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The Second Mystery: Seal Of The Choir Of Hosts.

Seal of the Choir of Hosts or Dominations of the Ministering Angels is found in the Book Of Moses.

Excerpt from the book says, “If a man carries this seal with him, it will bring him great fortune and blessing; it is therefore called the truest and highest Seal of Fortune.”

But keep in mind that the seal do more wonders. It’s mysteries are great.

To get the Services of this Seal of Dominations…

* Have the seal or talisman printed on a clean A4 paper or write it.

* Draw or print out the two needful pentacles or talismans provided below. Burn them to ash, pour the ash on the Seal of Dominations.

* Write the conjuration on a small paper, burn it to ash and pour the ash on the seal.

* Now, fold the paper, mind the ashes. Wrap and seal it with thread of color Green. And it’s done. Always arm yourself with the seal.


I, N., a humble and fallible creature of the Most High, desire, call upon and conjure ye powerful seal of Mysteries and all names that upholds thee! I adjure and conjure you in and by the name and instructions of Lux Fero whom ye give total obedience to. Arise greatly and do for me as the seal of Mysteries described. I desire thy service greatly, come to my aid and glorify thyself.

The Needful Talismans…

* If you have trials or some forces troubling you, this seal of hosts of choirs will trouble them a little. Inconvenience them because they would want to hinder it from working, but at the same time the seal would want to force its way out and work.

“I, N,. etc…” You shall put your name in the place of the N. “I, John,…”

That’s all.

I’m open to answer questions.

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  1. sara

    so IS there any problem in burn these wrinkled papers to ash and add it

  2. damon brand

    could I print the conjuration please instead of writing ?

  3. servant of God

    Should it have to be wrapped with a thread..Does it work if it is wrapped with a piece of cloth of the same color requested (green)?

  4. abdallah

    Is ripping some strings off the seal a bad thing? cuz it’s not wrapped very well

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