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Sustenance Of Man.

It should be known that while walking out of mud or miry clay, water and a new cloth aren’t the only thing you need. You need soap and a sponge too to wash your self clean first, then you may clothe yourself.

But our people felt that “money spell” is the only way out.

Miry clay or mud is whatever blockage or dirts that’s blocking your path; and for those without blockages “money spell” isn’t the next best course of action. Try out spells that will make people agreeable with you. That would let your love be in people’s heart (especially for those seeking a job or contract)…and it’s likeness. It shouldn’t be money spell.

Many people would say the money spell didn’t work for me but it worked for my friend. Why? Some would start searching on google and then find other people stories or testimonies and concluded that the same applies to them. For example, some will say their demons didn’t let the spell work because the energy of the Spirits behind the spell is angelic or of light or whatever, so their demons didn’t let it work. Boom! Then they conclude, “wow so I have Demons watching over me who won’t let such thing work because they are negative!”. Then they start a new quest, “How can I know my demon or guardian?”

I’ve said that we should find the reason behind it, the next course of action isn’t giving up. Don’t bow to superstitions or any self created claims. Indeed there are some spells who won’t work for us for one reason or the other, at times if the spell is weak it won’t work for us or it will work but not so active. For some of us we need another spell to push the spell into action or effort: you used a love spell to bring in a certain person and you’re being abusive and arrogant towards this person, the more the love spell tries to spark, you keep quenching its fire because the forces behind it won’t be able to take over her heart if she keep getting angry at you.

You used a money spell but you don’t have a work at all. You don’t even have friends or family members to roll with, you’re always indoor and you felt the money spell didn’t work? How?! What effort did you put in? These are stuff that doesn’t require a price or anything, so your efforts is needed. Let’s say you sacrificed someone’s womb for a money spell, you don’t need to go out of the house, the sacrifice is worthy. It is the spirit of whomever you sacrificed (the one who owns the womb) that will labour for you.

There are many dirty and ugly works like that but there is no gold or honey at the end of it, it is pure and total darkness and sorrow. Great regret follows.

For this new year, I’d like us to try out something new and not just only money spell:

Freedom from bondage: It doesn’t mean that you are in a bondage of some sort but it’s like cleansing. Because life is just not fair. You don’t need to be wicked before silly and stupid stray forces cross your paths…they do it for fun not because you have done anything wrong. So it’s needed we use road opener, cleanser, blockage clearer once in a while.

Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus: “The Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus makes one beloved in all respects and makes known secrets through dreams. Its spirits also assist liberally in all kinds of business.” Says the Book of Moses.

Don’t wait till He prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies; use potent stuff and let your enemies become your friends, even if they are stubborn, they will not hold you back from approaching the “green land”. That is the way of life…

Eighth Table Of The Spirits Of Sun: The description under the Eighth Table is that the Beings/Spirits behind the seal help to attain places of honor, wealth and they also give gold and treasure.

Money spell added to this or the ninth Table or even this alone surely would yield good fruit.

Don’t just use water to cleanse your mud body, get soap and water too. The above are soap and water. And there are more of it that I have posted.

I remember a lady who made the Ninth Table into soap. She said wherever she goes people always give her honor, they greet her and welcome her well. Now imagine that she needed an assistance in a certain place, upon entering there everyone already welcomed her with smiles, how would she not get the assistance? It isn’t all about money spells. There are many ways to unlock the sweet fruits of life.

Questions are welcomed.

Happy New Year. Lux.

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  1. Sakura

    Hello. How does one turn the ninth table into soap ? Your operation only explains how to turn it into a talisman but having many talismans can be quite bother some especially in public places and if you try to keep your practices intimate

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