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My Experience With Angel Raphael, The Divine Healer.

My little sister hit me on phone that grandma is very sick, I first thought maybe it’s old age sickness or something of that kind. I had to go check on her the next day.

But upon getting there I saw some strange beings ran away the instant our eyes meet, I heard: “He’s here”, and they all ran away, vanished.

I saw someone else standing on the roof of the house, he came down, his words: “Lux Fero…we knew you were coming. And this is my first time seeing you, I’ve only heard of you; don’t hurt my servants, we were sent…”

I didn’t say anything but gave him a thumb up. At least I know now the nature of her illness isn’t natural. I went in to see her, she looked very pale and weak. I didn’t know what to do at first because those guys have done a lot in her body, passed in lots of their particles into her which will slowly eat her organs till she pass out.

I called on Raphael, and explained to him how I met my grandmother. He was looking at me like, ‘You can do what you called me for…’. I said he should hlep me fix it.


Raphael went close to her, he placed his right hand on her forehead, and slowly brings it down to her legs. Raphael then lift his hands up and a deep dark shadow in somewhat-human form, creepy, came out of Grandma’s body… something like this:

Solid deadly Particles

Raphael said she is healed, she just need physical strength…”give her what she take to gain strength”, he said. Which is milk and glucose D. And it was given to her, she went to sleep and woke up 30 minutes after. She actually thought it’s the glucose that worked, and restored her back to strength.

Grandma is a Catholic, she believe in Angel but not occultism. Her belief is that you only meet Angels when you pray to Jesus.

The Great Divine Healer, Arch-Angel Raphael did an instant healing. #Respect.

And about the one who sent the sickness to my grandma: My grandma and her mother were close friends, but her mother died last two years. And seeing my grandma still alive hurt her, so she wanted her dead.

I was laughing when I heard this. Like, seriously? Why do people reason like this? Just because they were friends means if one dies the other has to die too? And she resulted to killing her by sending an evil attack that will appear as if she died a natural death. – this is the type of case Doctor will say her death is caused by heart failure or something relating but totally off.

Well, such is life, I said. When people have power they abuse and misuse it. Thank God I’m into occultism and I know someone like Raphael, if not grandma would be dead by now and we would be thinking she died a natural death.

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    This is wow! How I wish to know more about Angel Raphaël?

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