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Symbol Of Protection.

I read the palm of my little sister yesterday and saw something strange and I thought the next course of action is to write the symbol of protection on her palm. And I did.

The instant I blow air upon it her palm was very hot, especially the back of her palm. The effect was sudden.
So she did a scan to see the effect of what I did.

She saw a bird with a very long tail, multicolour, like that of peacock in a house. It flew to the window, and was about to fly out.

That simply means our message is received and the bird is about to go deliver it. The bird there is a messenger, an actual Spirit.
30 minutes after, she scanned again and saw a thick rope but a wild sharp knife is there cutting it.

That’s a success. The forces behind the symbol are working already.

So I thought I should put this symbol in the air, many people need something like this.

I also have a diviner look into the symbol…he saw a wild angry bull ready to charge.

There is no great preparation here…you can do the quick operation any time, anywhere…

Your right index finger would be used to write on your left palm. The first stroke like an arrow, the second beside it and the small circle. Then the skull with the arrow.
Next thing is to blow air on the palm once. Even if you get no effect, worry not.  It is done. And if you can scan it or monitor it, do so.

This isn’t the only symbol that exists – it ain’t all about Protection too.  There are many of it for different purposes. Some are names…you write them on the floor, saw what you want hit it.
Some are written on the palm, speak to it and send it.

There are some used to send evil attack. You write the symbol on your palm, any of your palm and you go ahead to shake the one you want to punish. That’s all. A terrible curse have instantly entered the person’s life.

Well, that’s it. I hope I explained the usage of the symbol well.
Questions are welcome.

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