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Fero Illuminated Arts – My Services.

I’ve turned down a lot of people who seek my service in other areas, like teaching them how to be a master of the Art of Invocation; To master Energy Work, so as to visit the other worlds/realms with ease and with rest of mind; A potent wall of protection; Creating a Servient for them; To empower them and how to awaken and activate their own powers and abilities and many more but I’ve not really done well in those areas because I fear humans a lot. I fear how they will abuse power if they become possessor of it.

But I had a change of heart when I met someone. He requested for my services but I ignored him. He mailed me saying he is favourite of Lucifer, this and that etc. Those stuff irritates me. Crap everywhere and there!

He then said Ok, he is ready to empty his cup and learn what I teach but because his first mail consists of those false knowledge, how they think they are king of hell or rule hell with Lucifer, all those fantasies… I ignored him, thinking he would take whatever I taught him for granted. Until later in the evening that a Spirit flew by and said: Why did you turn him away? He has walked in darkness because that is the only path he sees, it is everywhere. But the spirit in him yearn for knowledge…etc

I was sad and I was thinking how many people have I turned down! How many of them really thirst for what I have, how many were directed to me because they want something bigger than what they had and I turned them all down?

I received a mail long time ago from someone who claimed she have seen one of my posts on forum and that I claimed I could wield magical operation physically (Yes, I used to before I shut down myself). She told me of her progress, she could feel the energy flowing through her palm physically but nothing is coming out. So I called an Angel and discussed it with him, he checked and smiled saying: She is really doing well, but she will need your help for this last stage of her awakening. She is still locked. Help her. And help her walk the path too, she need guidance.

Well, indeed I know how to unlock the lock he talked about, and then just few things left and she would be able to light a candle physically, levitate (if she possess the power to) and do more wonders but when I looked into her photo (Divination) I saw that power will consume her and she will misuse it. So I didn’t reply her at all. I did remember that the Angel said “…help her walk the path too, she need guidance“. But I didn’t care, I was like nah! Human will always be human, they won’t change.

But all she needed was someone to guide her and tell her this is what to do, this is how to do it. When anger comes this is what to do. When you see disaster threatening, and the sky falling this is what to do. I was just consumed by things I’ve read online, ugly and irritating things I see people practice. So I was blinded by that dark irritating mists…

Long story short…I am terribly sorry and now I am ready to offer this services, my guidance, knowledge and many more that I may not write out. Just message me and I will reply within minutes to let you know if I can help or not. If I know about the subject or not.

My Services.

1. Talismans and Seals.

I’ve been asked quite well about this topic. To write a book about it and how to get the services of the Solomon pentacles without metals. To tweak Talismans/Pentacles, and how to know the correct Words or Bible verse to use and recipes to use.

How to know the corresponding colors of the threads to use. An example is preparing a pentacle of Moon (color silver or white), but using color black strings to seal it. Knowing how to perfectly tweaked these pentacles and many other talismans you come across.

And for those who doesn’t like carrying talismans with them but like the services of those seals, a way to use it without carrying it around.

2. For Thorough Divination.

This is to do deep and thorough findings about a particular topic. Be it of the present, past or future.

I’ve met people who are suffering and no matter how they have tried to rise they always fall back and hit rocks. They have tried everything possible, from charms to spell to different talismans but no changes.

There is a man that asked of this and after my thorough divination I realised that the girlfriend he mocked and sent out is his wealth. So sending her out means he sent wealth and goodness faraway from himself.

For other people I realised it is their grandparents who misused the privilege they have and they were cursed and the generation following are suffering from it too. While these people are thinking Demons are hunting them, but it’s the curse hunting them.

3. Creating A Servient Spirit For You.

Keep in mind that this is not what they call Egregore! This one will swallow up any Egregore, no matter how great the Egregore could be. No. That is not an exaggeration. The servient spirit is a creature of knowledge and power.

A Servient Being is a powerful Spirit, not in anyway a Familiar Spirit. They are like Guardian Angel but who isn’t above you nor below you but totally under your command. – I had to use the term Servient Spirit, that is someone who renders service to you. I don’t want to use “servant”, it will be too degrading for the greatness of that Servient Spirit.

The Servient Being would see you only as his lord and master. He would be ready to kill for you, be it human or other spirits. He will watch over your and to him you’re the only person that exists in this whole world except you introduced any of your family members to him, then he will have his sight on them too. Beside serving you, he would be shield for you. In fact you can learn form him as well.

4. E-Occult Course.

I’ve turned down quite a lot of people who ask me about this and the reason is that I don’t know how to teach fantasies, imagination, I teach reality! I’m a house of knowledge, I’m a Sage not a Magician but that term is vulgarly used a lot.

