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Do You Have A Path?

Occult! Spirituality! Great confusion for those who wants to know more than what the world preaches. For the common people, there is nothing else in this world than the rise of the Sun in the morning and the appearance of the Moon at night; with addition that science rule the world.

Anyone can be spiritual, it is what complete us. It balances our ‘being’ as human. But not anyone can dive into occultism. The great confusion is that people don’t know the difference because of the word ‘Magic’ that was involved. It’s all mixed now and less significant.

Anyways I want to talk about ‘Path’ today. A lot of people don’t understand this, they just jump into the ocean of spirituality/occult.

Me for example, I am a Sage (a teacher), I can talk about any topic, any subject except Astronomy/astrology because I didn’t show interest in it. I don’t very much fancy Geomancy too. But I know one or two things about these subject.

There are those that are collectors of seals, spells, Talismans etc for good usage. There are healers… and many more. Which one are you? What do you have passion for?

Do you see people suffering and feel bad, and wish you could help them. Do you see even injured animals and feel pity? You either become a nurse or become a healer through occult. But if you are a nurse and you can add occult knowledge, that is perfection.

Me for example, wherever I see ignorance I always want to correct it. So… You! What do you feel? How do you think? What do you have passion for? What beats in your heart? What’s your purpose of going into occult beside ascension?

Who are you?!


Having a path will greatly benefit you. You won’t jump around. I recently have a conversation with someone who aspire greatly to become a healer:


He wants to be a healer but he thinks he needs to learn from different perspectives, which won’t benefit him at all. A healer showing interest in Kabbalah, nah!

It will indeed look like you’ve learnt something but in actual fact you got nothing. It’s like a healer who is treading the path of a Sage. He will end up not as a healer nor a sage but a lost and confused soul.

About my path as a Sage. I didn’t jump around. I suffered greatly because it is very rear for me to see people who walk the Sage part that I desire. People only read books and claim they are sage, adept. I didn’t want that for myself because many of those books contradict themselves.

One book will say “Call Lucifer only at night” , another will say “You shall call Lucifer only when the Moon is waning”. I didn’t want to swim in this confused knowledge because if I rest and put my hope on it, I’m not a true sage. So I practiced some Arts and Sciences…until I got what I wanted and I was divinely regenerated.

According to the Angel who awakened me, he said I can’t be a true sage with merely my human nature. He said I have to be divinely regenerated, and just as how the other side bath their initiate in the river of fire, I would be bathed and cleansed with divine seed. I said: I am ready.

The Angel made me understand that I don’t need to read much to know much and he said for normal human there is limit to what they can learn. But been divinely regenerated I can learn a lot and I would be able to speak learnedly on all subjects, without preparation and without study.

He even said as a Sage I must be able to give at once and to all the most efficacious consolations and the most wholesome counsels.

I must learn to triumph over adversities and conquer love and hate.

Some of the Angel words for me an Aspirant who wants to become a Sage:

“TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE – such are the four words. Try to make yourself worthy to receive the Light; the blessed gifts of the Most High. Because the hour of your regeneration has come, you will become like a new individual.”

“You want to be a seeker of truth? Do you know how to keep secret things secretly?”

“Aspirant you should be a man that is godly, honest, constant in his words and deeds, having a firm faith, prudent, and covetous of nothing but of wisdom about divine things, and the love of people in your heart.”

“Whatsoever you are taught you must fix in your mind: Son, keep in mind that a human understanding has limitations, restrictions in all things, unless you’re divinely regenerated. Then nothing will be difficult for you to comprehend.”

There are other words he gave me, many that I pen down. Now this is the path of a sage. I searched it out when it was nowhere to be found. The same thing applies to the other paths.

Follow only things that comprehend with your path, not anything that interest you.

You want to become an Engineer but you started reading about Agriculture. You won’t proceed at all; you won’t become an engineer nor an Agricultural scientist.

What is your archetype? Ask yourself. “What is my path?” “Why am i doing this?” “Do I even have a purpose or I’m just doing it because it seems interesting?” “Do i really have a call, a purpose and I ignored it, focused on just reading books and learning and doing nothing with what I learnt?”

Having a path is very much important, it will be your guideline. Except you are just fascinated, an admirer and not an aspirant.

It’s just like the way of the Spirits too: there are healers, warriors, teachers, creators, etc. One Spirits don’t do everything.

I remembered when I called one of the Spirit known as Olympus: I was talking about ‘pact’ but he doesn’t understand me, so he didn’t bother talking, he was just looking at me. Then another one appeared to explain that the guy doesn’t know about pact or anything relating to it; that I called their office in so-so hour, which mean I need a warrior and that’s why he was sent to me. That those in charge of pact are different.

This is the way…have a path, don’t jump at anything that looks interesting. Believing that to learn much and know much is the way is total false because you won’t have something concrete but different pieces of knowledge because you tread the way wrongly.


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