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An Experience I Had In Search Of A Way Of Life.

There is a young lad I met last year. He mailed me, said he wants to purchase my book and further asked if I can teach him my path.I kind of ignored that part of showing interest in my path because in my mind I was thinking (he doesn’t know what he is talking about).Long story short, he kept on messaging me on telegram. Here is some of our conversation, I keep turning him down…

That’s how it was then. I made him understand that my path ain’t about “Come and teach me magic” nah! It’s not about “I like what you do, come teach me”. If you are not born for it, you’ll never reach success.Though I’m already “in” and I can show him who isn’t yet “the way”. In fact I can even take him to the “entrance” but did he made himself available? Even if he does, is he worthy of the sacred Wisdom? Even if he is there is no assurance that he would be chosen. Because many are called here in the path I walked but very few are chosen, and out of the few that are chosen very few were given. It’s like others laboured in vain.When I was learning I could remember we were around 35 or 40 in the class then but only 5 of us was graced. The others fell out, some only focused on the work of Talismans. Some called the path “bad” because they laboured a lot, suffered but they weren’t graced.So I was thinking this boy (referring to the guy who wants to walk my path) doesn’t know what he is talking about.They told us then it is easier to land on the Moon than to succeed in this path. Many have messaged me asking how did walked this path, which book did I learn from…how come almost every Spirits they made contact with knows Lux Fero? “Where on Earth did you learn magic?” Etc But I didn’t learn magic. I didn’t study from book. I walked a path, secret science, Occult, and it was a success for me. Thus that’s how many Spirits know about me.Because during the training a lot of Spirits would come to say Hello. Some would bestow us skills and abilities; some give knowledge. So we are friends with any being so-ever in my path.

Nithin purchased my PDF to develop senses and there big things started happening around him. That’s when I divined about him and saw that he was born for the path. I was wowed. Like, an Indian? India culture and way of life is totally different, how could this boy walk the ultimate path? They will turn against him….I was there thinking and thinking and thinking…Long story short, Nithin is good today. Yea, I can boldly call him an occultist now. It wasn’t easy though, wasn’t easy at all, he endured some pains too but in the gods and goddesses of his land supported him.The only hurdle for Nithin now is to achieve physical manifestation. He is practising that now and yet to reach concrete success. One day he was able to manifest a speck of light vanished too soon. He was able to manifest a yellow light on a candle 🕯️ wick. The most visible one he did was when it was raining at his side. And I told him to step out of his body and from the astral there he should direct the rain onto his physical body.He was asking me if it is possible. How can he work from astral to physical. Rain is physical, and how can he send it to his physical body from the astral?I gave him hints, he tried it but nothing. He only felt sensations, the rain didn’t touch him physically. I then explained this: There is a door that is locked. That’s what’s keep many people from wielding physical wonders…many of the occult practitioners have got to that stage of doing physical manifestation but they lack the knowledge so they just give up. Use your hand to make so-so sign etc even if the door won’t open, it will shake. He did as I said and did the practice again and two to three drops of rain touched his physical body. He couldn’t believe it…but I let him know I did that just to keep his mind relaxed that to attain physical manifestation in Spirituality or Occult isn’t further maths, he will succeed.

The Way Of Life.

I contacted Nithin to help me seek out the Illuminati Lord, I need to discuss something with him… that’s when we both realised that there are many organisations like that of illuminati, but they are different in nature.The Illuminati guy said he didn’t passed the law humans followed, it was the first white man he met years back that set the laws out of love and sincerity. His own desire is that he should be known, worshipped as God.The first guy who came while searching for the Illuminati Lord refused to give his name, said the name of his organisation is The Satanic Cult. Nithin is the one doing the work, I am just the brain directing him…all happened via WhatsApp. He communicate with the spirit, and send me the spirit’s reply. Then I send him my reply. I sent voice note too. I even spoke in my native language (Yoruba language), and the reply Nithin gave surely prove that he is with those Spirits who runs such organisations. See some of our messages here:.

He clearly made it clear he can free my sister from whatever she is facing in life. From whatever battle she is facing, no matter how great the blockage or bondage is, he will free her. But he doesn’t give riches.

“A soul for a soul”…I asked about some people who are hell bent on making sure they ruin the lives of others, can he save her from such people. And he goes like a soul for a soul. He will kill those people to save her.

