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Conjuration Of Moses Law: Talisman.

I was going through one of my old books today and I came across a conjuration of Moses (also known as word of power) that I’ve used. I desire so much to share it with the world but my Teacher said the Spirit behind the Conjuration won’t answer. That there are many people out there who have make attempt to make use of the conjurations in the book but it yield no result.

He said a lot of people believe the words are not real or incomplete. But it is real and very complete, it is the power behind the words that didn’t turn up. Because they don’t answer to anyone except those who knows how to work with them. He further said even some people do not know how to work with them but they possess the energy (power) to make them come.

I pressed him to put me through what to do so as to make it available for everyone. He told me to grab my pen and book…

This is an excerpt from the book.

From the Book of Moses

In the end I’m able to fashion out a Talisman. He said even with this, if a request is sent (like using it as a spell or pentacle), they still won’t answer if the Names they obey isn’t attached to the Talisman. Because they are Terrible and Holy Angels. If you make a wrong move when you call them they will instantly give you judgment, unlike other Angels who will just leave out of disappointment; this one’s won’t do so, they pass judgement instantly.

This is the complete Talisman:



Now this is where the ‘but’ is. I don’t know exactly what to write about these said Angels because when I called them then using the conjuration only and asked what their office do… They brought out a long scroll. I didn’t even know where to start reading. Which means that they can do a lot.

They are not archangels. They are way higher than those ones. Their presence gives me chill. They wear white garment, their hair is white. Same as their beard.

I called them the second time to help me win a football match. The third time I called them they came to help me chase away some trouble makers (also known as parasites).

They don’t linger around at all. They do whatever they want to do and leave. Which mean there are some request they won’t attend to, not that they can’t do it but they won’t do it because they will need to hang around for long. One of such request is love related matters. If it will take time for the love to grow between both parties, they won’t stay. They are not the regular Angels.

* The talisman can be use to do a lot. According to the book it needs three days fasting but with the Talisman there is no need of fasting.

Just write your request in the circle. Burn the paper to ash and blow it in the air.

Just like that of the Theurgia Goetia Talisman.

* If you want to use this Talisman for protection, a good Bible verse that describes well the type of Protection you desire would best fit. But if you can write well and in details exactly the type of Protection you need, it is good too. Avoid using unnecessary words or terms.

The same thing applies if you need this talisman for other services.

If you need it for protection, after burning it to ash you shall bury the ash, don’t blow it in the air.

If it’s a Protection that’s like ‘abgelepota’ (literally mean Strike enemy from home), after burying it, put a nail or small knife on that spot. Make sure the nail or knife enter the the ground well.

That is all I can say about it for now. When I start using the Talisman myself and see how things turn out, I shall update this post.

Please, drop your testimonies here if you request for their service and they helped you. And when they didn’t. That way we would know what they would do and what they won’t.

* The Talisman can also be used to punish an offender. And also to free someone who is in bondage.

It can do a lot, it can tweaked… because the Angels behind it are potent and capable.

* Also, if you have someone who is religious and didn’t believe in spirituality beside their church anointing and holy spirit buy you wish to render them help. You shall write their full name at the top, and the request below. The Angels won’t come to you but to the names written there.


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  1. dmaswahu

    What is the translation of the words around the talisman?

    The sword of Moses describes a “swift messenger” sent to help mortals. I have a suspicion you are dealing with this category of angel or spirit.

  2. oracle

    where do one write the hebrew letters? I mean the exempt from the book?

  3. abdoatman

    remove all curses and evil eye ?…..Is purity of the body required while writing؟

    1. LuxFero

      Of course, purity of the body would make sense, else your work would be stained. Not great purity, but some sort of respect for the Art.

  4. MagicalName

    Lux could i put a piece of metal together with the paper, like the paper wrapped around it or together with the paper inside a orangish yellow silk(is the only color i have at the moment) and if i can use the metal, could it be bronze ot tin?

    1. Lux Fero

      Yes, you can add materials worthy or corresponding to the request in the circle.

      1. MagicalName

        So if i want something more spiritual instead of using silver(as it is very expensive) could i use alluminum?
        Lux i seached a lot for what bronze and alluminum can actually bring and found nothing, from your expetise what can bronze and alluminum bring/help with?
        Thanks for your help lux

      2. MagicalName

        Lux i am here today, still alive lol
        If i want this talisman to help with psychic senses(i prefer this term than astral senses, makes more sense to me) would i just ask them to increase my psychic sensitivity, make my psychic senses stronger, would they do it?

        and one more thing about me grandma that they didnt stop sending dark magick to her, so i prepared the soap of the freddom from hex, bondage etc, talisman and gave to her to take a bath, but that day she forgot to take the bath, and she said that she could not sleep of how much she was attacked by the spirits, them she took the bath and she was another person, was so happy and full of life, you really helped us out friend

  5. MagicalName

    And just one more thing, can i use crystals with it, and other talismans, as lond as it correspond with the requests?

  6. Cristian

    A question therefore to realize this talisman we must necessarily fast, or it is not mandatory to do so, to give an example I could realize it even at this moment.

    1. Lux Fero

      Oh as I always say, there are many ways to get the services of this things. The procedure given by me here doesn’t need fasting or anything. It is not needed at all.

  7. Fasting for three days before pronouncing the names, is it dry fasting or one can break after 6 o. Clock which is more efficient enlightened me sir.

    1. Lux Fero

      The operation here is more than a mere fast.

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