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Spiritual/Evil Attack 2

I’ve talked about this topic here and how this kinds of work are done and how they take effects.

I remember a certain baneful work that does involved giving dirts to the elders, mysterious mothers, and they will fight for you more than you can imagine.

You will need bones, anyone, be it chicken or cow own. This work will have more deadly effects if the bones are from dustbin or bones dogs have tasted.

Have them gathered in a clay pot, and utter words like: Greetings to the mysterious mothers, it’s so-so person that says he desire to give the elders food, and this is what he wants me to give you.


The elders will send their servant to fetch the food, and the servant will deliver it to them exactly how you brought it.

Now, what you gave them is their bane, and they’ll goto the donor, whomever give them such food, human bane. Hell! Regrets!

My main purpose of bringing this up… I heard some peeps saying if a sorcerer or an evil doer don’t have your photo showing your face, or something that belongs to you or your name, they can’t do you anything. That’s total false.

In this case, if I want to punish someone I barely know or maybe some I met on internet, i will say: Oh sweet mothers, I discussed about you with someone I met on the internet or someone I met on the internet stepped on me and abused me, and I’m so pissed and ashamed of myself. I told him I will report him to the elders and he said while reporting him I should give the elders bones to choke on.

It’s done. I’ve successfully ruined that person life. Without mentioning his or her name or nick or showing pix. None of these are needed at all. Though there are people who doesn’t know the way, they always need names or photo. And there are some of this baneful art that requires name of photo. Even that the nick you use online will work.

There are some baneful work that requires the person’s name and mother’s name. In such case, let’s say you only know the name the person you want to punish but not the mother’s name. The incantation will be uttered like this: … I’ve come to report Abby, who was birthed by vagina!

People use that phrase because everyone comes through that passage. And it always work.

I want people to write off that belief that they can mess with anyone and go free just because that person doesn’t know your name or have your photos. Even if the nick or username you use is GraveRobber, DeathConquerer. If I will attack you with evil, that’s what I will use, like, “…he named himself GraveRobber, and said nothing can touch him, no harm can come near him, so he said I should give you this stinking gutter water…” Ahh that’s hell. Suicide will be better for such one, because such things irritate those Spirits a lot and they will bounce on the one reported dreadfully. Some give slow death, some…they struck the person with a deadly disease. If it’s a rich man, they mostly do that so he can have something to spend his money on, a pit that can never full. While some Spirits gives fatal accident that leads to death. They don’t just go and strike, they will make things appear like it’s natural.

I know of spirits that gives great depression and they won’t stop until their prey commit suicide.

That will be all.

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  1. fapa

    please Who are Elders you mentioned here ? what Kind of spirits ?

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