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Alchemy: Another Usage Of The Second Pentacle of Jupiter.

I’ve always made it known that these pentacles, or many characters can be used differently but only to them who understands and studied the Arts and knows it science.

Today I brought a spell of my motherland. This is how our stuff is done here. It comprises of different materials, it ranges from plants, animals, object etc. However, with my skill and knowledge in tweaking, there is no need to buy any of the materials, the right character is all that’s needed. Follow me…

The Second Pentacle of Jupiter: This is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind

Therefore, let’s put this into practice as we’ve done in the past.

Get a clean A4 paper, with a clean ink or pen, write the following Yoruba spell. Draw or write or print the second pentacle on a clean A4 paper.

The Spell: Ìgbín mẹta, eku asin mẹta, ọgá gbígbẹ mẹta, ewe lapalapa funfun, ewe ahonekun, ewe ajeobale, epo ọbọ; ao gun wọn pọ mọ ọsẹ dudu. Ao fu adaripon kan tẹlẹ igba ọsẹ na, ao wa ko ọsẹ le lori. O di wiwẹ.

So, that’s it. But in this case you shall not purchase any of the recipes there. You don’t need to even concern yourself with what it is, just write it completely on a clean A4 paper. Then burn it to ash, burn the paper of the second pentacle too. Mix the ashes together and mix them with soap, daily bath. Any time bath.

That’s the science! The alchemy. It’s that simple. It should be known that the pentacle is used to power the spell, however it will bring you the effects or works of the pentacle instead. No need of charging or activating or any ceremony. Just make it into a soap, bathe for seven days straight if you wish to test it.

Questions are welcome. But I won’t talk about the mystery of this knowledge.

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  1. Sandris

    Thank you Lux, you are the Man!

  2. Valarie

    When you say “mix with soap”… am I making a soap from scratch with these ashes included?

    1. Lux Fero

      No, you’re not making a soap from scratch. You either mix it with a powder soap or liquid soap.

  3. Niyi Olagbaju

    Thank you sir for always being dynamic in this art.
    Sir if understood correctly are you saying we should just wite the spell and burn it without the presence of any othe listed otems?

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