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Book Of Wisdom: The Key Of Knowledge.

It should be known that human knowledge can not or ever be compared to spiritual path. But this generation has seen it all as one; there are different terms that makes spirituality vulgar but as long as education and english language sets in, people believe it’s all good.

I’ve been approached by lots of people who desire to walk my path, and yea, I’ve turned down many if not all. Because they don’t know what they are doing. They only saw a beautiful ocean, they don’t know what’s in the ocean yet they want to jump in and swim. What if the beauty is a mere deceit or something to make the ocean attractive? What if the ocean is home of sharks? What if the ocean isn’t beautiful at all? People don’t think about this nor weigh it, they just fancy what you do and felt they can do it too.

You want to be an occultist or a Sage like me, who not only possess this knowledge but also a teacher? You want to be very spiritual, in other to help those who can’t help themselves and have a strong protection? Yes, all of it is possible but are you born for it? Even if you are born for it, are you worthy of the path? Even if you are worthy of the path, are you worthy of the entrance? The question goes on.

This occult science is a course on its own that takes years to study and master. It should be compared to Doctors that specializes in surgery. You don’t become a surgeon by merely reading books and hearing the testimonies of others or successful stories of ancient surgeons. You would be determined, all of your attention and focus on your studies, there would be sleepless nights, distance from friends who are not helping,etc You will not only read books but also learn from teachers. Successful years of study and practice will give you experience and shape you into a surgeon. The same with Occultism.

Even if you read all occult books that exists now you will only be filled with theories and spells, you won’t have a path. You’ll be “jack of all trade and master of none”, and what’s worst is that when tough situation rises you would find yourself totally useless with all you have studied. Because in truth you are not a Sage or a Spiritualist or anything you’re just an admirer who read books of occult and spirituality.

If you don’t study it or find a true teacher to put you through, then you are no way close to it. You’re just one who jumps from one book or interesting stories of success to another. It needs teaching, guidance; it should be cultivated. Then you can boldly choose a path (discipline or area of concentration) after understanding yourself and what resonate with you or what you have passion for.

You aspire to be a Healer and all you know about is evoking different Spirits. You’re so far away from becoming a healer.

You want to be a soldier, one who fight blockages and hurdles and you are always reading and studying about Angel Michael and other forces of war – you’re fooling yourself. Even a mere enchantment you won’t be able to break.

You want to be a seer, a diviner, one who prophesy and it comes to pass and you felt studying about Spirits of past, present and future is what you need… you’re far from your passion. Because many of those forces don’t welcome empty vessels. Some people would do a proper invocation and ask for skills and abilities, indeed they would give it to you but do you have a foundation? Whereon will the skills and abilities bestowed upon you sit? It would be inside you but useless.

Some people wants to be a healer or diviner and the teacher they have always teach them about fighting, using spells and talismans of war, been taught rebuking and torturing forces that bring disturbance, parasites and their likes. Tell me! How can you become a healer or seer from these?

Some people who believe they are healers are quick to call on Angel Raphael for people who claimed they need healing, but when it’s them who need healing they will go to hospital. Oh healer! Divine healer! Is Raphael the only being or Angelic being who is a healer? Why is the cycle mostly about Raphael. You can call Angels to heal others but you can’t stand to heal yourself or kids, you’d take them to hospital.

Some so called healers can’t even stop bleeding of a fresh injury, not to talk of commanding baneful attack to tear down and return to the sender.

Lo! Do keep in mind that even if you have a path in your heart and you have chosen an area to focus on, if you are not born for it or worthy of it you shall not be graced. What’s more interesting is meeting people who are born for it, who truly deserves true occult knowledge but they are not fit for the entrance, those who look fit for the entrance already filled themselves with false knowledge, their cup is already full. How can you enter the cave of sweet wine with a filled cup? Surely, you will get nothing. And there are those who doesn’t have a path nor desire for anything but to be able to look after themselves and their home and they are well graced.

That’s just exactly what most people need to but they are yet to understand themselves, so they would be chasing after “magic”.


