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Book Of Moses: Eighth Table Of The Spirits Of Sun.

This is from Moses’s book, the Eighth Table of the Spirits of the Sun. I already talked about the Ninth Table.
The description under the Eighth Table is that the Beings/Spirits behind the seal help to attain places of honor, wealth and they also give gold and treasure.

I found out that they really does help to attain places of honor and wealth to some extent but the parts of gold and treasure they rarely turn up. Not that they can’t do it but they are not willing to.

They were like:
We don’t care. What do we get in return? Oh you know nothing is free. There is price for everything.

I asked if there is price to helping people attain places of honor too. One of them smile… and a voice said: We offer that to some extent…
I asked what price would they ask of me if I desire their services, like possessing treasure or gold! They were all quiet for some seconds…
Then I heard a whisper of my name Lux Fero oooooo…

Followed by, “You who counts days now…now you desire treasure? Who doesn’t know Lux Fero? Who doesn’t know about your wisdom? Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge…. “

Another point they made: If anyone seek us through you we will not answer. Let them come on their own. (…silence)…
I said, “What should they bring as sacrifice…?”
• “No! Don’t talk about it. This is not your field. You don’t chase gold. Oh Fero, let me go now. Anyone who need us should contact us themselves…”

They made it clear that they can do what the book speaks about them but they don’t labour for ‘nothing’. But they really do help to attain better places, places of honor and more. But for the big parts it’s price and pay. (A thought in mind: No wonder people of the past always use force against them because they don’t pay price, they boast in the dreadful and holy names of God; wand, Pentacles etc.

• Many of these Beings don’t like to do deals with me because in the end I will have nothing to pay and I can’t be touched so they just want to avoid me. Besides they always say they are not for my kind but for those really hungry and thirsty for riches. But I don’t have that urge.

There was a time I used a seal that gives good luck, the being appeared and started walking away. I was like Hey! Why you leaving? He said why do you bother me? I said because I need good luck. He replied: You’ve had enough. They are all around you, just tell them what you want and they will work it out. He left lol.


Preparation Of The Seal.

To be a possessor of this powerful seal, write it with any clean pen on any day. Any time. It should be written on a clean A4 paper. Yes, you can print it out.

Eighth Table


Write the following conjuration on a small paper and burn it to ash, pour the ash on the talisman:

The Conjuration.

I, N., call upon thee Wych, Yka, Auel, Veal, Meho, Ymy, Peha by the Name and Powers you obey! That you do for me as this honourable and powerful seal hath described. To your utmost.

*** There is a mystery here that only the beings behind the seal would understand; because they won’t be able to reject the attraction of the seal after it’s fully prepared. And they will wonder, who did this?! What type of method is this?

Next step
Burn to ash an half of the mystical character, pour it on the seal. Wrap it up and seal it with blue thread.
Repeat the same process but this time around seal it with yellow 🟡 thread.
Which means you’re going to prepare two seals, color blue and color yellow.

half of mystical character

You should bury the two seal in different places, not together. And it is done.

*** Keep in mind that even if these guys are beings that do good, they can do the opposite too. Don’t abuse the operation. Be clean with it.

Questions are welcome.

Not Related.

There is someone here in Nigeria who claimed that he has gotten my secret, the secret of my knowledge. According to him, after reading many of my posts and how I’ve worked in his presence he realized that I only use ‘ideas’, that the talismans and alchemy of it are nothing great but ‘sharp brain’. I said OK.

Beside burying this seals and having it on us, there are some seals we prepare and swallow.  Yes, that’s how it should be used. But some can’t be used that way, it has great danger. Anything can happen to the one who misused this power. So I don’t bother talking about the other usage of these things.

He prepared a seal himself: He mixed some Pentacles in the book of Solomon together, add Mystical character to it and some herbs. He sealed it and swallowed it. He hope to get some magical powers with it (yes, there are some stuff like that. After it’s been swallowed, if you want to enter a commercial bus or even your own car and there would be accident of any kind, if you touch the car it will suddenly become hot. You will know the road isn’t clear, there is danger. At times when you’re sent Baneful attack the Spirits behind the attack will bow before you and go back to strike whomever sent it to you…many great wonders like that).

