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Spiritual Empowerment: External Protection.

I speak about empowering oneself here, not external but internal. The strongest foundation a spiritualist, occultist can lay for himself. But I don’t think people very much understand this secret yet, that’s why a minor attack on occult practitioners quickly bring them down – because they are empty inside. Many end up depressed, half-insane etc

Everything external can be easily destroyed or dissolved, but what you have inside can’t be dissolved. It will shield you even when you’re sleeping.

The ancient ones call it clavicular! The Key. It isn’t referring to protection alone but also ascension. You won’t need someone or a Spirit to always stand by you to do many things, you would be able to sail through many hurdles thrown at you by your own self. Even many other Spirits will show interest in you… because you’re not an empty vessel, but a vessel who can save himself and manipulate the life of others too, well, could be in a good way or a bad way. Depends on the kind of person you are, you will be independent, you’re not under any Spirit, angel or demon. So you choose to use your power as you see fit.

Today I bring another key of empowerment but an external protection.

One of the Odus in Ifa, African Pantheon, Obaraka.

They eulogized him like this: Obaraka, him whom they can’t conquer. He was pursued but they caught him not. Even when they caught they couldn’t get hold him, for what will they do with him?! etc – So we will be using Obaraka sign for this operation.

I have done this work for myself in the past.

The Bible Verse to use is:

They pierced my hands and my feet, I may tell all my bones; let the earth shook and tremble, the foundations of the hills also moved and be shaken, because He was wroth for I who trust in IHVH who is like Mount Zion which cannot be removed but abide forever. He will wound even kings for my sake.


Write the verse on a small clean A4 paper and burn it to ash.

If you want the operation to be more potent, add the Sixth pentacle of Saturn from Solomon’s greater key (figure 16). – Burn the pentacle to ash and mix the ash with that of the Biblical verse.

Make the Obaraka sign on your left palm using your right hand. Pour the ash upon the palm, step outside and blow the ash in air. Give it a strong blow.

You should do this operation for 3 days. The first one in the Morning. The second in the Noon. The third in the Evening or <s犀利士

When someone come to beg you in the dream, after completing this operation, giving you an offering or something, ignore them. Obaraka probably threatened them and they quickly come to seek your forgiveness. Even in our daily life, be very careful of people who suddenly want to become friends with you. Apply wisdom.

Figure 16.
Obaraka Sign



There are some kinds of Spirits but I can’t remember them yet, they are very good for external protection. They are stubborn, no matter anyone do to you to send them away these boys won’t leave. They will always come back. But to get their heart one need to strike a bond with them.

Some of them prefer that the first bite or first spoon of your food should be given to them. Just put it on the floor beside you.

While some of them prefer the last bite or the last food in the plate.

They will see you as blood, someone who so humble him or her self to share meal with them is their blood. They will be ready to die for you…these guys are potent external protection.

They are also very good at gossiping. Like, when you get to a place, they will start whispering into your ear: You see the man over there? He is evil, he cheats on his wife a lot. His source of income is not good. Oh look at that lady, she is blessed, she will be pregnant soon and the baby will bring blessings into her home. Ahhh look at that one, his life is ruined already, but because he is making money he thinks everything is fine, he will soon see the destruction of his life around him…. – that’s their way of work, except you tell them to only tell you about whom you want to, they will always reveal everyone’s secret to you.

But I can’t remember their names yet.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. Elo

    Hi Lux are you able to recall the names now?

  2. Elo

    Are the spirits from African culture ?

  3. Olaniyi Olagbaju

    Good day question is, are we to make the obaraka sign on the empty palm or after we put the ashes on the palm.
    Thanks for always being there for us.

    1. Lux Fero

      Yes, make sign on the empty palm.

  4. Olaniyi Olagbaju

    I salute sir for your prompt response 👍

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