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Book Of Moses: The Third Seal, Thrones.

The description under this Talisman from Moses’s book says:

“The ministering angels of this seal, from the choir of Thrones, are the following: Tehom,30 Haseha, Amarzyom, Schawayt, Chuscha, Zawar, Yahel, Lahehor, Adoya-hel, Schimuel, Achusaton, Schaddyl, Chamyel, Parymel, Chayo,”

The special secret of this Throne is also ex Thoro 111. Bibliis arcanorum script. Carrying this seal with you will cause you to be very agreeable and much beloved, and will also defeat all your enemies. “

The method Moses used to avail himself of the service of this powerful seals is sublime, not everyone can handle it the way he does. That’s why we tweak this stuffs, make them into a wrapped seal with recipes that will empower it.

Today I will explain how to get the services of this Talisman without Moses’s method and without making it into a seal.

Preparation Of The Third Seal.

This seal can be prepared any time, any day. You need a clean A4 paper, soap solution or liquid soap or solid soap and pen to draw.
The seal is to be written or printed on a clean A4 paper. Plus the right side of Solomon seal. Burn both paper to ash and mix them with the soap, add little water if you’re using a powder soap.

It’s a work well done. Bath the soap daily, once in a while or anytime you feel like you need their service just as the book described.

No danger, nothing to be scared of. It’s perfectly safe. This is not invoking them or disturbing them. It’s just like having your normal daily bath but with no ordinary soap.

The Third Seal, Thrones
Right side of Solomon seal

* The Being behind this operation are prompt and very potent. I realized that if you’ve been involved in a pact with some other Spirits and you use a soap like this, the spirit that has your pact may not welcome the service of the spirit behind this operation, and in that case you would feel like it didn’t work for you. Not all these Spirits are friends of themselves.


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    I really apreciate your quest, but the best way, I realy want to see you, I pray you dont find it offensive. 07030398487

    1. LuxFero

      No, not at all. You could mail me. Or send me message on WhatsApp: +2349053058397

  2. Inno

    Hi Lux, I use to do love spells with a glass of water, but this particular day I introduced this 3rd seal of thrones on the altar. But I have to quickly end the ritual, because before I could finish conjuring the 3rd time, water started dripping out from every part of the 4 walls, including the floor and ceiling, this scared the hell out of me, I thought I will drawn inside my room that was why I quickly end the session… Can you please explain to me what went wrong with the spell ?

  3. abdoatman

    Does that method conflict with potent moeny spell Ogundabede.

  4. Innocent E.

    Hi Lux,I “chaos magic” and some times I do include “hoodoo” I have used this seal of thrones in conjuction with 6th seal of jupiter & 9th seal of venus to solve court cases and marital / love issues for friends and relatives… And everything it do work perfectly, one thing I notice with this seal is that water from nowhere do always wet the room’s wall and floor… Does it mean the spirit ”Tehor” is a marine entity ??

    1. LuxFero

      I don’t know what “chaos magic” is. And you know this can’t be discussed here. You should have mailed me or message me on WhatsApp. Instant Messaging.

  5. abdallah

    Is it permissible to add caustic soda to soap during its formation, which increases its hardness after mixing it with ashes?

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