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Alchemy: Pentacles.

It’s been a while…

I’ve talked about mixture of Pentacles in the past to get one desire. Though this Science is not as easy as it looks, it is dangerous and can bring Destruction instead desire.

Like I always say, not everyone should learn about invocation or communication with spiritual beings. There are many ways to make request without calling or summoning a Spirit.

There are spells, enchantment, candle works, talismans, pentacles etc to use. They suffice for practice. It’s the best rather than dabbling into a field we know nothing about; opening a door that would be hardest to close.

Today I bring a sweet yet complicated alchemy of Pentacles. It’s a Ceremonial Work.

Materials needed…

1. Figure 34 from the Greater Key of Solomon.

2. Figure 29 of the Greater Key of Solomon.

3. One rotten nail, one fresh nail.

4. Three long or medium size needles.

5. Alcohol.

6. Clean and dirty water.

7. This words on small paper: Awọn oni iṣẹ ibi, awọn ọta mi, awọn ti wọn wa ìṣubú mi ni wọn s’ọpẹ inu rẹ o da, ita rẹ o si sun wọn; wọn ni awọn yio fi ile aye su ẹ. (To be burnt to ash and the ash should be poured on the pentacle).

8. This Mystical Words on paper: Kaszedim bachanda nezahhad Jehod Elohim asher Ehyeh Zalim. (To be burnt to ash).

9. If you can acquire the tail of a snake, any part of the bone of a toad, vinegar, and its likes. Add them to the Pentacle but if you can’t get any of it, no worries. The recipes listed here is just to make the seal angrier.


– Draw or print out the figure 34 on a clean A4 paper. Get the figure 29 and burn it to ash, pour the ash of the pentacle of figure 34.

– Add the nails and other recipes you have.

– Plus the ashes of the words and mystical words.

– Fold the paper neatly and wrap it with thread of color black.

– And at one side of the seal, put the three needles. Give gap among the needles.

The next big operation is to hit the seal on the floor, step on it. Walk on it. Spit on it (not something much, just make the “thuey” sound). Pour very little amount of dirty water on the seal while it’s on the floor. Get a rod, beat the seal.

Then feel sorry for the seal. Take it up, clean it, remove all dirts and stains from it. Kiss the seal. Give it some clean water. Then drink the alcohol, spit some on the seal. And then give some to the seal…then recite this incantation on the seal:

My enemies are those who hate you; they threw you away, stepped on you. Walked on you. They even spit on you, they say what will you do? They gave you dirty water, and starved you. But I came, I raised you up; I cleaned the dirts and stains off your garments. I kissed you, not spit on you, and I ask how are you doing? I give you clean water. And now I share wine with you. I am your friend and your saviour, he who shared wine with you and took you out of miry clay. But my enemies and those who persecute me, those who hated me are those who gave you bad treatment. Turn against them. Do to them what has been done to you. And in the end let them be buried the same way you are been buried now. Never show them mercy.

So be it (blow air on the seal).

After reciting the incantation once. Bury the seal deep in the earth/ground.

It is done. “Darkness Against Darkness”. “Let their sword enter their own heart”.

Don’t hate or fight anyone, let the Lord do battle for you.

If I didn’t explain the above operation to your understanding, kindly, ask questions.


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  1. Elo

    Do you have something that can make you see/ hear spirits via a crystal ball? No astral senses/sight or evocation needed

  2. abdallah

    It can chase enemies from spirits away ?

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