today. Follow me, carefully…

It can be any day, any time, any hour, print out the image given below; I used a blue ink to trace out the part to cut off from the full A4 paper, that is the part needed for the operation. The part that seems dark is where the “hack” or tweak is and so to keep it “esoteric”, I had to use darkness to cover it.

Have it printed out; burn it to ash and mix with soap. Keep in a fine, white container. You shall not use water to mix the ash of these spell with soap but raw alcohol. A very strong gin will do.
Let me rephrase that: Use alcohol/strong gin to mix the ash of this spell with soap, do not bring water near it at all.

If you are able to get to this stage successfully, that is you successfully prepared this wealth soap, you shall go out the next day or that same day if chanced and give alms to at least three people, be it a child or an old one. You nay choose to give to the homeless or feed. Just make sure to give to the needy, and the least is three people. You could do more… I used to make sure I give to seven people: it is part of the tweak.
When that is successfully done, then we are good to go. Bath the soap every morning, early.

There must be noticeable positives financial turn around in the first five or seven days.

As long as you bathe the soap, the more you get its service; if you will prepare the soap again you should give out even a worthy alms, and not to just three people. It will boost the spell. Do not be selfish, don’t be stingy and the “Universe” will grace you too. That’s the “hack” 😉.

Do I need to say this? Of course, you are absolutely safe. No set back so ever or any price or consequences coming. It’s a balanced equation. Not a mystery I will treat now…

If you got time, add this spell to boost the operation of this money thing:

Get the Second Pentacle of Jupiter, viz:

Second Pentacle Of Jupiter


Burn this pentacle to ash; prepare it any day, any time or have it printed. You may not write the names Wych, Yka etc. Not necessary.
Dig a hole and pour some fine honey, add lots of salt, if you have sugar at home, add it. Could be cube sugar too. After all these materials are added, sprinkle the ash of the pentacle on it. Use your middle finger to mix them together and lick the finger (not a must to deep the whole finger it in, just the tip of the finger is enough, mix the ash with the other substance and lick it). And you should instantly cover the hole. Done.
Sit back and relax. Bathe the soap too, every morning and you must note the change within five days.

I’m open to answer questions. 
Do not just read this and say, “interesting”. Take a bold step, I want testimonies.




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