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The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun.

Excerpt from the book, “Greater Key Of Solomon”:

“This serveth to enable thee to see the Spirits when they appear invisible unto those who invoke them; because, when thou hast uncovered it, they will immediately appear visible.

The Names IHVH, Adonai, are written in the center in Hebrew; and round the radii is the mystical characters of the “Passing of the River.” The versicle is from Psalm xiii. 3,4:-“Lighten mine eyes that I sleep not in death, lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him.“”

This Pentacle or Talisman would be tweaked for different purpose but also similar to what the book describes.

There are some things we should see ourselves so we would know the next decision to make and the step to take.

This is also part of empowering oneself. For example I went to visit a big uncle, but upon getting to the entrance of the house the door became three and returned back to one. I was shocked. It happened very fast. But I instantly knew this isn’t a type of house I should enter.

Three is the number of the elders. It means the house is dominated, taken over by the elders. So those living in the house are not living well. If they labour from morning till night, the gain of the night alone would be given to them. The gain from morning, noon, evening will be taken from them.

There was a time I was carrying a baby of 7 months old and we were going out for a stroll. I realised he started crying, covering his face, looking away from one side of the road. I tried to face another side and he stopped crying. I turned to that angle again and he bursted into tears, frightened, the infant looked scared. That hurts! So took him away from that side and I myself focused there with the intention of knowing exactly what’s there, lo I saw a lady wearing a not so good dull gown, native attire, her hairstyle is very very scary, she has eyes of a cat and she is there doing some funny unreasonable thing. Though the vision came very fast. I had to walk away from that side totally.

And many more experience I’ve had. At times while entering a new house I would see vision of a big tortoise, at times when I meet someone and shook their hand I will see things about them.

Though this Talisman or Pentacle isn’t the one I used. No, mine is internal. And yes, there are those of external empowerment that can serve the same purpose but it is not for everyone else madness, insanity will be everywhere because you don’t voice out whatever you see. If you are the type with a loose tongue the Spirits will hurt you, because they already know you see them and they don’t care but if you keep revealing their secret to others they will hurt you.

So the one I’m giving out today will suffice, especially for those who are already awakened.

Keep in mind that if you have been involve in strange things before the forces around you may not let things like this work. Because this has been the case for many people I’ve met. They have tried many things they see on the internet just because it sounds interesting. They’ve read books and jumped at everything fascinating.

Now you can’t eat with pig, with goat and expect peacock to dine with you, never! Even pig will block you from getting there. The same with this things too.

You feel it isn’t working, then request for a scan and know why, don’t start assuming. Results to divination as I’ve explained before here and know what’s wrong instead of getting angry at your self and the art.

To get the Service of this Pentacle as I described… you need the following recipes:

1. Weed (Marijuana).

2. Lenses from glasses or magnifying glass.

3. Piece of flint or a Steel.

4. Left half of Solomon’s secret seal (to be burnt to ash).

5. Piece of mirror.

6. Eye of hawk (powdered) (optional).

Print or draw the Talisman on a clean A4 paper or clean plain paper; at back of the talisman write: “From Sunrise to Sunset, reveal to me all things evil and innocent”.

Add all the recipes. Then carefully fold the paper, seal it with threads of color White, Yellow and Black.

Done. Always have the seal on you. It can be around your neck, or knit it to a cap and always wear the cap or hide it in the middle of the hair on your head.

Note: If you can’t carry the seal around but to bury it, write your full name on a very small paper, add the paper while adding the recipes of the talisman.

I urge everyone and anyone who will practice these to bridle their tongue. Don’t start showing off to others saying you see a Spirit in so-so place or you possess some abilities of such. It is for you and you alone.

If talking is silver, to learn quietness and bridle of one’s tongue is gold.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. Cristian

    I wanted to ask you if the hawk eye is not necessary to add it, if we do not have it.
    And one last thing for hawk eye, it refers to the stone.

    1. Lux Fero

      Yeah, not necessary (optional).
      I meant actual hawk eye, the bird.



  3. Riaan

    Hi Mr Fero
    Love the work U do and your post.
    Wanted to ask..if i make 2 tallisman exactly the same..can i bury one with my name and carry one…for the days i might forget to carry it with me.
    Secondly once i have added all recipe and folded it..can i enclose it with a plastic wrap before putting that nothing falls out
    Tnx again

    1. Lux Fero

      If the talisman isn’t meant to be buried, you shouldn’t. Else it will have a negative effects on you.

      You can’t enclose with plastic wrap, it’s the thread first… except the procedures says so. Some talismans only requires skin of animal, could be snake or tiger etc. But if thread is the first to use, so it shall be.

  4. Todd Dotson

    Can I use the greater key of Solomon seals to help me
    And can I use the evocation too
    Thank you

  5. abdallah

    please do you mean marijuana leaves or weed itself ?

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