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Spiritual Empowerment.

The world is now covered with horrifying darkness; painful howls escaped from the cavernous abyss…
The great “whore”, Humanity, has been sentenced by the ineffable gods and now it is falling into the fathomless abyss.

Lo! And people are worshipping religion! Following religion! Religion is nothing but a brainwashing tool:

It will penetrate through your heart like a poniard, and make you believe that you should worry about nothing and it’ll give you hopes that with religion the world is a bed of roses. And you, a mere man with a weak spirit even a weak body, will start seeing yourself as a great sword-man and your sword would be nothing but words from your religious book. And that way you slowly walk into traps and bondages of life. And your fellow religious people will say: Have faith, with God all things are possible. I hate to hear this a lot. Because many lives have perished because of it.

God is not religion and religion has absolute nothing to do with God. It human tradition. Human created religion and choose the God they want to serve.
Some will say they serve Allah, some will say name of their God is Jesus. Some will say God is God, no name. Some will say the true God is Jehovah. Who then is truly serving God or who among them know the true God?  Even for all these, it is folly. Human being created everything.

Jesus didn’t create religion. Nor did Moses or any of those hierophants. Muhammad has nothing to do with anything.  Human being themselves did it all and set the laws they are living.

We all know the world we live in now. Trouble here and there. Destruction everywhere. People live the world now with power, any means to survive. If you are empty you are just a fish in the ocean and the sharks will eat you up.

Some people rely on their money, for it help them in many areas. Some relies of guns. Some on their political power. Some choose religion but after seeing that religion has nothing spiritual they stepped out of it and seek spirituality. Alas! Many of us seek it wrongly.

Yes, you practice this, you practice that but did you worship the Spirit?  No! We don’t even know what that mean. We are all after seeing spirits, learning evocation, practising spells and sorceries etc We focused too much on ‘external’ we forgot that what matters the most is the ‘internal’.

For whatever is in you is yours, but those that are around you are not purely yours. If you arm yourself with talismans or other means of protection, if the talismans are destroyed then your protections are gone. You are empty.
Even if it’s just incantations that renders  protection, if it’s shaken and destroyed, you’re empty. Yea, and not only on protection. In many areas as well. That is “external”. It can be tampered with.

But when you spiritually develop yourself, empowered yourself. Not only seeking to converse with Spirits but to get from them something concrete, something worthy of the summoning. That’s “internal”. Develop yourself. There is no way to enter you and search it out and destroy it. Except if you really abuse the power in you, and they will tamper your physical body in other to make your spiritual body useless to you. But such case is very rear.

For example: If someone is very powerful. Like, really powerful and he or she think no-thing and no one can make them fall. One of the weakness used against them is the physical body. The other weakness is to offer great sacrifice and a hurtful being will go there and suck out every energy in their body, turn the person to a carcass.

That’s why I always make body of light the root and foundation for everyone who seek me out for empowerment. There is a mystery behind that I will not explain.

So the operation I’m about to give is for anyone and everyone who desire this LIGHT. Because there are people who thinks the way of Light is the way of Christianity. False! In fact, religion has no light but lies and they preach lies too. The only truth you should fathom and worship is humanity!

“‘That which is hateful to you do not do to your neighbour.’ This is the whole Law and Commandments while the rest is commentary.”
For those who are deeply into dark works the spirits you work with might be totally against this, because the light might be too great for them to withstand, or the light might not be great at all but they may feel angered that you dare seek out light. And yes, they can quench the light, lest it grows into what they will honor.

To Empower Oneself…
Prepare this talisman, any time, any day, any hour. You can either write it or print it.

Empowerment Seal


After having this Seal on a clean A4 paper, write upon it:

The world is now covered with horrifying darkness; painful howls escaped from the cavernous abyss…but I am a Tree of Righteousness!
Even as the darkness is planted upon the Earth, I shall be like a light that brightens it.

That’s it.  Then burn the paper to ash and blow it in the air.

The instant you blow the ash in the air, it will take a form, it might appear visible or totally hid itself. And it will start working on you. But take note that if you  are weak in Spirit, you won’t be able to do much. The operation will be weak too.
At times it won’t be weak but the light won’t settle well within you. It will need to do lots of cleansing first…and for those who have dark beings hunting them they probably won’t let this operation succeed.

Another thing is I’m not making available how to wield this energy. Yes! Because people will greatly abuse it. But it will be inside of you, shielding and protecting you. But you won’t be able to direct it or use it as you please.

Also I had to limit the energy this Seal can pour out because if it’s too much it will cause negative effects. Many of us have lived life wrongly and are very weak in Spirit, so the spirit won’t be able to take in the great light. It will break down.
Some of us are filled with pure darkness, dark energy…if the light shone on you in its greatness it will have negative side effects on you physically.

Another reason why I limit the power and virtues of the Seal is because some people have around them forces that are against their existence, but this people don’t know it. So if you are fully empowered with the Seal, the forces will see you as threat. In fact they might not be able to get close to you anymore but they will start looking for ways to hurt you or even kill you.

That’s all.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. nicolas

    what would happen when man write bornless invocation over this charcter ?

    1. Lux Fero

      I don’t know what it is, but if you understood the Invocation with every details and you understood the character, and it’s in sympathy, then you should know the outcome.

      I’ve always said this field is not a thing of guess or ideas. It is Science.

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