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Way Of Life: Violence Would Only Bring More Heat.

Indeed an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, Moses Law. Blood for blood, sword for sword. However you should only results to this method when it’s called for and when you’re on the right track. Lo, if it can be avoided and settled with peace even while you’re not guilty, it will be honorable. 

Don’t be the culprit or the offender and still resulting to sword, you’ll only bring more ruins and danger into your life.

Even in our day to day life, if we’re not guilty of an offence, we wouldn’t bow to apologise or lay low. But when we’re wrong, we will be sobered and moved to apologise. But it takes true strength and knowledge to see and acknowledge our wrong doings when it comes to spirituality; were it to be about our mundane life, it will be easy.


This is what I’m preaching…

I’ve been getting lots of messages recently where people talk about what they are facing and violence is all they could think of. Something to strike. Something to kill and destroy the Spirits troubling them etc.

There is this person whose case I looked into and from my divination he brought evil upon himself from books he read online, as the term goes, “I practised magick”. Lo, whatever he practised brought darkness and shackles into his life. And he ain’t looking for a way to offer them an offering so they can leave him in peace, all he is ever thinking of is sword for sword. Violence. All he thinks about is how to hurt them, strike them, destroy them.

When I spoke with these forces, and trying to make them pardon him and his ignorance. Because many people are in this bondage, books they read or stuffs they read on the internet is slowly ruining their lives.

The forces replied thus: Fero! Haha it’s Fero! This one is a threat. He threatened to kill us. He rebuked us many times in his heart, all he ever does is wish us evil and downfall. He has tried to use your seals to hurt us but he is a foolish one. His weakness was used against him but he thought he is hurting us. (I interceded for him but they replied): No, Master! This one is not worth it. Don’t you get it, Fero? He is an enemy. He want us dead.

One of them sprang up and spoke out of anger: Fool! We have his blood yet all he could think of is our downfall. We should have gave him insanity but we prefer to prey on him. He invited us into his life, even with his own blood. Fero, you know the rules…this one isn’t worth your time. He is a threat and our enemy.

I didn’t know what to say because it’s always the same thing all the time. “I do magick”. You read book and practice, not having full knowledge of what you read; it’s interesting and lo, you went straight into practice. I’ve warned against this many times. Especially using your blood in spiritual operations.

Now this person is surely guilty and all he could think of is hurting them rather than begging them. Find a way to offer them offering according to the sacred rites, and they will leave honorably and they will return his blood. But he choose Violence and lo, he is seen as an enemy and threat.

Many of us are like this. We have this mindset. And things would become worst. Even if you use violence or Angels to shake them and it looks like they leave, you’re only deceiving yourself. They will always return. It’s part of the law of the Universe: No Price No Pay. Once you priced them, surely they will be a payment but if you are ignorant of this law or of the payment to give then they start feeding on you, making your life bitter. Depression comes in. Unnecessary loss etc.

I beg you, people, stop working blindly, using spells of blockage clearer, dreadful protection etc whenever you feel stuck, or noticed strange movement. Divination is the actual first step, and with that you’ll know the proper steps to take.

Indeed blockage clearer at times settles the case because the angel behind it could pay the price but this angelic beings are of digging nature as well; the angel who will come if you use the blockage clearer today isn’t the same angel that will come if you do the operation tomorrow. They vary in nature; some are more considerate and compassionate while others don’t care, they won’t pay the price. 

Now if you yield straight to iron hand and you’re the one at fault (you did something that attracted the negative Spirit into your life), then there will be more heat. It will be fire for fire. And keep in mind that they are at advantage: they can see you but you can’t see them. They track, monitor, and see all of your moves but you can’t do any. So they will always win. They won’t give a big blow, they would only slowly eat you off. Prey. 


There Are Some Research I’ve Been Into and Success Has Come With Some.

I will share only few and little information just so you all know I’m still intact, and active.


“ewe jeminiho, ewe ina funfun ati pupa, etc” are all names of herbs in Yorùbá language. That’s how I got the key. – There are names and mystic words involved too, it’s all hidden. 
This is purely for protection. It can also be used to empower one self, but not for people who are cursive and abusive. The power would be abusive. Especially those who are harsh to others.
This is like alchemy, other pentacles used to strengthen the other but with one hidden recipes to power it and work wonders according to its virtue.
Way of Life $ Death. (Infinity divided and the ribbon of death at the top). Dreadful character.

That would be all.

Questions are welcome.


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