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Path Working: Light and Dark Side.

Balanced world

There is huge controversy in our world today as to which path is the best, and many are in dilemma. But the actual truth is people don’t even know anything about what they are talking about. They are only reaching for the wind.
Many people want to go through Dark Side because they want to free themselves from Religious world, beliefs and dogma. Some of us don’t even have a cause, but because many people are pursuing that path we want to join; there is no cause, no reason, no aim. Some people follow the teachings of Satanism and want to rebuke their Christian faith and curse the God of Abraham, because Satanism teach the opposite of what Christian preach. For example: Christians will foolishly tell you if you commit a sin, you will die and goto hell. Satanist will tell you that if you commit a sin father Satan will forgive you because he’s a loving and caring God, not the desert God who condemns his children, refute them and watch them burn to ash.
Now let’s be realistic, which of this God is a loving and caring God indeed according to the words of their followers? We would say Father Satan, right? Because the Christian will say their God will kill and condemn you in hell. Which mean they don’t serve their God with love in heart but fear of punishment, fear of Hell, fear of Gehinna? It’s complicated. One of the reasons why many people hate the path of light because they think Christianity is the path of light. No! Never!

Christians knows nothing about Light or Spirituality, they only know names of Angels they read in Bible.

Christianity knows nothing about light, they may claim they are of light, they have holy Spirit, they have anointing and everything, let me tell you, it’s all words. Mere words. They have nothing! They are noise makers. Those among them who seems to carry small anointing have practised something occultic in secret and came to the world to openly say, “I fasted, I prayed to God and I was granted power”. Nah! The true mystery will always be hidden. But fools who doesn’t know how a Christian like that got their power or whatever they have, would go into seclusion, and start fasting and praying. They are plenty of them here in Nigeria. Some will goto mountains, calling on the God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of Isaac, beseeching Him to give them the power of Moses, power of Elijah.

Only true occultist walk in the light, not religious people.

You occultist don’t even know that you’ve higher hand than them, do you? Because you can get hold of Moses’s book and practice one or two things, and you’ll get what you asked. But everything a Christian will do is to shout on top of their voice and still be in the same spot. But we who choose to go spiritual, occultic do not know our value, instead we turn back at what we should face because we lack the requisite knowledge.

I’m trying to say The Path of Light or White Magic as they call it has nothing to do with Christianity. They are two different things. Christians will never accept occult because of the many wrong translations in the English Bible.
Just because they call on Angel Michael, Raphael doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. But you, who choose to chase occult knowledge, knows exactly what you’re doing. You know a way to attract this angels, you can even invoke them, but it may appear as though you’re calling the same being but the manner of approach is different, you’re not the same or doing the same thing. Many has fallen because of this, looking for path that has nothing to do with Angels because they believe they are still under Christian bondage.

Many of us believe that when we chase the Dark Side we should only work around Demons. The Dark Side or Black Magic as they call it appears to me in two forms: there is True Dark side and there is Dirty Dark side. Which one do you do?

Being of Light and Darkness

If you’re into the True Dark Side you’re perfectly and totally safe. You’ll hate no one, you’ll despise no one. Because you’ll be true in heart with yourself and what you do. You’ll have a sound sleep, you will have nothing to fear. You will relate well with Angels as well as Demons and other beings of the universe. But if you’re on Dirty Dark Side, expect anything to befall you any seconds. I won’t go deep into this.

I need to clarify this: Demons aren’t the true wholly Dark Beings. There are really darker beings than Demons. But when they only work with Demons, they start claiming they are doing black magic, as if some Demons don’t possess light.
Some of those who choose to walk the path of Light too would claim they must only work with Angels to fully show that they do White Magic. I say your work is not balanced yet! Because the world itself is created upon light and darkness, so why create a boundary for yourself, the boundary that should never be there at all!
So as White Magic practitioner it is OK to call on Michael but it’s wrong to call on Belial? And as a Black Magic practitioner it is OK to call Lucifer but wrong to work with Gabriel? This is where the hatred is among the two practitioners.

The only thing I would say is when you meet a Dirty Dark Side practitioner, avoid them 100%. Do not hate or despise them, don’t abuse their work or what they do or their belief, but avoid them lest you fall into the same traps they were caught in.
Just because a friend choose to work around Demons doesn’t mean he’s your enemy, and because you work with Angels doesn’t mean you’re a saint, it doesn’t mean you’re pure. You both work with beings of different energy. This beings are not even enemy of themselves, why you, o man!

There are those who uses only talismans, who are not invokers, conjurers. Who embrace everything they lay hand on regardless the type of Spirit behind the talisman. There are those who only work with Elemental Beings.

Elemental Beings

My point of raising this topic is to clarify that working with only Demon doesn’t mean you do Black Magic. And working with Angels your whole life doesn’t mean you’re pure. And just because you practice dirty arts and are filled with dark aura, dark flame doesn’t make you almighty, and to start claiming king of hell. And you who choose to be with Angels, if you’re filled with light doesn’t mean you should be clothed with pride. The light can be shut down by beings of Darkness (Demons aren’t the only being of Darkness) or True Dark Side practitioners, while the dark flame, dark aura bestowed to the dark sides can’t be shut off easily by you. Darkness gain ground than light, the world is built upon it. Light was created from Darkness.

You can work with any being, any kind of entity but the manner by which you approach them is what matters.

But the most important of all, pursue the right knowledge before jumping into any path. Let nothing blindly lead you into what you don’t know.


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  1. Yong

    Your last paragraph… What’s the right knowledge to pursue, is it same for everyone, can it be different for everyone. If different, is there a general concept to describe it. Example(s) would be much appreciated.

    1. LuxFero

      Well, everyone is not born for spirituality. Yea, we all can have ideas, know one or two things, but the center of it isn’t for everyone. That’s why what I termed as ‘the right knowledge’ can’t be found in books because it’s hidden with sages.
      But everyone wants to boast of this path, they want to claim they know something.

      They want to be seen as Demi god. Use the occult knowledge for selfish interest.

      Did I answer your question?

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