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A Door Once Opened It’s Hardest To Close.

I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve been receiving a lot of mails and when I decide to divine about the mailer, I get that they are the ones ruining their own lives.

It is a forbidden fruit, don’t eat from it.

For example, this guy said he is not getting success in anything anymore. Business falling etc. I checked and saw some forces there. I called them, spoke with them. They said he invited them into his life. He gave them his blood, he requested for power and in return they may do whatever they like with his life.

I asked the guy about it and he denied and they laughed, saying he will suffer more for lying to me. They said the people don’t understand what they read, they just read and practised. “What he practised that year brought us into his life; he made blood pact with us, a strong one. He used his own blood, O Fero, you know these things – you know how we work. Power in return for his life. We’ve been giving him power and taking whatever we desire in his life.”

I discussed it with the guy and he opened up, saying it was a long time. He already left everything aside.

Now that’s where many are mistaken! They believe if you don’t dine with the deuce anymore that’s the end. No! You’ve eat together, in the same plate. You’re brothers! Even if you forsake him, he will still be with you.

It’s a door, once opened it is hardest to close it.

“Come to me in this ritual so that I can merge with you.
Fill my blood with your sacred poison so that I could become – carrying your strength.”

These are self defeating words that many use. Cursing themselves thinking they are doing “black magick”.

Some will start shouting, “possess me, make this vessel your home, fill it with all your power etc”. Now tell me, you’re calling the force inside you to take over your body, to take over your life and in return they should give you their powers.

It is an oath. It can’t ever be broken. If you like become born again. Go for deliverance. Go wash yourself in Atlantic ocean, wash yourself with hyssop, consecrated water or holy water or whatever you might think of the oath and pact you made with any Spirit so-ever will remain. They will always keep their copy, if you like throw yours away. You’ve created the connection somehow, so you’ve to find the procedure to dissolve the connection and tell them you’re done.

For example you used your blood (strongest ink in the world) to make a pact or oath, and when you get tired of the spirit you believe throwing the pact away or burning or burying it is the end and yelling, shouting that you’re done is the end? You’re dreaming.

Even if you speak calmly that you’re done with them, the words can’t erase what’s written with blood. They are not stupid beings. They are well reasonable sensible beings, they have great knowledge of many things; they know the meaning of blood and meaning of whatever is sealed by blood, so they won’t back down just because you said you are done.

You’re the fool, not them. You’re ignorantly walking on a naked wire. An action was taken to seal the pact, an action must also be taken to destroy it. Not mere words.

This thing is destroying lots of lives. Those forces are telling me a lot of people are in their prison because they are crazy for power, they just read book and start practicing, they lack the knowledge of what they are doing.

Being in their prison is grave. You’ll be alive here but Spiritually you’re in bondage.

I remember a guy, a female Spirit always borrow his manhood. It will be taken away and at that moment the guy penis will be dead here physically. When she returns it, he would feel it back, sudden erection and irritation (because it has been used but not on humans).

Many things like that everywhere but people would be thinking they are becoming powerful or more awakening because they don’t understand what’s going on, they are only seeing effects.

They believe whatever they put hand into that has effects should be trusted! No! Even if you mix crap together for use it will have effects. There is effects behind almost everything, anything.

“…my blood has opened the way to me, and your will open the way to you. Our union is sealed. Give me my wisdom and the power of your sorcery. Strengthen my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit. Let my temple of the flesh be consecrated by you

A very evil blood pact! That can never be erased. If you use force or iron hand against those forces you violates the Laws of Nature, they will angrily strike you or curse you and your generation. So your children will suffer worst fate than you, same as their children…why? Because of your own ignorance?

I remember a lady mailed me saying Lucifer loves her a lot and she doesn’t know why. She is thinking of contacting Azazel etc the whole message irritated me. I deleted the mail straight. Then few seconds later I saw some beings came to me:

“Fero! We see that our puppet have met you.”

Oh Who is that?

(Laughing) “The one who said Lucifer loves her…”

Oh that one…

“Yes. We’re the one giving her all those feelings and impressions. Showing her visions and dreams. She is mentally down now, we could make her go crazy but it will be too soon, we enjoy preying on them.”

(they enjoyed preying on them…now imagine how many humans are under their grasp, they used “them”).

Why are you guys like this?

“Ah you talk like you don’t know the truth. They invited us. Many human does. Some wanted sex from us, we give them. But they are foolish, no-thing is free.” …. “Hmm well, humans call us many names. We’re mostly called parasites. (One of them mockingly said Lesser banishing Ritual and laughed).

I was perplexed and angry. I’m not angry at them but angry at how people are destroying their future. For those who are in these forces prison, they will leave some people to enjoy the present and snatch the future from them. For example you’ll be doing well in the present, things will seems like it’s all good, but when you’ve laboured a lot and things should actually become good, they will come in and ruin everything. Everything will just fail. All you laboured for will vanish.

If you play with fire, it will burn you and leave great scars that can’t be erased.

And in some case, they will steal the present and the future from you, leave you with a not so good health, living.

I continued the conversation with those Beings, they said I should leave her alone that she is not ready to be saved. That she won’t understand whatever I am saying because she believes in the lies she is been taught and stuff she read online.

Many cases of such I have been facing recently. I’ve turned down some people because they don’t know what’s happening to them yet, they are all just asking for “a more potent money spell, that will work fast”. Some are asking for something to boost business. But when I checked why business is not moving well, it is just the same thing. They have already entered the home of pigs, goats and they want to live peacefully like a dove. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Once you are in, going out is hard. In fact it is easier to land on the moon than to be freed from those Beings.

One of the higher spirit told me: Lux Fero the sky is getting darker, spread your wings.

Sky was meant to be blue, beautiful but it has become dark and more darker and these dark forces can’t be blamed for a second. Foolish knowledge, dirty books everywhere leading people astray….”I’m doing magick”, they say.

Well, that’s the message I brought today. Check yourself and take caution.


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  1. Nicholas

    Woaw, I see. But please how can we know all these?

  2. Nicholas

    Woaw, I see. But please how can we know all these?


    1. Lux Fero

      Oh well, knowledge is the key.

  3. Nicholas

    I See Mr Lux, it’s this knowledge that I want to learn and Acquire.

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