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Talisman Of Power: For Meditation.

There is no other Talisman than the one fashioned from the Conjuration of Moses Law.
I’ve written about how this talisman can help with cleansing. Today I will be talking about how to avail ourselves of the service of the Talisman to help us with meditation.

There are people who really fancy sitting alone just to seclude themselves from people and look into their heart. Some do it to think on their muses. For some people there a spiritual exercise is attained through it, thus called meditation.

But many of us don’t even know what this meditation stands for or its purpose. We just sit quietly and shut our eyes and said we’re meditating. I ask, “what are you meditating on?” “What do you hope to get from it?” No answer.


People wonder why I just set my heart to do something and I always succeed in doing it. They ask me if there is a certain charm or talisman I use to support all of my endeavors…? But no, that is not the case. Before I venture into taking action on anything, I would have sit and meditate upon it well and would have received visions, answers that would make me know if the step I’m about to take would be a success or a failure. If it would need extra support or not. If the partner who will journey with me would betray me or not. If they will do well at the beginning of the journey and betray at the end or if they would be a betrayer from the very beginning.


After getting the answers and knowing the right steps to take, for sure it always end up in success.  That is one of the many benefits and advantage of practising meditation. 

Meditation at times serves as energy work, it helps to enhance clairvoyance too. Some of us have Spirit guardians with us but we don’t know, but through meditation they will communicate with us.

To Use The Talisman For Meditation.

Write the talisman on a clean A4 paper, any day, any time with any ink/pen.
Draw the Tetragrammaton seal in the center of the Talisman. 

Write the following WORDS on a clean paper:

The Lord has said to me: You are My Son, today I have begotten you! Ask of Me, and I will give you the Nations for your inheritance and the ends of the Earth for your possession.
Oh God of my forefathers! The God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. I dare not gaze upon the beauty of the Shekinah; but this you’ve seen, O Lord, show me the path of Life.

Then burn paper to ash. Make the ash into powder and pour it on the talisman.
Fold the paper and seal it with Yellow or Gold thread.

Note: This talisman should only be used whenever you want to be alone for meditation. Or let’s say you’re just alone, relaxed and in your state of mind…

Make sure you add another thread to the seal that will serve as necklace, so whenever you want to use it, place it around your neck…. And do your practices.

The seal will serve as your lamp in the dark. Yes, you can meditate without a seal and for sure you will get whatever effect you desire. But the seal will be like a boost and for those who doesn’t know how to do the meditation the seal will serve as a trigger that pulls the bullet.

For those who have mantras for meditation, this is really good. Yes, you can use the seal too.

For those who doesn’t, the seal will boost your practices.

I’ve heard of some strange types of meditation, where they just focus on the ceiling or roof; some peeps said they face one angle in their room and stare at it for an hour daily. I asked him, what does it do? He said for ascension, for senses development.

And my questions followed: Oh really, that’s good. How long have you been doing it?  (One year, he said).
“That’s good. You must be very awakened by now?” (He replied: No, I didn’t get anything).

I was kinda astonished. Like, you did it for a whole year, 12 months, and no single sign, he has never got a vision or anything. The funniest part is that he said he was instructed to sit comfortably and just stare at one angle of his room, that it is a powerful meditation. I don’t know what’s powerful in that.
Many strange forms of meditation like that, but I later realized that they don’t even know what the term meditation stands for.

Seal of Tetragrammaton.

The Talisman

That’s all. Questions are welcome.


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  1. Nicolas

    Can this talisman help someone who wants to meditate to go into a trance and maintain that state???
    And it helps to develop the senses faster with the meditations they say they develop?

  2. Nicolas

    Can you use white wire in place of gold?

  3. Olu Ola

    Can this help with astral projection?

  4. abdoatman

    What if I put him under the pillow and asked it to see somrthing

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