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Drought Should Be Over.

The Drought Should Be Over.


Earlier today I was having a chat with a brother who is spiritually conscious too. Our conversation is centered on how many people have fall under regrets and negative consequences because of stuffs they purchased online, and jumped into using without proper knowledge because those who sell to them doesn’t have perfect knowledge of the arts and sciences they preach. They just read from book, practice and sell. Some don’t even have such secret book, they sit, read random books and form something themselves and if it has an effect, boom! It should be on sale – they want to make money from it. But to what extent? What kind of forces are behind what you just did? What do they want in return for their service?

No one has the answer. Lots of people have been lead astray…when they contact me and I do divination it always results to something they did with certain forces or Spirits etc and the end of it is always, “I purchased the ring online” or “I purchased the stuff online”.

I know a Ghana guy who has two rings he got online. Indeed the spirit attached to the ring rose to the service but then they were hungry but the user of the ring has no idea, now he is already stepping on their toe. The second mistake he did is telling other people or friends that he possess such ring. How? Well, when I contacted the forces they said they already showed him his offense via a dream. I asked what dream did he had he explained to me and according to the dream, by sharing to others who are not occultically awakened the Spirits attached to the ring felt he shamed them or revealed their secret to those who doesn’t deserve it…or so (they have their own rules or laws). And on top of he that he is starving them. Imagine that!

Now I asked the guy, did the seller told you to do anything to the ring later on? He said NO. Were you told to give it anything at all? He said NO. The only instruction was buy and use, powerful ring. The funniest part is that the forces said the instant he wore the ring, they have had blood oath, so even if he buries the ring or throw it away, they would always be together. Meanwhile the seller have no idea that when one who wears the ring is under pact; it will suck little blood from the finger as an oath. Many of these stuffs are all over the internet but people are looking for a way out, a way of life so they are not giving up, they kept pushing… alas they found false and regrettable knowledge.

Also there is someone who got locked to a female Spirit by practicing something he bought online. I warned him though not to get stuffs from the internet but he wouldn’t listen, he said what’s the assurance that I’m clean and others aren’t? That he felt I’m just trying to bring people my way etc. That’s harsh but I let him be. Long story short, he bought the stuff and he gave me feedback that he got super charged, crazy stuff, very interesting etc. I said I’m glad he is happy with what he got.

Few days after he started seeing a shadow following him. A female shadow. To cut the story short, the female Spirit is the one “d*cking” him. She has a penis not a vagina. So she always mate with him through his anus, any chance she get. Be it day or night time. When I checked the lady said he made an oath with her to marry her in exchange for her powers, to which she granted. But the guy denied that. The lady said it’s in the incantation he read, that he just doesn’t know because the incantation wasn’t written in English Language. He then later said there was a chant indeed in the spell he bought online to practice that wasn’t English. Lo! He is there struggling with it. She doesn’t stop him from sleeping with a human woman but she would also come to sleep with him. Isn’t that regrettable? So he used his own money to invite horror into his life?

And we talked about few sites, how they are sweet talkers, everything to deceive people, to make the people come to them, and buy what they offer. Once payment is made and they ship the material to you, they don’t care what happens next to you. All they would keep saying is, “You paid and I sent it to you, we’re done. We’ve no business anymore except you want to make another purchase“. Is that right? So all they cared about is the money, not the satisfaction of the customer. Well, it’s all parts of life, however the innocent are buying torture with their money and it’s annoying.

So my friend said why am I not making stuffs and put online for sale? I said people make strange requests… I’m not here to add to the terror in the world, but to give it ease. – imagine someone asking me of something to use so as to be able to sleep with any woman they want on spot. Indeed, there is something of such. It would be finished in a ring and you would wear the ring to hold the lady, and she would lost consciousness. Her senses would be back when you release your fluid. I don’t fancy such work, it’s scary. So I don’t pay attention to putting Spiritual materials online for sale. It even got worse that people who ask for soap for road opener, blockage clearer, I turn down everyone.

There is one whereby you just need to use it to touch her, make it look like an accident and apologies, it is done. She would start missing you. All of her thoughts would be 80% you – if she is married, her husband would be of no interest anymore. She would lust towards you. She would call it love, true feelings but you know what you did…that ain’t love. It’s the spell working. And her senses would be right again when sex happened with you.

So…I got pissed with the type of request I get from people, some would even offer big money asking me of hectic powerful stuffs, indeed, I can get it but how will you use it? What do you want it for? I realized while turning down these people, I’m also letting those who want genuine stuffs suffer as well.

There are some spells which recipes are hard to find for others, I’m supposed to prepare such spells or soap and ship it to the ones asking but when I tell them the recipes and they can’t get it, I just give up. They start seeking and would end up in the wrong hands. It’s happening way too much…so I’m just thinking…just thinking…if I should consider these!

There are even some Seals that people who are not in the field can’t prepare themselves, it’s something I should do and ship to them. But if they say they can’t get the recipes, I’d just go off. Not my fault though, I just don’t want to add to the evil swimming around the globe, so I’m being cautious. But things are getting out of hand while the people are seeking for a way out.