After I took a deep look at all of these, I get to realized that people don’t understand a lot of things. Authors of books have made them believe that “read and practice” is the height of it. But they are forgetting something most important…there is a core of this science, find it and success is all around you.

  1. Love justice, you that are the judges of the earth. Think of Her in goodness, and seek Her in simplicity of heart.
  2. For She is found by them that tempt themselves not nor lust for temptation: and she showeth Herself to them that have faith in Her. (Many people are just words, they don’t believe in themselves nor in what they know. They are always carried away by the testimonies they hear from others and what they read online and felt, “wow this is the real deal”. What makes you think that is the real deal? So you’re blindingly forsaking the rubies with you, chasing after a diamond in desert sand. Have faith in yourself and your path).
  3. Perverse thought and aim will only separate you and send you far away from Her and Her prophets; Her power reprove the unwise and make even the wise toothless when tried.
  4. For She will not enter into a malicious soul, nor dwell in a body subject to sins or a heart that bow to the glorification of human body.
  5. Her branches of discipline will flee from the deceitful, and will withdraw Herself from thoughts that are without understanding. She will not abide when iniquity comes in.
  6. For the branches of Her is benevolent, and will not acquit the evil speaker or one who plant evil in their heart.
  7. Keep yourself from murmuring that profit nothing and refrain your tongue from detraction, for an obscure speech shall not go for nought; a good act is not ignored as well.
    (A guy messaged me and I was gonna ignore him because he is just someone who has read books and studied from websites that Google provided, and he felt he is knowledgeable. But some forces appeared and said they are the ones around him, they would not stand in my way to help him or bestow him what he truly want from me. That was shocking! I had to ask them WHY?! They replied: He is a nice guy, he always help those in need. He is a good person. Hear him, truly, Lux.
    I was allowed and permitted to hear him because he is a cheerful giver. He doesn’t have the knowledge that there are forces watching his actions nor do they appreciate what he does, he was just doing it. The same way I would be told to forsake him or make his life worst if he is an evil person. Such is the way…eyes all over are seeing us, everything, every step we take.)
  8. Seek not death in the error of your life, neither procure destruction by the works of your hands.
  9. Providence didn’t create death neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.
  10. For he created all things that they might be, and he made the Nations of the world for health. There is no poison of destruction in them, nor kingdom of hell upon earth.

Who is Her? I speak of Wisdom, true Knowledge. Let Her guide you and you will arrive at the right path. Alas many are lost, believing that if millions of people are chasing the same thing then that’s where wisdom is,true knowledge. No!  They all maybe chasing blindly. Occult science isn’t all about practical, there are rules and laws to fathom, it isn’t all about “magic, spells, etc”. No, it is a science on it’s own. Master it first,and you can wield it.

Wisdom, the true knowledge is glorious and it never fade away. You’ll not only be recognized and respected by humans when you found Her, but you will become friends of Spiritual beings. You won’t need invocation to extend your knowledge or get more skills, it will always be around you because you have let knowledge to be your master.

If I have ignored your request, or turned down your wish to be shaped into whatever you have desired from me, I hope you would understand me clearly now. Occult isn’t something simple or cheap, it has lead many people astray. Many have ended up depressed because they walked the path wrongly. Some are lead into suicide by strange forces. I am not “it’s all about the money”, I will say NO and make sure you don’t go astray than to accept the payment and direct you to the cave of hungry lions.

I am available to answer questions.


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  1. Sakura

    How can I know that i am worthy of being your “student” (I know you don’t like that term)? i have already contacted you, and was planning to send you the fee this month but this post makes me doubt if my efforts are worth it. Should i go on the path of inherithing your knowledge ?

    1. Lux Fero

      One thing I want people to understand first is this: I don’t teach magic, I am not a magician. I’m a Sage. And my path or teachings are not for anyone, just because you admired the path doesn’t mean you should come learn it. You can like a musician or his music, it doesn’t mean you should go into music too.

      Kindly, mail me. Do you have a reason or a path to walk in heart and not showing interest just because you like “the thing”.


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