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Enochian Magic: King Baligon.

I’ve heard many things, comments relating to Enochian Magic; how people attach fear to this Art. They dread it a lot. And I’m been curious. Because I’ve deal with Spirits described there before.

I was able to get a book of Enochian online, and I picked one of the Angel’s the book described.

His name is Baligon. I was outside in an open place, it was an Astral Invocation. But then he appeared and tampered with physical plane too. There was a strong wind, that people were thinking where it came from. I could see him in the midst of the wind, calm and cool.

I was like wow the book says King’s power is “Power’s of Air”, and it’s confirmed.

I greet him well, and said I have many questions to ask him; he replied: “I would rather goto ‘sleep’ than answer your questions, because they are always too much.” Lol

I said Oh no, please! I’m curious, you’re an Angel, right?

Him: Alike.

Me: No. Two different things. You’re an Angel or you’re alike?

Him: Yes, Angel.

Me: It’s written in the book that the powers of the King is Powers of Air, but not the powers of the Prince, Bagenol. Tell me, kindly, what’s the powers of the Prince.

Him: What will you do with it?

Me: I need to know, it’s missing in the book, I will have it updated on my blog.

Him: I am Bagenol, the Prince. I was sent when you called. Our powers are the same.

Wow I was excited to hear that!

Me: Why do people fear you so much, why did they dread you alot? I’ve heard them freely talk about other beings, other Angels, but whenever it comes to Enochian they attach fear.

He smiled, and formed a fist. Reached for his sword and unsheathed it.

I was like oooohh I see…

I further ask how people can benefit from his office, but he said he doesn’t help just anyone. He even used ‘We’. I said yeah, I’m not imposing it on you. I want to make a spell out of your name or character, which will pick your disciples or servants to do the work or carry out the requests.

Him: What name will you use to make them answer and obey people?

Me: Name of God. Or my name?

Him: No! Don’t use your name.

Me: Tell me, what name of God do you owe obedience to?

Him: All names.

Me: (a little pissed) Come on! Do I look like those outside there to you? I’m asking of the actual name of God you owe obedience to. The name of God you will hear that you will bow your head instantly because it’s the name that Created you.

Him: You know all this things…

Me: Oh I’ve forgotten many things…

Him: Then do your research!

Me: Well…lol (he smile too). What does your office do?

Him: Clear some blockages. Block attacks.

Me: Some? Not all? Beside that, what else do you do?

Him: I will only tell you one.

He refused to talk, I did begged him lol he said Nooo, I won’t tell you. I said Ok. Look at me, I’ve no blockage so ever in front of me, but yesterday while doing my usual check-up (divination as I usually check myself), I saw some beings who are like lizards who are disturbing me, trying hard to stop money from coming to money. Now, can you stop and keep away beings like that? He replied: “YES. But use someone else as example not you. I won’t do anything for you.”

Tell me something else you do.

Him: To fight for.

Me: I don’t understand.

Him: When someone wrong you, to fight them back.

I was like, ohhh something like…He said, ‘Machineries? NO!’

You clear blockages, fight for someone cause…

He looked at his hand left arm as if looking at time, and said he wants to leave. I said “No, you can’t leave yet I haven’t tell you to go. Tell me, does your servants do anything relating to bringing in money, wealth…”

Him: If that’s what we do then no one will fear us.

Wow I exclaimed! I like that reply. Thanks for coming. You may take your leave now.

The Spell.

  • Write his name, Bagenol, boldly on a clean A4 paper and behind the paper write your request (according to what his office does as I explained above).

Write this words below your request:

It is not I but the Existence of Existences, the One who created you and I; Heaven, Earth and Hell, commands you to do for me as I have requested. I beseech you by the name of the Creator, the Most High God IHVH whom you owe obedience to, that you’ll deign to do for me as I humbly desire.

* Burn the paper to ash, blow it in the air.

* If you have gun powder, add some gun powder to the ash, then lit it.

You can always repeat this spell whenever you need the angel service. Just like I discussed with the Angel, that not everyone can do invocation, and not everyone should be involved. So I planned to fashion out a way people can get their services without invoking them. And he agreed.

* For those who fancy seals, talismans, who always want the presence of this beings with them, I will do more research on how to make their character or name into a seal. Or maybe they themselves will give out a symbol or character to use.

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  1. louisikce

    I like the tone and assertion of authority even though you still make it conversational friendly.

    I suppose you will do more work on this topic ?

    1. LuxFero

      For sure. I want to dig into this Enochian stuff more, see what I can get from their side.

      1. Carl

        Lux fero if i want them to remove blockages how should i phrase it on paper also i have a seal on me all the time with 4 Holy names of god IHVH also so they should work for me just fine.

        1. LuxFero

          I’m replying because I had to do some workings on the question. I can’t reveal publicly all I received but I was told this words will suffice:
          Who is so great a God as our Elohim? Who lift up the poor out of the more, and raising the needy from the dunghill, that he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.

          I was also told that it depends on the blockage you want to remove. One verse doesn’t work for all. One has to use the right one that will make those Angels really answer, if the words aren’t potent enough they probably won’t turn up.

          I received lots of info on your short question.

  2. Victory

    Can you work with angels and spirits the likes of abuffon in the manner you prescribed above to get the aid of the enochian Baligon.
    Thank you.

  3. Vanissang

    Thanks for posting, it was very interesting!

    Lux, try something with enochian fire and air together, they seem to have great power together, I’ve seen saying they are pretty intense!

  4. Inno

    Lux Fero you’re really gifted and amazing, I’d like us to talk. There is something I want you to put me through please can I have your phone number ?

    1. LuxFero

      Yes, please. +2349053058397.
      I’m on WhatsApp.

  5. carl

    lux fero thanks for replying also when you burn the paper to ash should gather in hands and blow it in the air?

    1. LuxFero

      Yes. That’s right.

      1. Carl

        i just did the spell 2 times i failed to gather ash in hands and blow it the air. i lit the paper and it burn and ash is on the ground. do you think that affects the spell or its burning of the paper thats matter?

  6. Kelly Rhoads

    So, out of curiosity. When you say remove blockages, does that mean if there have been seals put upon you to limit your power or memories, that this invocation could block or remove those seals?

    1. LuxFero

      Yes. Write on the paper, exactly what you want them to do for you.

  7. Adeyemi

    Thank you so much Omo Iya mi! After adding etu ibon, Se ohun ni mo ma fi jo lai fe sinu Afefe?

    1. Lux Fero

      Lol yes, just light it.



    1. Lux Fero

      English, please. Thanks.

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