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Jewels Of Mystic: A Brief Discussion.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.

Many are they who seek the light but very few perceived it and these are they who believe they have seen the light.

Many thirst for true occult, the real magic but very few who came across some exercises with the word magic attached to it see themselves as though they’ve the true magic. But no, the true science, magic, isn’t all about practicals alone. Even the practice aren’t under the root of magic at all but sorcery and witchcrafts. But all of these are branches on the tree of occult, and thus everyone believe they are doing magic.

I’ve talked about many practical aspect, and how to guide oneself around the Art but I shall touch some areas which are not very interesting and for this cause they are very scarce to come across, only the practicals interest people and that is everywhere, all over the world.

Anyone can shoot a gun! Aim the target and shoot, right? But it is not that simple. The same applies here with occult and magic.

I always say it, and I’ve said it many times that I am not a magician nor a sorcerer, I’m a Sage. A teacher of knowledge.

A lot of people have approached me that I should mentor them and walk them through this occult path; some have said they are competent and only need talismans, and other secrets from me. Now the difference between me and the other Occultists is that I’m only permitted to rub mind with a fellow initiate not with anyone who show interest.

If you are not an initiate of the mystery, the mystery nor its secrets can’t be shared with you. It isn’t something to throw at you, like: Recite it 10 times, or draw it and blow its ash in the air. Nope!

Some people even said I should initiate them into the mystery but less do they know that it isn’t what anyone can approach. If you are not made for it or born for it you can’t achieve it. Because not all men are called, though many of the called are chosen and that is when they become fit for the entrance.

Any man can look for the entrance, and any man who is within can teach another how to seek it but only he who is fit can arrive within. – Just because I’m in doesn’t mean I can bring anyone in. Because during your initiation into the mystery when your genie or guardian appeared and they say you’re not born for this nor made for this, that would be the end of the journey. Now some people will refuse to accept defeat, they already know one or two things of the occult, they would become the opposite of a true Sage. Evil will swallow and consume them. They will feel very down and greatly disappointed, and thus abused the art. And these can’t be done with impunity, lo! They would be plagued instantly. That is the type of Magic I know. Not magic of just doing spells, enchantments and summoning spirits. But Foundation first.

But people don’t know this. In fact I found out that the main purpose of many people who dabble into occult is to become rich, manifest all of their desires, some want to be a demi god, they don’t know what they are walking into.

Yea, there are people who are tired of religion and want real spiritual life, but magic is the wrong step to take. You can be enlightened, someone who is within help you awaken your true self. You could even behold the Spirits when they come and communicate with them, these doesn’t make you a magician but an admirer of occult, but an enlightened or awakened one. You’re spiritual, not religious, not an Occultist. You can also be religious and be spiritual, occult/spirituality will shape your religious life if you are taught true spirituality. Magic is another thing entirely.

I had to address this matter again because it has become one of the pity in life. A lot of people jump into this thing, they don’t know right from wrong, what’s good and what’s bad. If the author says this is the way, they won’t sit back and think if that said way is right and good to walk or not.

* I met a guy recently who said when he asked about me from his Spirits they didn’t give him any answer, they told him to avoid me. Now I was curious why. I called the Spirits I saw around him and they kind of greet me strangely in a good manner (which mean they know me well), and said I shouldn’t help the guy in any way, nor show him any guidelines. That they are the ones misleading him. Telling him that the opposite of everything good is good. And that when he said he called Angels, they are the ones who disguise as the Angel and go to him. Now he believes in words from the angels so they were able to ruined his life, mislead him well because he believe its the Angels directing him.

I was so pissed and I asked how they came into his life. They said he approached the art wrongly. He read a book that opened a door in his life and this door gave them entrance to come into his life and do whatever they do best. And this guy keep telling me he’s a competent magician. He’s very good. Alas! They are only toying with him, they said his time to fall and die isn’t near. They even said not death literally, they will turn him from been a fine clothe into a rag, so he would be a living dead; remain alive but useless.

The Mystic – For The Aspirants and Admirer of Occult:


  1. Let him that thirst for enlightenment, for true knowledge cleanse his mirror first.
  2. What we are, that we behold; and what we behold, that we are; for in this pure vision we are one life and one spirit with God.
  3. Those who are uplifted in simple purity of Spirit by the love and reverence they bear towards themselves and their neighbors, whose thought is bare and stripped of images, uplifted above the senses and similitudes, beyond and without reason, in high purity of spirit these are they that are truly living. The door shall be opened to you and the Angels and other spirits would bow their wings and hasten to help you.
  4. But to become fit should be the sole effort of him who seeks knowledge, who wants to know about spiritual life; because if you don’t have a sure foundation where will you stand to direct the forces of Nature?!
  5. Know then, that as man is born into this world amidst the Darkness of Matter, and the strife of contending forces; so must his endeavour be to seek the Light through their reconciliation.
  6. You who desires Magical Gifts, be sure that your soul is firm and steadfast; for it is by flattering your weakness that the Weak Ones (referring to parasites and trouble makers) will gain power over you. Humble yourself before your self, yet fear neither man nor spirit. Fear is failure, and the forerunner of failure: and courage is the beginning of virtue.
  7. Remember that this world is but an atom in the universe, and that you yourself is but an atom thereon; even if you become a god in this world as you crawl and grovel through the rough part, you’re but an atom among many. What am I saying? Let your victories bring you no vanity: just because you’ve seen more than the sun of the day and the moon of the night, and you could see and behold Spirit and do some wonders by your own self doesn’t mean your ignorant neighbors are fools.

And to crown it all, the Sages said: Be prompt and active as the Sylphs, but avoid frivolity and caprice; be energetic and strong like the Salamanders, but avoid irritability and ferocity; be flexible and attentive to image like the Undines, but avoid idleness and changeability; be laborious and patient like the Gnomes but avoid grossness and avarice.

Such is the way, the truth and life. The theory aspect existed before the practicals. But the theory is buried and almost forgotten, we’re all about the practicals. Blindly walking into a dark strange cave without a lamp; that is the magic out there now.

These is wisdom and only those with understanding will get the truth hidden therein.

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