You are currently viewing I’m Under Attack: PLAGIARISM.

I’m Under Attack: PLAGIARISM.

I believe someone is trying to steal my works from me.

I was shocked to see this…


I was bombarded with spam links too…

Spam links

I just can’t imagine! It’s funny and scary.

It was Fero Illuminated Arts. Lux Fero is the name. Any other names hiding under “Illuminated Arts” is fake.

I don’t even need to start explaining why it’s called Illuminated Arts because it’s all over the blog. You don’t need to become an evoker to because you have interest in Spirituality. So I thought of creating something totally different from what has been on the internet.

I introduced Talismans, Seals and how to tweak them. Usage of the Pentacles of Solomon too and how to tweak it, so that you can get their service even without metals.

Now someone from nowhere wants to take the glory because they realized “this guy stuff is working”.

When I started I was painted black, called scam, fraud etc Because I’m from Nigeria and not US or UK.

Someone said I don’t show off Magical items like the others do, that it is not certain I’m for real but I replied him that I didn’t come for showing off. No dissimulation is needed. It’s an Illuminated Art. Every appears as it is.

That same blog that was condemned by many then is about to be stolen. Because if that isn’t the person’s aim why do it?!


It has always been Fero Illuminated Arts.

Plagiarism – fake Illuminated Arts

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  1. Jim team

    Must be does Nigerians scammers trying to steal your page.

  2. louisikce

    Those fraud guys are trying to make big bucks from your sweat and knowledge. That is so NOT okay. Very Bad!

  3. Adeyemi

    Àjẹtàkì ni yóò jẹ, Akowárápá tó lóun yóò jẹ oyè BALOGUN. (There is limitation to an aspiration)

  4. 44butterflyz

    😳 WoW. I’m sorry you have to experience this level of disrespect for you work.

  5. Innocent E.

    One thing the thief did not know that “you cant offend or steal from an adept without impunity” … Lux keep up with your good works, ” they can’t know what they have never seen “

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