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Who Are The Countenances Of God?


Prior to my previous post about my second experience with the Book of Moses. I asked my guardian Angel some questions.

Me: I performed an operation yesterday; it’s written in the book that the Spirit that will appear is God Himself. How is it so, why is it recorded like that? Why is he called ‘God Himself’.

My Guardian Angel: He’s a Countenance. One of the Countenances of God.

Me: Who are the Countenance of God?
Him: The Angels who surrounds His Throne. Who see Him, the Most High. Who takes order from Him directly.
Me: Whaaaat? Seriouly!!! (I instantly remembered the Pentacle of the Sun – the seal of El Shaddaï). He also said he doesn’t have rank.
Him: (he nods).

I actually don’t know what else to ask or say. I was there musing about what I just heard, plus the experience of the previous night.
I now know why the book called the Angel ‘God Himself’.

Second Experience/Experiment With The Angel ‘God Himself’ (a countenance of God).


There is a brother I know who says he want great protection, perfect protection. So after thinking back and forth, I gave him the words to call that great Angel.

I borrowed him the character I used that night. He did exactly as I did.

He said the Angel appeared in his mind’s eye, and he, the operator, was in a trance throughout the operation. He was conscious, but was also in another location with the Angel. The angel appeared riding on a horse, in mid air. He said he couldn’t see his face, no matter how he tried.
He made his request known to this great Angel. And what he saw next was an opened door, six mighty men with strange, sublime firearms came out, and stood beside him. So he thanked the Angel, and he left.

He could see those six men with fire arms beside him when he checked with his mind’s eye.

He narrated his experience to me, and said, ‘He gave me six of his servants’. My guardian said: “They are not his servants, he has just created them for the purpose you mentioned of.”

Me: Interesting!

And that’s it. My guardian, been a teacher of Wisdom, he gave me names of some Countenances of God. He told me the name of the Angel that appeared to Moses by the burning bush. He did mentioned that Metatron is one of the Countenances; and made it clear that just because they are His countenance and beings that surrounds Him, God, doesn’t mean they are all always around Him. Some of them have their Kingdom, while some are always with Him, never leaving His side.

They are terribly, powerful, great Angels, the Countenances, though their works vary.

I want to learn more about Angels (those with ranks and those without ranks), and meet more Countenance of God.

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  1. Vanissang

    Can you name the face (angel) who has his own kingdom ?? If you can’t share, why not ??

    1. LuxFero

      I don’t quite get the question here. Can I give the name of the Angel who has his own Kingdom?

      Do you mean, among the Countenances, those who has their Kingdom?

      1. Vanissang

        “Some of them have their Kingdom, while some are always with Him, never leaving His side.”

        I’m talking about the beings you were talking about in this part (above)!

  2. abdallah

    Is it polite to request all requests at once, or should I spell his name before each request?
    Example: Aup… I ask that, Aup… I ask that..

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