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Book Of Moses: Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus.

“The Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus makes one beloved in all respects and makes known secrets through dreams. Its spirits also assist liberally in all kinds of business.” Says the Book of Moses.

Table of the Spirits of Venus

This Talisman as described in the Book of Moses can make one beloved in all aspects and makes known secrets through dreams; it’s spirits can also assist in all kinds of business. Keep in mind that they can do more than all that’s written about them in the book.

I remember when I used the talisman and the beings behind it appeared. They first appeared invisible to me, one of them later came visible but hid his body. He confirmed that they can do more than what the book says.

Preparation Of The Talisman.

To prepare this powerful Talisman, write or print it on a clean A4 paper (not full A4 paper, it will be too big). It can be prepared any day, any hour.

Write the following conjuration on a small paper and burn it to ash, pour the ash on the talisman:

The Conjuration.

I, N., call upon thee great being behind this powerful seal of Venus through the Great Name of God which you honor and give obedience to that you deign to obey me and fulfil my desires: “Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is strong as death; and as Elohim blessed them that he loves, bless me! Open my eyes, even in my dreams, that I may sleep not the sleep of death, lest I fall and shame on me and you.”

Next thing is to get the right side of the Solomon seal when it’s divided, burn that half to ash, pour the ash on the talisman.

Half of Solomon seal

(At this stage some of the Spirits will appear and go into work, but some of them don’t appear at all until the seal is complete).

Then fold the talisman, be careful that the ash don’t fall out. Wrap the talisman paper with Blue Thread or Silk.

Ah! Work is done! If you have your senses developed or you can sense energy or you can do scanning you’d noticed their presence or see the Spirits that appears when you put the seal on your person, any where on your body or around your neck if you attach a rope to it while preparing it.

Note: I realized that if you have a blockage or two or your path is rough this seal won’t be able to do much.

I prepared this seal myself for someone and when I gave it to the lady to have it around her neck, I saw a very dark hand, with my mind’s eye, cut off the seal from her neck. But physically here she still has the seal. So nothing happened when she wear the seal. I even told her to call out the beings behind the seal by talking to the Spirit, but nothing happened.

This mean they have taken the seal away she is left with just carcass. With just paper and thread, the power in the seal is gone.

The second not so cool experience I had with this seal was when I taught a friend how to prepare this seal and he tried to prepare it himself. The instant he printed the seal out and burnt the Solomon seal to ash, I realized that a black linen covered the talisman but he didn’t see it. When he completed the seal, and pinned it to his shirt nothing happened.

I was pissed because this guy doesn’t really believe this things work, and if he gets nothing from this operation I will bear the shame. So I made used of the medal with me to activate and restore the power of the seal and immediately he closed his eyes he saw the seal glow. I told him to speak to the seal that the Spirits behind it should appear, but as he hold the seal closed to his mouth, I saw the black cloth cover the seal, so his words doesn’t get to the seal, and it appears as if the seal didn’t answer him.

When I questioned the Spirit doing all these, he said the guy aborted for a lady and the lady cursed him. And that if the guy is armed with a seal like this the curse won’t gain ground in his life for him to come to ruin.

I was pissed the more, I don’t know what to say. I had to tell the guy the seal doesn’t like him, doesn’t want to work with him. He has done wrong, he should pay the price.

So that’s what I noticed with this seal. They won’t make it work if it will help you big. That’s why little energy work is needed at times. In a situation like this, you will first do a scan if there is anything or anyone to hold you back from using this seal. If there is one, you should ask for a way out. And if there is none, go straight into action and give me feedback if you don’t mind.

* If I’m not a seer or someone with very enhanced senses I won’t understand what’s going on too. I would be thinking my seals are not working for people or it works for certain people.

There is no danger so ever in using this seal, it’s perfectly safe. When you desire to know something through dream, just speak to the seal what you wish to know and go-to sleep. You shall see what you desire to know through dream.

But if you have your senses a little developed, you should instantly close your eyes and wait for the Spirits to give you a vision, an answer, of what you desired to know. They can do a lot.

This is a powerful seal I give out for no price, please, treasure it well.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. Sammy

    Please Lux kindly explain the meaning of this dream to me, I used this seal and the dream like I was in the house of some big man(Contractor to be precise) that I’ve worked with before, in the dream i was cleaning his white in which look like armour vehicle, and i was behind the car with the man then from there the later the car was in a motion coming reverse to be park, I realised it was my co-worker driving it which he unfortunately hit the wall whilst coming on reverse. Then later on i found myself in a room with the big man and one other man arranging money note which is the third highest currency in my country, i thought initially it was the big man making that money arrange but realised later that it was his brother in the dream, be parked alot of money which he thought of giving it to the bigman but the bigman ordered him to give me the money, he gave it to me in brown envelope and the big man said I should use it to finance my school but i realised the money was too much to finance school and more over i dont even where i was schooling all these was my thought in the dream so i took the money happily and thank the man and ask God to bless him.

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