Talismans and Seals

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This will teach you about using any talismans/pentacles to your advantage. By tweaking it and making it into a seal. How to know the correspondence colors of thread to use. How to know the recipes or Bible verse to add. Even if you want it on a medal it can be tweaked.

You can’t use talismans or seals because you don’t like carrying things around? No problem, there is a secret behind that. You’ll have the seals, talismans all around you and it will be seen by no ones, because you won’t be carrying it around, yet you’re carrying it around.

1 review for Talismans and Seals

  1. Lunar Light

    Before this, I relied on knowledge from trusted sources.. But now… This changed everything.. for a long time I wanted to tweak characters myself, it has always interested me. now I can. This isn’t something which one can find online, it isn’t public information, nor is it complicated. It’s incredible that I can now craft potent seals and talismans myself, tweaked to the best degree, and do so easily. Just a week ago, I wouldn’t have been able to craft any seal or talisman unless I was shown instructions. Now I’m able to do it myself, and do so without need of help. This changed everything for the better, I recommend this to everyone

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