So he swallowed his own self created seal and it felt good. It was after 3 days that he realized he has become impotent. He can’t perform anymore.

It looked like a joke at first, like “Oh I’m not just in the mood”. Two weeks after and it’s still the same. That’s when he stepped out and went to herbs practitioner and he was told that he took a forbidden fruit and the price to pay for it is his potency. “They said I can never have sex in my life again”, he said.

He thinks just because names of Angels are written all over the Pentacles means only Angels would be attracted by the seal/his alchemy. Thus, he lost hi manhood because he was looking for ways to beat Lux Fero in his game.

Please, I don’t do things out of ideas or notion or guesses. I learnt this Arts and Sciences. I suffered greatly before the name Lux Fero could exist. I was trained, books didn’t made me. So don’t try to become me or start guessing if you mix this and this together it should become this because Lux Fero did something similar. Whatever comes from it you shall bear alone.

*** I think a guy mailed me too, saying he can do some wonders like me. He prepared some talismans and added lots of other Pentacles, many powerful seals of Solomon to it. And went ahead to bury it.


I quickly checked him and saw some beings standing at his left hand side, I asked why are they with him and they replied that this guy trapped them yet didn’t give them work to do.

So they are slowly destroying his left arm. But in the mail the guy said his left arm have become very heavy and powerful ever since he did the operation.
But according to those Spirits they said it’s the thoughts their servants put in his mind. That they are slowly killing him.

They further said he would start seeing good visions very soon. Sharp ones. And he will slowly lose his sight. I saw some other Beings around him too, like warriors. They said he just made them come and didn’t direct their course, and if he doesn’t correct what he did they will hurt him very badly before they leave.

Long story short…he also wants to beat Lux Fero. They think they can just mix any Pentacles together and apply anything and it will work. Of course it work, there will be an effect but what kind of effect is it? Just because you did it and felt a presence, you concluded it worked. Tell me, who came? And what purpose did they came for?  You don’t have the slightest idea. But because there was a presence or some signs, automatically it worked, huh? Nah! That’s not the way.

*** Someone was asking me the other day what is the source of my power, that he couldn’t get much answer when he scanned me. Oh why would you want to know?!

Those are not the only people who have boast about their work from usage of Talismans and Pentacles. But some of them did mixed pentacles that are not powerful enough for what they want.

– There was a guy who showed me what he prepared and I looked and saw a lady with just pant and bra. She want to walk out of the room but too shy because she is almost naked. That means whatever this person prepared isn’t strong enough to work, it will appear like it didn’t work at all.


Well, it’s all parts of life.
Stay safe.


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  1. louisikce

    Well written and a nice read Luxi!

    The modern age magick practice has been about reading books, mixing powers and all those sorts not knowing the true knowledge.
    “Let us see whether it will work.”

    So, it is good you put this out there.

  2. Innocent E.

    Hi Lux, I know you are really gifted with visions. I worked with this sun’s seal in the 7th book and archangel’s seal in the 6th book to solve some financial issues, using yellow, green and purple candles and no spirit appeared… About 2 hours later I found some bundles of money in my bedroom’s floor that same day and without knowing how come, and I have been spending the money… Please I want to know if there is any repercussions in it ??…

    1. LuxFero

      I don’t know. That will need divination.

      I don’t know the art you practised or how you worked it, so I can’t tell from these story if it will have repercussions or not.

      You know what you did… Seek a diviner and get your answer.

    2. jnkob777

      Hello please show me how you prepared that operation.

  3. Innocent E.

    @ jnkob777 the operation method is to hold or wear the talisman and face the altar during conjurations, in form of ceremonial magic.

  4. Elo

    Hi, do you live alone with closed windows and locked doors? How much stacks of money did you receive? What happened to you is strange…

    1. Lux Fero

      Hi! Kindly, note that it wasn’t me. Also the other guy was just seeking attention, he is not true.

  5. Faba

    what mean be clean with that ?

  6. Faba

    “*** Keep in mind that even if these guys are beings that do good, they can do the opposite too. Don’t abuse the operation. Be clean with it.”

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