Invocation Of Lakshmi and Kubera

Someone requested I contact these Beings for them, it’s my first time to hear their names though. I called them separately not together.

I called Lakshmi first.

“Lakshmi (/ ˈlʌkʃmi/ ; Sanskrit: लक्ष्मी, IAST : lakṣmī) is the Goddess who leads to one’s goal (lakshya in Sanskrit), hence Her name is Lakshmi. For mankind, 8 types of goals are necessarySpiritual enlightenment, food, knowledge, resources, progeny, abundance, patience and success.”


I invoked, she appeared: white cloak, white hair, all white, holding a staff.
She is very nice, fun to be with, a mother indeed.

I said: They said you’re a goddess? She answered, “That’s what they call me“. I further: “I heard you give abundance”. “Every mother does that“, she replied.

She later explained that the abundance means GOODLUCK.

Some of her words are proverbial. She smiled and laughed with me. She is willing to come any time I call her but I should take note that she is very and always busy.


“Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर) also known as Kuvera, Kuber or Kuberan, is the Lord of Wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu mythology. He is regarded as the regent of the North (Dik-pala), and a protector of the world (Lokapala).”


He appeared somewhat like Santa Claus, but clothings are different: black clothes with golden stripes. He has chests, gift boxes at the rear end of his chariot. The animals riding are color gold, unlike Santa Claus who uses Reindeer, I don’t know the type of animals riding Kubera, but they are all gold.

Kubera was nice too. But he likes the law of, ‘Give and Take’.

Let’s say you call Kubera for wealth, first thing he will ask is: What will be my gain? What will I get from helping you? Why should I help you?

He doesn’t want to last long with me at all because I have no offering prepared for him. No gift, nothing. He said: I’ve never been delayed like this for free, let me go, I’m very busy.

He doesn’t want to stay for 5 minutes, though he wants me to call him any time I want his service.

Lakshmi and Kubera are nice beings, very cool to be with. You can trust them.

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