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Book Of Fifty Names: Marduk.

This book is from The Necronomicon Spell Book given by Simon; “Simon had been a monk, a priest, later an abbot and finally a consecrated bishop of this Eastern Church, becoming ordained even before he graduated high school.” Says the book.

I’ve been curious about been described in this book, so I decided to start with the first name given in the book.

An excerpt from the book…

The First Name from the BOOK is MARDUK. The 犀利士
Lord of Lords, Master of Magicians. His name should not be called except when no other will do, and it is the most terrible responsibility to do so. The word of his calling is DUGGA.

This, the first name of MARDUK, should only be used when life is threatened. It is not wise to use it on any other occasion, of flippantly in way. To do so would be to render the other seals and names worthless, for MARDUK would abandon you to your fate.

I summoned Marduk, he came sooner than I anticipated. He appeared and sat on a chair. Before I blink, he already has a drink in front of him. He’s chilling. I saluted him as ‘Lord Marduk’, “Thanks for he honour“, he replied. He appeared somewhat like this:

With a color red flame or aura around him, he hid his appearance. I asked that he show himself to me, he said he doesn’t like to. But revealed himself from head to belly, then down. But the red aura is there covering him.

I asked what he’s drinking he said I shouldn’t mind. I said I wanna throw this on air, so I should at least tell the world what you drink, a champagne, whiskey, ciroç, henessy. “I don’t care about brand“, he said. He also said, “Is this an interview?

I asked why he’s called “master of magicians”. Him: Looong time ago, someone called me that.

I asked of the character attributed to him, and he said it’s the character of his office. That people use it. And he do send his servants to them. I said it is your character, right? “yes“, he said.

I said the ok says you’re not to be called except if something terrible happens or sort of… He replied fast: And nothing terrible is happening here, that’s why I sat and drinking.

I was looking at him and smiling. He’s calm, very. Fun too.

What’s the word DUGGA, I asked. Him: Oh it’s symbolises something, but I’m not so attached to it. I said it’s written in the book as your word of calling. He smile.

I said I read about something, that he fought with Cthulu (Kutulu), Tiamat, etc. He smile again, then say: “Not really”. (But I was curious, I said Ok, you fought but it’s not much?) “No”. (What happened between you two then? Or is it Tiamat you fought?) …he smile again, “Everyone has enemy”, he replied.

I asked if he knows Enky/Enki. He said YES. Tell me about Enki, he said NO. That I should search on the net that I will find info about him. I said nothing online is reliable…Enki is the creator of the Universe, etc all those nonsense? He was only smiling and said he can’t tell me anything but if I want to know Enki, I should call him. He was even making fun like, “Ok, about Enki…E N K – enk… that’s it, and the y…” He smile. He spelt it as Enky not Enki.

I asked if he has warriors…he asked me that by his appearance what can I say? That I shouldn’t ask the question I already know its answer.

I spent time with him, he kept on answering my questions. There are some of it I can’t throw to the public. I was like, wow the book of fifty names are real.

I gave him a mission…

Before I could talk, he said no mission. I said oh it’s not a mission, it’s a task, a request. “No quest”, he replied.

The mission I gave him is to help me uproot the tree that’s disturbing me. He said he can do it but he won’t. He wants me to do it myself. He said he would only cut the three in half, and I can uproot it. And said he would send his boys out when he leaves to go cut the tree and tear it open.

Marduk is someone you can trust. A warrior, a fighter indeed. And yes, he’s real. Which gives me the assurance that the other names described there would be real. As many have asked me if the names are real.

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