There are money spells that requires herbs which is not accessible to people in other countries, I should have it prepared here and just ship it out. It will do wonders. Blockage clearer etc

This ring here…is protection or precaution. The content in the white paper attached to the ring is the powder that comes with the ring. The ring is finished with the chick of a hen, newly hatched. So whenever you wear the ring, after using the powder the right way, whenever you are about to go out, if you touch a vehicle, or even a train or even if you didn’t touch it but you’re about to enter or you’re approaching your car or even a commercial bus or taxi, you’ll start hearing the cry of this chick if there will be an accident or danger. You’ll hear it continuously, please, you must not go to your destination through such vehicle. If you touch another vehicle and you heard the cry of the chick again, then it means that day outing won’t be fruitful, don’t bother to go out except you’re ready to go out complete and return home with injury. That’s the work of that ring, to let you know when it’s safe to go out and when it is not: if there will be accident or if there is danger on the way.

Many cool stuffs like that, sustenance of man, that I can prepare and sell for people’s safety. Yeah, I’m just having a rethink with the conversation I had with my buddy today. In the above pic, that’s my hand, you could see a tiny ring on my last finger…yeah, I can prepare something like that too and ship to anyone interested.

Well, I did that ring… let’s say 100 people rose to fight you, just find a place with soil, sand…the hand wearing that ring, use it to take a handful of soil or sand and throw it at the 100 who came against you and they will all fall down and sleep. They will only wake up after you left. Many cool stuffs like that to shield and protect oneself.

There is one to help you pass through riot, you would be honored, they won’t see you. You would pass through successfully without any touch or harm. Some are rings, some are seals, some stuffs like that are prepared with soap, some to be finished with incision.




The above seal is mine. It’s a protection against weapons, cutlass, machete, dagger, bottle, anything harmful of that kind. It doesn’t fail. I prepared it one time when I was traveling and would pass through this gun men village, anything can happen, so I was prepared. Now this is where t犀利士 he key is! The seal doesn’t work alone. Nah! You’ve to feed it the blood of a hen every 3 months, else it will drain the blood of whomever is using it. Now if I wasn’t versed in the field, I won’t know the full secret. I wouldn’t know that the spirit behind the seal needs animal blood every 3 months, else it’ll drain the blood of its master. People will only realize that they are short of blood but why? What’s behind it? They can’t know. Who would suspect a ring or seal they bought online to be draining their blood? Well, that’s that.

I can go and on and on to give more examples. There is a ring to kill, yes, you saw that right. Let’s say you’re wearing the ring and you’re to be attacked, frontal attack, and you raise up the hand with the ring against the attacker and say, “Hold it there!” They will freeze there and won’t be able to move. You must leave too immediately because their blood is drained and they are dead on spot. If you are caught there you would be charged with murder case.

There is a kind of soap to get money quickly, you will need to bathe it in a river. That isn’t hard but the preparation is. There is a leaf here called “Iyalode”, that’s the leaf used to prepare this soap. I don’t know it’s English name. And when I used Google, it’s not helping. So instead of me telling people I can’t help, I think I can just prepare the soap here and ship it, what do you think? I think that’s sufficient, it won’t lead people into buying stuffs that leads them into depression, suicide, regrettable investment and false knowledge. Over to you…what do you think?

There are other super active spells that can be shipped, instead of me turning people down, I can just prepare it here and ship it over. There is this love spell of Varuna, it will be made into two seal. That of the lady or man you want to bring back (maybe broken marriage or relationship), would be buried or nailed and the second seal would be with you but because people who are outside Nigeria asked and I know there is no way to get the seal to them (I didn’t think of shipping it then), I wouldn’t answer whenever anyone asked me of love spell.

There is another love spell where two mirrors, name of your lover and some herbs with black and white thread or yarn are all that’s needed. It would be buried near a river, the muddy part. I’ve got lots of beautiful contents but I fear humans a lot. Some men are very toxic and a woman beater, they would also come to use spell to bring the lady back… that’s why I don’t pay attention to that area. I just don’t want injustice.

None of this spells or charms involves you sacrificing your blood or commiting yourself in anyway. It’s pure nature’s work; no consequences except guidance. And when you make mistake with the guidance given, the ring or seal will lose power. Some ring will disappear, the spirit behind it will take it away. No harm or danger will come to you. 

That’s it. I need your feedback. Also, it would be appropriative if you can send me types of spells or charms you feel I can add to my collection. I’m thinking of giving out a Seal of Solomon, to prepare it with eel. When a woman in labour is having difficulty giving birth and they say she need surgery. If you put this seal around her neck, she will deliver successfully, without surgery. I want your insights too. 

Lux. Peace. 

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  1. Michael Umurama

    My master Luxfero l greet you sir, l need for money how much does it cost, tell me the amount and your account number sir. I trust you. (2) l don’t know if you can help me prepare what the YORUBAS called ( ASE ), that’s whatever you ask or say with the ASE must surely come to pass either that same day or any time ( ASE OLUGBOHUN )

  2. Rae Young

    Thank you, for the various spells and charms that could be offered. Wow!!! My family would be interested in different types of money and protection charms or spells. The Second, the Third, the Fourth, and the Fifth Seal from the 6th & 7th Book of Moses, it would be nice if they could be included in your collection.

  3. Nicholas

    Wow!!! I won’t talk much sir, but it will be of benefit lux, good work and thanks always even though you’ve been turning me down but you’ve enlightened me if not………even for now I don’t know if I’m in bondage . Thanks and we would be happy to have your products sir.

  4. Michael Umurama Ovuiro

    Your Works are genuine, but to get you for someone to get these items is not easy, please another platform that we can easily get in touch with you e.g Whatsapp. Thank you sir

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