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My Visit To King Belial’s Kingdom

Belial! Well known as evil demon among many people. There was a time I called him and a servant of his appeared to tell me his master is busy and can’t come but he can convey my message, my requests. And the master himself came to visit me in the dream that same day.

I was very curious though as to what these beings look like in their reality, their world and everything around them. I discussed with an Angel and he said he will assist me. I told him I will like to visit Belial kingdom via astral travel.

As usual, I armed myself with powerful seals that will terrify these beings because I don’t know what I will be facing, and fear of what religion preaches was in my head then that “Demons live in hell”. I said to myself: I can’t visit hell with just a sword, I need something powerful with energy.

But the angel said none of it is needed; he even assured me the journey will be pleasant, that he has forseen it.

I was about relaxing myself to project but he snapped me out of my body himself…I wanted to catch fun as usual, fly around, till we get there, but the angel was with a chariot. It didn’t take us a minute to reach this beautiful world.

I saw people living well just like we live normally in human world. I saw some men bow when we pass beside them, they have white beards, they look like scholars. I saw some guys who look like street thugs, they were laughing and mocking. Some are playing around, turning into black substance and returning back to human form.

I saw that we’re approaching a very tall tower. The angel spoke to one of the passerby in a language I don’t know nor understood, but the listener replied with the same language. The chariot levitated… I saw people in the street waving at me. I couldn’t believe anything, cuz I was thinking we’re entering hell.

The angel said he won’t go further, I walked in all by myself. And behold, I didn’t see any hideous or half human half animal creature but a being in full human form sitting alone on a big designed chair, and those I will call his ministers sitting by his right and left, vertically. I asked, ‘Hi! Please, who is Belial here?’ One of the minister points at him, and he waved his right hand, I saw a sit appeared close to him, he said I should come sit beside him.

Now at this point, I had a lil fear but I swallowed it. I was like, sit beside a Demon? King of hell? My mind was full of religious dogma then, I barely work with or call Demon, it’s all Angels. But I approached him and sat. He asked what I want, I was just staring at him….

“You’re really Belial?” He replied YES.

“But they said you live in hell, you’re a beast, you look awful, etc”. He didn’t say anything but a little smile, then: I’ve heard a lot too.

I told him I’ve no specific reason for coming but to see the hell he lives in. Some of his ministers smile. I myself was just wondering, and instantly showing more interest in exploring about Demons that hour.

He said he may be a Demon but he’s not a monster. Yeah, I shouldn’t forget this, He can take the form of an Angel, a splendid angel at that; all white vestement, fair skin, fine hair, his vestment is transparent but his body isn’t visible. “I’m Belial”, he said. I replied, “King Belial”. He smiles.

He said what people say about him isn’t him, that he rarely answer to invocation/evocation, it’s his servants that answers. He was like: How can I be summoned and what they are asking of me is “How can I be with my ex GF again, I miss her?”, my boys do give me feedbacks.

He said it’s one of his servants that stay behind when many of the Demons were freed from the pot which Solomon used to captured and sealed them, that he doesn’t have such time. But the boys had to use his name because it’s their Master they are representing.

I asked a lot of questions, I spent upto an hour with him. He wasn’t an Angel ranked with numbers, like, 1st rank, 2nd rank, he’s higher than those. He spoke a little about the rebellion: the brilliance, the light was taken from them during their fall, in the mid air. Though some of them that are high ranks still bears the light, even some of those ranked with numbers still has light and can take Angelic form, but they are not fully light anymore.

I was explaining the trash religion taught us that the fall was because Lucifer refused to bow to God’s creation, Adam. And some of his ministers laughed at me. They said it’s all false, that the world has been existing way long before the rebellion; that the rebellion took place something around 50 years ago, that it’s not been long. I was like 50 years ago to you huh but in our world it’s like millions of years, right? Or is our time the same?, they said NO.

If I should go on, I will keep writing. Belial is not evil, yeah, everyone has their nature, but he isn’t what people preach, even some occultists, not only the religious people. His servants are mostly in action, not him, and for this cause, whatever they do is counted on Belial.

There are some stories he shared with me that if I should write out the world will say I’m either insane or just writing things from my mind, because it’s hard to believe. It will shatter many people beliefs too.

Occultism is sweet. I thanked him and fly out through an opened space I saw in the building he sat, and saw the angel waiting for me with chariot.

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  1. Aeon999

    Can you tell me those unbelievable stories? I’m pretty sure I would be able to believe em after all I’ve gone through.

    1. LuxFero

      Oh what are unbelievable stories?

      1. Aeon999

        There are some stories he shared with me that if I should write out the world will say I’m either insane or just writing things from my mind, because it’s hard to believe. It will shatter many people beliefs too.

        1. LuxFero

          Ohh I understand. You only rub mind with someone who is in the field as you… Someone who understands the path too.

    2. Ravenjoy

      Where can I read more on this subject?

  2. Aeon999

    I was just quoting you because you seemed confused. I want to know the stories that if you write you’ll be deemed insane.

    1. LuxFero

      Oh, I see. I understand now…

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