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Love Matters: To Revive A Dying Marriage or Relationship.

The love has been there but it’s suddenly fading, or it’s a marriage that has fallen apart…

Draw the following talisman on a clean A4 paper. Write your name beside MITRA and your lover’s or wife’s name beside VARUNA.

Next step is to write the SATOR symbol on a separate paper, make it small size. Then burn the paper to ash, pour the ash on the love talisman.

Behind the paper of the love talisman, write this incantation:

“Name of Lover! Name of lover! Name of lover!”.
I use arrow of love which is most powerful to stab your heart; love, love, love, worthy love that won’t give you rest until you love me deeply is used to summon you. You must love me. And as the arrow of love fly, your heart is the target it will hit and it will lighten up your heart with love, kindle a burning fire of love in your heart because my power of love is the head of the arrow, and the body of the arrow is my covenant to make you my love.
I call on you most powerful one, Mitra and you who have the power to command, Varuna! Join forces and put my love in the heart of (name of lover).

Fold the paper gently, and wrap it with thread of color blue.

Then kiss the seal. And use it to rub your whole body, especially your face. Start with your face. Keep the seal safe

Do keep in mind that this seal can do varieties of things when it comes to love related matters. It is not only for bringing husband and wife together, but even forcefully attracting a male or female to you.

Or generally to attract the opposite gender to you.

This love seal can be used by male and female.

The Love Arrow Talisman and the SATOR symbol are below:

Questions are welcome.

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  1. Frank Bills

    So Mr Fero if I want the spell to attract the opposite sex, how do I input the name for the lover side?.

  2. Wales

    enle nbi yii o…..
    Ejowo ti a ba ri eni ti o lo talisman yii ti ko si fe ise re mo, ejowo, kini ko se?

    1. Lux Fero

      A o mu talisman na dani, ao fẹ atẹgun si, a o ba sọrọ wipe o ti ṣiṣẹ ti a fẹ, o siti tẹwa lọrun, wipe ki o dawọ iṣẹ re duro. A o wa fi ba ẹnu (kiss it).


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