He doesn’t sound like the first guy I spoke with, also the first guy said he is the Illuminati Lord, not lord of Satanic Cult. I sent a voice note explaining that and he understood, he called us another Lord.

Here the usual thing happened. “Nothing comes for free”. He said he is ready to free people from curse or anything blocking them from progressing in life. Even perfect protection but for a price. Even those who lost their glory or people who have laboured for years in vanity, he can raise them up and success in all their endeavours but it is not for free. Though he said he will do it for free for Lux Fero.

He called the other Lord, Nithin saw him coming with a luxurious car. The other lord told the one who came with car: Lux Fero need your service.

He stepped out of his car, appeared as a dark hooded figure with walking stick….

I was surprised he spoke of my blog. Upon hearing what I want for my sister, he instantly said the price he want from me is to write about him on my blog. He even said I should write my name in the stars for people to see, not only humans…that if it’s coming from Lux Fero everyone will believe. I was angered, to be honest.

He then changed his appearance: He changed to a well dressed man, wearing a black suit, with walking stick. And smoking pipe in his mouth.

After explaining all I want to him, including making the person rich, he said he can guarantee it all. He can even do more. He is just happy that Lux Fero want his service and that I can help him get plenty followers.

I was angered that I even made him felt it there (sent him something to know that he has used the wrong words).

Oh why was I angry at him? You’ll see it now, let’s go.

* Indeed he possesses great talent, powers to help millions of people. Give them all whatever they want. I even asked and mocked him: You boys are the type who will lead people into human sacrifice.

His reply: Yes, we so human sacrifice. But I only request it from those who are greedy. I won’t request such from you.

He wants me to preach his name. To speak of his greatness, things he can do. How potent and capable he is. That’s all he want from me. I should bring him more people. People who will worship him: he even said to me, “You will be rewarded”. It angered me greatly but I was calm. – I know how this things work, so I kept on questioning him.

He was even asking Nithin to be part of him, he would grant him anything. He said Nithin should bring all his friends to him, and other beings in the world. Like: They know you by the name of Lux Fero, so they will trust you. – I was very angry at him for that but I was still calm. Cuz’ I’m thinking if his path is totally genuine and clean, I would for sure talk about him on my blog. People are doing worse thing in order to survive, so if worshipping him is all it cost them I think it’s fair. Because even without worshipping him a lot of people are children of Satan, some Dirty beings because of the bad life they are living in order to survive.

So I asked him certain questions, like: How about people whose life is beyond repair. Some already lost their destiny from birth, they would grow well, have lots of talent but won’t be known, they die and perish with talents. How about people with generational curse; that the curse in the family is that no one will ever be rich in that family….

He said he can do it all. And then he fumbled! Exactly where I’m going…he said: Yes, I can do all that. But I will take it away from them, everything, the same way I give them, when they are filled with success.

These is what angered me! I felt been mocked and shamed! This guy knows me yet he dared me!

Listen, people! After he has blessed you 100%, and you sit back to relax and enjoy the riches, that’s the time he will take everything away from you!

Who wants that?! Even if there is some one who want it, who want to erase poverty in their life for one hour, I will not help you if this is the only way. This is pure evil, wickedness. I know how they work, that’s I keep questioning him.

Nithin had to ask, is this really the Illuminati guy? Because he sound totally different from the first experience I had. Many organisations, but people are calling it all illuminati.

I asked him… so after accepting to be with my sister you will ask of her the same price? I spoke out of anger, already threatening him with “fire 🔥”.

He said not with my sister, but with others who seek him. He made some other points too.

In truth I shouldn’t be angry at him because I know many of them and how they work but for him to tell me to be the one to spread the name made me feel ugly.

It’s like this: When masquerade, when a living dead corpse chase people, they run to me, Lux Fero. So it is the same Lux Fero they know as saviour should lead them astray and lead them to the masquerade?!

I was greatly hurt.

Though I asked of his name, he was reluctant to speak (they don’t give out their names). He was even ready to tell Lux Fero his name but he said “the boy will hear”.

He gave me us a name which I won’t reveal, I don’t want anyone to contact him. It’s the name of his prophet, through that name he said contact will reach him. The name is something: LUXXXERXXS EL XDXXLXX.

That will be all.

PEOPLE are living in pain, starvation…and they want something fast, that can fetch them fast riches… so i thought of embarking on the journey on everyone behalf, but while I thought I found gold, nah! It’s a shining stone.


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