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Fero Illuminated Arts – Updates On My Product.

Prior to My Services, this is an update on my products: Shop (πŸ‘ˆ click that)

I’ve always said Invocation, evocation is not everything. But the world has gone crazy with the key of “Do it yourself”. So everyone is practicing what they felt they know but in fact they don’t know what they are doing.

That was why I brought the use of seals and talismans and tweaking it. Funniest part is that some people are making their own tweaks, which is funny. They just add lots of pentacles together and finish it with the type of finishing I gave out.

A guy did one, said someone sold it to him online. Indeed it will look powerful but nah, it’s total trash. You must know the limit, the full strength and weakness, including the virtue and glory of a character or seal to put it into use. You don’t just mix everything together, nah! – That’s like trying to cook rice and you add beans, coke, carrot, honey and yam. Yeah, wow but what did you cooked? What type of delicacy is that? Do you know what you’re inviting into your life if you make such tweaks? Well, it’s all parts of life. I don’t want people to blindly work base on ideas thinking, “if he can do it, I can do it…I can tell the key by the previous works he posted“. – So if a surgeon did a successful operation and you are present while he was working, you can as well grab blades, forceps and perform a surgery too? Haha

Here I brought an even better means for our profit. Already prepared spells, seals and all and it will be shipped over to you.

In the past, I would direct people how to prepare it. Some peeps are right on first try while some aren’t. Some couldn’t even get the necessary recipes, which made their efforts a failure…lots of people are turned down by me because I’m just scared, I don’t want knowledge to be abused in anyway but I found out that when I tell them NO, they keep seeking and end up in a worst situation because they just embrace whatever is thrown at them.

How can someone desire to call Clauneck, to send money their way and you direct them to do ritual of the bornless one, pay respect to Beleth. Recitation or Invocation of some brotherhood something then cut your yourself and offer it then go ahead and call Clauneck. What is that???!!! Clauneck you seek, go straight to his door and knock. Where did this false practices came from?! But most people don’t know, they believe they had hit the jackpot.

As long as the book sound interesting, with testimonies of people, and they add some incantation that gives chill and people go like, “I feel the energy”. What energy? What have you recited? What did it bring to you? I can do craps like that too… even if you are holding a fruit, recite their names like an incantation, they can make the fruit ripe or make it glow or do whatever you want to the fruit. But it’s nothing! What comes after is bitter! Well, the Drought is over now. No need of looking for a way to contact Clauneck, or start searching online for offering to give him, sacrificing your blood, involving yourself in lots of dirty practices, with the intent that you are learning Invocation…nah! Just enter My Shop and make your order. I’d send a spell, made into soap; all you need to do is bath daily and you’ll see money come your way without any price involved. No sacrificing or offering of your blood. No need to bow to some brotherhood or do bornless ritual or banishing anything. Nah! Just wake up, bathe the soap and let the forces behind it do the wonders. That is the update. What do you think?

I’ve heard some guys who got shamed because of their manhood size and some guys even choose to remain a virgin till date because they are shy of what they have down there and they were directed to masturbate to Lilith “sigil” with prayer and she will make their penis grow. Like…how? How? How? Where is knowledge, where is understanding? Lots of guys have been lead astray while seeking for a way of life… I can just make an herbal mixture here, with the requisite character. Drink daily for a month and at the end of the month you will see massive changes, even before the month end. No side effects, no price to pay, no masturbating to some “sigil” or some inexplicable incantation. This is the new update.

You’re a woman who want the company of men or just wish to roll with more guys without you approaching them…you don’t need Belial or Lucifer. Nah! Calm your nerves. You don’t need to offer your menstrual blood or play with a cat as an offering, nah! You don’t need all those strange practices that sounds interesting but totally off. I can prepare a perfume here and ship to you: very strong weed is needed to prepare this substance. The stronger the weed and the odour of the fragrance the more it will shack people and they will blindingly come your way either they like it or not, because you’ll look attractive to them. Just use the perfume daily, especially if you have an outing. No price to pay, no offering needed. – Men can use the perfume as well, it will attract the opposite gender. You don’t need pact with Belial or Azazel or to date Lilith to get this, nah! Make an order, and I’m shipping it straight to your address. This is the update.

Business was going well or you were living fine but suddenly you saw a black dog or a black raven make noise at you in a dream and since then business have not been going well. And boom you were advised to look for Spirit who use the form of dog or raven…how does this make sense? You think only Angels and Demons run the world? At times you just need to bath the soap called Road Opener, Cleanser and Blockage Clearer or even Appeasal and you’re all good. Things would be back to normal in your life. That is the update.

