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Dreadful PROTECTION Talisman.

I have always avoid posting talismans of this kind because some people are the evil in their lives. Abusing and mocking others and when the consequences strikes they’ll start looking for solution. But I’ve realised there are many innocent in this life who doesn’t deserve  bad treatment but they keep getting it because their oppressor have seen that they can’t do anything nor do they have someone to fight for them.

Arise! Here is the “dread” that will fight the battle for you! But caution! Caution! Caution! If you the emotional type don’t bother to touch this talisman. If you have love ones whom you don’t want an ant to touch talk-less of death, then don’t use this operation. Because the enemy or oppressor can be anyone, even those you don’t suspect. And if they try to hurt you further they will be stricken deadly and it could lead to their death.
When you prepared this operation and you see evil befall anyone around you don’t rejoice or think “yeah, it is working”. No. Just ignore, like “life goes on”.  Don’t have pity too.

I used to recommend this kind of stuff to people who keep getting attacks, hex, their life keep falling apart, etc Enough is enough. If they don’t know when to stop or how to stop then help them stop. They will sleep and never wake up anymore, but at times they just have a minor accident, like a warning. At times they will start having problems at work or their home should slowly fall apart. And if the oppressor continue it will lead to death. No query.  No solution.

Here is the Operation:

Mystical character


Get a clean A4 paper and cut it into two equal half; draw upon one of the halfs the Mystical character, big and bold.

Draw the following talisman on a clean paper or print it out. Then burn it to ash.  Pour the ash on the mystical character drawn:



Write out the incantation, burn it to ash and pour it on the mystical character. (You’re supposed to recite the incantation over the seal but it’s Yoruba language, so…)

The Incantation.

Iku oni pa ilẹ, ilẹ ni yio té; mo gba gbongbon lọwọ iku, mo fun iku ni ẹyin pẹpẹyẹ jẹ. Iku o gbodo pami, mo ba iku mulẹ. Njẹ ti a bari ẹni ba nro iku romi, ẹni bani mio ni ri ọna lọ, ẹni ‘ba sọpe iṣubu mi ni awọn nwa ki ibi wọn kio re le wọn lori bi iku dudu ṣe n  koṣun dudu, bi iku pupa ṣe n koṣun pupa, iku mejeji ni ko pawọn.  Ipakupa ni moto npa ọpọlọ; ipakupa ni ki moto pa awọn ọta mi.  Isekuse ni ata nṣe oju, isekuse ni ki ẹ ma ṣe wọn. Nitori kini, nitori pe mio ṣu s’ala, mio to s’epo, jeje mi ni mo nlọ; eni bawa kọ tio jawọ lori ọrọ mi ki o jaṣẹ. Ẹnikẹni tio lejẹ. 

* Next thing to do is to fold the paper gently, don’t let the ashes pour. Wrap and seal the paper with color red. Then throw the seal on a busy express road.

* You can as well seal the paper with color black on a Saturday and bury it . Or put the seal in the mouth of a dried chameleon. Use red thread to tie the seal to the chameleon; then go bury it or put it on a busy express road.

The talisman can also be wrapped with thread of color yellow first, then color red. Bury it deep at the centre of a fireplace or where wood is gathered to make fire. 

This same operation can also be used to clean a haunted house but different procedure.

Some people would be surprised to see that I post something dreadful like this. Yes, it’s the same me Lux Fero. You can’t be there thinking evil is bad, to hurt your neighbour is bad yet the neighbour is seeking your death! Boldly sending a baneful attack to your neighbour is the real evil, protecting yourself has no evil. If the neighbour don’t go near fire they won’t get burn. It is that simple.

And as the believers would say: God is fighting for you. Just because you prepared a protection talisman with your own hand doesn’t mean you sent anyone anything, if they don’t near you they won’t get touched.


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