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Experience With Orisha: Ogun, God Of Iron.

Ogun! Known as the God of Iron…a lot have I heard about him. Stories about his days on Earth.

He is a warrior and very powerful Spirit. Though he’s of low ranks, as he himself said when I asked if he’s high ranked like Orunmila, but Ogun is a very powerful low rank Being.

Read more about him here.

I invoked this Being, he came soon. He’s a tall dark-skin man, he wear a Yoruba native attire called Agbada. Something like this:


During his days on Earth I’ve heard that he was betrayed and he decided to live among men no more. He was a hunter too.

A great and powerful man he was in his days.

When he appeared, I greeted him and he respond well. I prepared the meal that’s found in his ‘oriki’ which is ‘iyan’ (pounded yam) and a soup called ‘egusi soup’.

The oriki goes like: Ti eba ko iyan nile efi ti Ogun sile (If you prepare pounded yam at home, retain that of Ogun.) It was said that his mother do say these words. Though Ogun doesn’t live among men anymore then but he still walk around the villages, people do see him. So his mother would have food prepared for him and when he passes by she give it to him. Ogun likes palm wine.

Ogun Shrine

I found a video on YouTube, a lady praising Ogun.

Ogun accepted my offering, he ate and drink.

He’s a very calm man. He has his disciples with him, some are invisible, some physical.

I tried to eulogize his name, saying the little oriki I know. He was rising but still stable. He kept saying: Emi Ogun niyen (that’s me Ogun) Okunrin lon ke’si (I’m a man indeed). His agbada started blowing up and down, right and left.

He asked if I want anything, I said no.

Once again, it’s religion that ruined this culture; these beings are nice. They are real, they existed, they lived.

I confirmed from him many stories I’ve heard about him. His battle with Shango. How Shango collected his wife etc.

Occultism is sweet.

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