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Conjuration Of Moses Law: For Cleansing.

I talked about a Talisman of Moses Conjuration, and I said it can do lots of wonders. Today I shall talk about how to use the talisman for cleansing. Deep and thorough cleansing. Normally it’s not right to give a post like this out to the public, especially a subject that can bring me more money but I’m not that person.

There are people who only need cleansing in their life for them to start seeing the good part of life but I’ve heard them done different types of stuff that yield no effect. LBRP, GBRP, Salt Bath, Ritual for bathe etc and how they’re been given crazy charges meanwhile a thorough cleansing is what they really need. But this is why it’s titled ‘Illuminated Arts’. And here is the art to cleanse yourself fully clean and thoroughly. Negative energies, aura, anything at all…it would be cleaned, and erased.

The Talisman.

* The talisman should be written on a clean A4 paper, with any ink color. Write your request in the circle, viz:

“Illuminate the light of my conscience with the splendor of your light; blot out of me all the spot of vices. Breathe into me the breathe of life.

Purge my body, soul and spirit from all negativity, all negative energies, bad aura and everything disgusting that my eyes can’t see.”

That is the words to use but if you have more you can add it. If you can express yourself better, it would be nice. But using the wrong words or not expressing oneself clearly won’t yield good result.


1. After the talisman is well prepared, burn it to ash and add the ash to your water for bath. Do not use soap to bathe it. Just a shower. It’s important.

It’s more potent than the salt and water bath.

2. When the talisman is fully prepared, wrap and seal it with color yellow thread. So whenever you need it’s service wear it for an hour or 24 hours (as you wish), then take it off. Keep it in a clean place. Even if a sibling of yours need cleansing, they can just wear it and after an hour or two they can take it off.

That’s how to use it.

* I realized that the Talisman can also be used to free those who got into pact with fiends and their peace was taken from them. But I won’t write about that here, it would be greatly abused: If it isn’t worded well, the terrible angels behind the Talisman could kill the fiend you made pact with and if that happens your own life has ended too. It’s no easy work.

* The talisman can also be used for Ascension a little but the Angels won’t yield to such request. There is a secret behind that, when that secret is done they would gladly do it. And if you are the type that astral project you will realize you could enter the high realms. Realms you couldn’t penetrate before would be opened for you and you shall enter them freely without pain or difficulty breathing.

* It can also be used to get some certain Magical powers/gifts. But you have to know the exact ones these Angels bestow. Even in that they won’t yield to such request for they will ask themselves, “By whose authority did he do these?” And if there is no ‘authority’ at all, they won’t do as you’ve requested.

I can’t talk about any of the procedure of the three other ways to use the Talisman, because it is not meant for everyone.

The talisman can do lots of things… but not everything.

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  1. louisikce

    I have noticed your featured image, it is always congruent with your writeup image.

    You really take your time to write these things.

    Well done Luxi

  2. Jimmy

    Lux fero you never fail me i really respect you for post this is something i wanted for quite a while and here it is thank you so much my friend much appreciated.

  3. Luke

    Lets say there are charms that i have used that yield no effect and i used this cleansing method. The charms will surely work after cleaning is done am i right?

  4. Olu Ola

    Does the talisman need a perfume before it can work ?

  5. Jim Brown

    Lux fero can i use another color thread ?I traveled 50 miles trying buy yellow thread i could not find it its very scarce were i live.

    1. LuxFero

      Ah no. You can’t use another. It’s either color yellow or gold. Or if you have a yellow linen, or small yellow cloth. Put the folded paper in it, and knit it, tightly.

  6. Cronos

    Lux fero i have a few consecrated jewelry that i wear 24 hours each day do you recommend i take them off while using this talisman to cleanse myself?

    1. LuxFero

      No, no problem at all. You can wear the jewelries and still use the talisman.

  7. Cronos

    Lux fero my last question does it matter if i print it out and the talisman is a bit pale on the paper? Meaning the writings are not very bright on paper.

    1. LuxFero

      No, problem. It will work.

  8. abdoatman

    what If I write it with saffron ink

  9. Jim Brown

    Luz fero have you ever employed angels for protection and when you use your other eye you see an owl on your shoulder looking around like its making sure your protected?

    1. LuxFero

      Ahhh never! Owl 🦉 is a very mysterious bird. It isn’t for protection. It isn’t looking around like it’s protecting you, it’s looking around making sure no one would save you from its grasp, then wait for the perfect time to strike.
      That is not protection at all. You should do more scan and know exactly what’s happening.

  10. SIVA

    I had this seal in my pocket and i went to bathroom to wash my face and i forgot to take it out pocket will that affect it virtue?

    1. LuxFero

      No, it won’t. It’s OK.

  11. MagicalName

    I have used this talisman, but instead of asking for cleasing, I asked for healing.
    I asked it to heal my eyes and make my vision better, and it worked.
    I had a slight degree of diplopia and now my eyesight is way better. I can see more details now.

  12. Ori

    What do the letters outside of the seal stand for? (SH, H, I, V, H.)
    It looks angelic or enochian; but what is the writing on the top left side, what does it mean?

    1. Lux Fero

      Hebrew Alphabet. It is I H Sh V H – Yod He Shin Vau Hè.
      It is not angelic or enochian or anything. It is Hebrew alphabets. And I can’t say more.

      1. Ori

        Much Respect, you are clearly dedicated to your work.
        The talisman you show here with Yod He Shin Vau Hè, the Star, the Hebrew name, and the conjuration.
        question; Do I add my name to the request inside the circle?
        (and thank you for the wisdom you’re providing)

        1. Lux Fero

          If the request is for your self no need of adding your name. But if you are doing it on behalf of someone, you should add their name.

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