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More Insight On The Pauline Art Of Solomon.

I spoke about the Pauline Art of Solomon here. But I received some questions on this topic via email recently to which I answered and I asked for permission to post it on my site and I was granted.

The Mail.

“hi I wanted to ask you some questions on the creation of the seals and on the necessary objects.

1 – one must fast before preparing the seals and the Ars Paulina practice table.

2 – the seals must be made on paper, ink, consecrated pen Perhaps it is not necessary to consecrate these objects during the creation of the seals.

3 – before starting the summoning it is necessary to put on a white tunic or any dress would be fine.

4 – the evolution to call these entities could be written printed without consecrating anything like pen, ink, paper (question a bit similar to 2).

5 – the necessary fast can be for 3 days instead of 7 before proceeding with evocation.

Obviously I have been informed a bit around but no one ever explains how to create these seals I have the necessary objects, if they need to be consecrated I have no, not even the book says so and this made me doubt.”

My Reply.

“Good Day. 
This is how it should be…

1. The fast shouldn’t be you starving yourself. This is how you should construct the fast: From day one that you start the preparation of the Art, wash your self with a consecrated water. Use same water to cleanse all what you need to use. Use a white linen or handkerchief to clean them. Eat little, not much. Don’t starve yourself. Give out alms if you are in position to do so. Be careful of your words, don’t use vulgar words, bad languages. Stay totally off anything that will bring you dirts or stains. Avoid the multitudes or crowd or gathering of people who can pollute your mind. Read the confession or use Psalm 51. That is a potent and sufficient fast; it is not by starving oneself. You may eat but not much. 

2. Well, one need to know first what consecration is and what it’s needed for. I won’t go deep on this one. And yes, you can use paper. 

3. Any dress won’t do or maybe it will do to some extent but it’s profaneness to the Art. It’s white tunic. 

4. The Conjuration or Invocation…yes, it can be printed or written. No worries. 

5. It is not evocation. You adjure, conjure, or invoke…no evoking. Invocation and Conjuration is what’s given in the Pauline Art not evocation. If you observe the fast I described above, nothing else matters. To honor the angel, you may have a cleanse bath on the day of the operation, and feed on fruit. To honor the angel you want to call forth, not a must in the Art. 

Permission to use this question and answer, kindly. I want to create a post and give this information out only if you permit me to. 

His reply to my request:

That’s it. I’m opened to answer questions.


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