I really do hope you have got an idea on what the update is about? You wish to always know and foresee, and you’re directed to shout “Possess me, Lucifer, give me all your power; take my body as the price. Make this vessel yours etc”. Now let’s be realistic… you’re offering your own body to a deity (it’s not even Lucifer who will answer you, any stray or wondering Spirit can come in to take up the request), you sacrificed your body for all his power…what if his power isn’t for seeing but to procure love or protection…well, he will accept the offer because it is tempting. You sacrifice your own body for mere power. He would then start controlling your life and in the end you will find out that you have got nothing. Funniest part is that some forces would really fill the vessel with their energy, and make you believe you have really got some power but in fact, you’ve got nothing but a big loss because the body, your life is not yours anymore but his. He may come around and borrow your manhood or even come to have sex with you or borrow your eyes, you would notice that some parts of your body don’t function well at times…There is a ring for this, just wear it and you got the ability. There is a soap to bathe too, through dreams they will always tell you what will happen the next day, people you will meet, whom to avoid and whom to suspect. There is an incision for it. Powders too…none has any consequences. No sacrifice. No payment. No regrets. Just use the item and the spirit will appear invisibly beside you to render you service. They are made to serve – they are not demons or angels but forces attracted with the help of herbs, roots and talisman combined. This is the update.

There is a type of protection I used to do for people: It requires a cobra head and this pentacle of Solomon… the Pentacle would be wrapped around the snake head, add 2 leaves then burn it to ash. Bury the end result at the entrance of our home or house or entrance of the gate. Whomsoever is coming to that house with evil intent would suddenly get bitten by cobra. They won’t see the snake but they will see the bite. If care isn’t taken, this person would get more venom in them if they won’t turn back or have a change of heart. – You seek home protection and you’re told to draw sigil of a demon on your door, pour milk and blood on it, masturbate on it and in the end it will yield no results. While in fact, life is not so hard. But “my people perish because they lack knowledge”. This is part of the update.

Many things that appears as impossible or myths or wow are not really hard but if the proper knowledge is lacking, yeah, indeed it will sound hard. There is a type of charm whereby, if you tie it around your left leg, hit the leg three times on the floor and you will become invisible. If you speak people will hear your voice but they won’t see you…until you untie that charm. It is not something that’s jaw dropping, nah! It’s just like the regular spells. But people who lack the knowledge have made many cheap knowledge seen as something great.

For example * To consecrate your home to the energy and presence of only Angels, no other Spirits can penetrate it except angelic beings – this is mostly done to altars, temples, holies of holies, a separate room of prayer etc. Someone once said it’s impossible…says who? Even your own body can be made so, there would be no single trace of darkness or blemish in you whatsoever, be it your blood or body. You shall be called Light by Spirits and even Angels would honour you. It is to this end the Sages said: Only the celestial beings would be your equal. But you can have as many dark or black Spirit as servant or disciples, they will serve in honor, not as “mate” or he is just a “human”. Pastors, Prophets, Imams use this…they would be refined in and out. Whomsoever they bless would be blessed by Heaven, and whom they curse would be forever cursed. Because they are of purity, they carry the body of light. It’s a great energy (power). No price. No consequences. No regrets.

I’m considering opening a WhatsApp group for people to come together, ask questions and provide answers. Not everyone of us really wants to practice, we just need a yes or no answer at times and while searching for this answer we end up where we don’t like. So I’m thinking if the group exists, people can rub mind together, share knowledge. Guide themselves. Especially some things that appears clean and nice but a dirt, if brought to the group, those who are enlightened can be of help. For those interested, click here πŸ‘‰ Group Link to join.

Questions and ideas are welcome.


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  1. Michael Umurama Ovuiro

    Thanks for making it possible for us to get in touch with you through this Whatsapp group, l think it’ll really go a long way in solving most of problems spiritually.

  2. Nicholas


    Indeed this is great, oh thank you sir I’ve been waiting for such, lots of people really and truly need such. That’s good news for everyone, thanks again for your concern πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

    So please where can we find the products to order? Or we should contact you of which one we want and then you prepare it?

    Thanks πŸ™

    1. Lux Fero

      Check my shop, kindly. The services are there.

    2. Lux Fero

      Kindly, check the shop.

  3. Emmanuel

    Thanks for the updates Lux Fero… Please can you make a blog on the spirit Nitika, reincarnator and spirit guide… It will be appreciated grately. πŸ™

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