“Hey Lux! How much will you charge me if I want to become a magician?” It’s a very wrong term for me. Be an occultist. Be a spiritualist, be a teacher of knowledge like me after learning well, leave that title “magician” for those who derive pleasure in been saluted that way.

Build a strong foundation for yourself, be the sole controller of your own life. Command the Spirits with honor, let them see you and bow to your will. Don’t be a slave to yourself nor a slave to any Spirit! That is true Science. True Magic. Be a competent occultist, not a mere practitioner! Inside you lives a MAGICIAN, but don’t fight for that title.

The Major Contents of this Occult Course:

* Introduction to Occultism.

* Art of Invocation and How To Become a Master of the Art.

* Energy Work (include divination) and How to Master it.

* Soul Traveling or Astral Traveling.

* Opening of Your Senses and Hidden or Sleeping Faculties or Abilities. Help you achieve a great stand in Spirituality.

* Palm Reading.

* The Rules and Laws to fathom (many don’t know this and that’s why they end up with depression, some will invite parasitic beings into their life…and ended up saying occult or ‘magick’ ruined their life).

*** Keep in mind that your own practice and experience will help you develop, that’s why some Sages say true magic can’t be found in books.

5. Invocation and Oration.

There are people who know the way but they lack the strength. The strength here means the invocations, orations for certain operation.

For example someone was trying to invoke is guardian angel but he doesn’t have perfect knowledge of the Art, he used many wrong divine names and the angel didn’t answer. So he met me, we had the conversation and he said, “I’m Hindu, I don’t have a guardian Angel”. Haha I said everyone human does have one assigned or attached to them. So I gave him an invocation to use, the Angel came but said the guy is way too involved in dirty practices, that he won’t be with the guy. That changed the guy mindset. He does know the way but lacked the strength.

6. Means of Divination.

Are you a practitioner or an occultist? Do you want to divine for yourself or for others? Or you could do it but want something more potent that gives more direct answers? Come to me!

It can be through a Crystal ball, White flat plate, Water and there is another method of using a person’s photograph for Divination.

7. Freedom From ‘reality’ life Trials and Challenges.

I already spoke of people who call parasite into their life. But there are innocent souls in this world that have no slightest idea what’s going on in the world but they are in some prison they are not aware of. They will think Talisman or charm or spell is what they need but those things didn’t work for them so far.

I met a lady who messaged me on Facebook, explained to me what she is facing in life, how things keep falling apart etc When I checked her I realised that though she has a little trouble in her life but the forces behind it do not hate her or bother her much. But I saw that she gave her belongings to some and the person gave those belongings to a strange creature and a crown is taken from her. She said her close friend came to visit her, collected her bag, shoe and cap and gave her money. And since that day onward she has been in a very bad situation. And the friend is no where to be found.

I tackle cases like that a lot. I don’t need to find the friend to work my thing. I will not only take back the glory she stole but I will send her back to gutter. She will know how it feels to steal others glory.

8. To Be Granted A Potent, Powerful Spiritual Power (Requisite Energy).

I’ve always used that term in my posts and while chatting with people “Requisite Energy”. My friend can do it and I’ve been trying to do it too but it won’t work. Others can do it but I’m struggling to do it. That is because you’re lacking the required energy to wield it.

There is an exercise given in my PDF of Energy Work. After getting to the destination described in the book, you’ll have to solely rely on your own energy/power to walk out of there. It’s an advance energy work. But luckily for this aspirant I was monitoring his journey and everything he tried didn’t work. He thought he didn’t get the operation well but that isn’t the case, he is lacking the energy to wield the magical operation.

I can help you achieve it. That isn’t the only thing it does. When you become a possessor of a potent energy, that great Light, you can do lots of wonders. You’ll be able to heal others and yourself. Help someone who is possessed and many more…

9. Obtaining A Familiar Spirit.

It should be known that the potent Familiar Spirit only wants to work with politicians, kings, someone in a high position, they don’t serve people of low status. They also prefer to work with pastors or prophets in church.

These Spirits like to be active always, no idleness. I believe that is their major reason of avoiding service to people of low status.

The familiars who choose to serve people of low status like to dominate. Be in charge of the person’s life, etc You have to possess some great powers so as to be the one in charge and him your slave, a servant. That way he won’t dare to manipulate your life in anyway. Nevertheless if you give him a bad treatment he will grow wings.

But I can assure you that a potent Familiar Spirit can be summoned to serve someone of low status using a secret occult Art.

I shall drop my pen here and this is a link to My Services. To see the rest of the Services that I offer.

I’m working on My Shop…and I want people who have gotten my services to drop a review when it’s up and running.


Questions are welcome.

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