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Ouija Board: Zozo

Ouija Board.

“The Ouija, also known as a Spirit Board or Talking Board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words “Nes”, “No”, “Hello” (occasionally), and “Goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics.”


“It uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic called a Planchette.

Participants place their fingers on the Planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words.”

“The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations warned against using Ouija Boards, holding that they can lead to demonic possession. Occultist, on the other hand, are divided on the issue, with some saying that it can be a positive transformation; others reiterate the warnings of many Christians and caution “inexperienced users” against it.”

I’ve seen lots of videos online where people get possessed by the name Zozo.

I watched a video recently, two girls and a guy alone in a room to practice using the Ouija Board. The first question they asked was: Is there anyone here with us? And the response they get was YES. When asked of name, it’s Zozo. One of the three practitioners was possessed, she was shaking uncontrollably with strange laughter.

There was this video too, the name gotten was Zozo, and he told one of the two guys using the Ouija Board that he want something from him. They asked WHAT? And their death is what Zozo requested for.

I couldn’t get my head straight with this, like, Zozo everywhere? Here and there? I decided to call this Spirit.

To my surprise he said he had no idea things like that are going on in the human world; he told me it’s not him, but his servants: maybe my servants. Seconds after, he said it’s not always his servants too, that other Spirits use his name.

But him, Zozo, never does things like that. He’s a king that enjoy been in his Kingdom, sitting on his throne.

None of his ministers know about this Ouija Board thing nor about the fear their master name has given to people. I think lowest of their servants are behind this Actions, because the Servants that came with Zozo said they don’t do such, they don’t have the time.

And I believe some other Spirit just use Zozo name to cover up whatever evil they will do or want to do because the name Zozo is well known for that.

If I will advise on how to use the Ouija Board, I wouldn’t recommend using words like: Is there anyone here with us?

For example, you want to talk to the deceased, a late father, mother, friend, you should first think of them, the good memories shared together (it will attract them to you). Or start calling their name in your mind and then goto the Board and ask: Is my late father here or Father are you here? And you can have a smooth conversation.

Let’s say you’ve interest in working with Angel, Phanuel for example. After reciting his name continually like a mantra for like a minute or less, then goto the Ouija Board: Phanuel, are you here with me? Some of those Angels may not want to answer but if you start with: I apologize using this medium to get to you but I have no other way, so please, I beg you, Phanuel, answer me through this board. Phanuel, are you here with me now?

You can put in better words, that’s just an example. This board can also be used for Divination, i would recommend it over pendulum and card. You can just call on someone like Vassago or Seere, or Arihami, and communicate with through the board. The answer will be very accurate, and there will be no chance to have doubts at all.

But blindly asking if anyone is there with you has danger attached to it. Good Spirits rarely turn up or answer, it’s those trouble makers that alway answer.

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  1. Nicholas

    Oh wow ok I see,, please who can use this board? Only those who have been trained or anyone can follow the example and use it?

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