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This is not a great deal or something but it’s bigger than what you can ever imagine! I didn’t want to include this but I keep getting requests. And my reason for not offering this service is because what I do, the occult I know is different from what’s popularly known. It’s different from what’s on the internet; talk of terms, practice, the arts and sciences themselves are totally different but a lot of people are filled with the modern occult and their terms so there will always be controversy, confusion.

Some people have read lots of books and gained lots of knowledge lest do they know that they can’t get anything from reading different books. They will think they are actually learning but in reality they are not learning, for what they are learning is just something spiritual, not occultic. Thus a lot of people lose their life over practising “Black Magic”.

Build a strong foundation for yourself, be the sole controller of your own life. Command the Spirits with honor, let them see you and bow to your will. Don’t be a slave to yourself nor a slave to any Spirit! That is true Science. True Magic. Be a competent occultist, not a mere practitioner! Inside you lives a MAGICIAN, but don’t fight for that title.

You can learn about TRUE occultism, be you a religious person or not.

2 reviews for E-Occult Course

  1. MagicalName

    Lux Fero has been teaching his path to me, and I am astonished, everything that I have read in books were nothing compared to his teachings, they all gave amazing results. My life started becoming better, the weight that was on my shoulders and heart vanished, I leaned how to communicate with spirits, I started trusting in my abilities more and more.
    If you really want to practice the occult Lux Fero is the man, he will find out why you are not succeeding and will guide you in each step.

  2. Nithin

    There are so many books and other information available online these days, but they don’t even touch the tip of the ice berg, this is the best and safest course out there.

    LUX FERO is best coach you can ever get, I myself had a chance to learn under him and I recommend this course to anyone who wants to know and understand the real occult.

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