Pentacle/Seal Construction Upon Request

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I will create upon your request Pentacle or Seal for your intention or purpose.

2 reviews for Pentacle/Seal Construction Upon Request

  1. MagicalName

    I was blessed that Lux Fero granted me the grand seal. Since I received the Grand Seal from Lux Fero I feel very protected, it is helping me heal myself and improve my life. My senses are improving with the help of the Grand Seal.

  2. Addi

    My gratitude and love to Luxfero for opening my eyes.
    When you work with Luxfero you will not be served more
    Illusion or false information.

    Luxfero will only speak of the truth..
    He will not waste your time he is a master.

    You may need to step out of your comfort zone.
    But know this you will be guided by a master.

    The Grand Seal is beyond what i thought was possible.
    It still amaze me to this day.

    And i only scratched the surface!

    There is not only one task or operation the seal can perform i see it as limitless.

    There is not only one way to use the seal there is many.
    When you start to understand what you have..
    You will never want to depart with it.


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